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Knit and Natter Friday.

We put the clocks back on Saturday/Sunday. I don’t like drawing the curtains at 5 pm ready for the night, thoughts of the dark days still to come. It was still quite dark at 7 am this morning, so hard to see what is gained by all this clock changing.

We had one of those conversations you have. It occurred to me that unless I had been taught at school that the earth went round the sun I would never have questioned the sun going round the earth. I wouldn’t have worked out that the earth isn’t flat, I am not even sure I would have thought about gravity. I asked Mr E would he, and he is a bit of a scientist, and he reckoned that he wouldn’t. Would you? I no longer feel the same incredulity towards our ancestors. I am no cleverer than they were, and possibly a great deal more ignorant, having none of the acquired wisdom say on plants and medicine.

Enough. Each year I think I will treat myself to a magazine on Christmas crafts. I begin by seeing what I have already and realising in some cases I have not made a single thing from previous issues. It’s the same again this year.

Hmm, more than enough to keep me going between now and the last posting date, and they don’t include projects yet to be decided for my Secret Santa. Can’t wait to see who I am drawn.

I mentioned in my last post I had a birthday. Bit of a big one, let’s just say that my private pension has finally started to cough up. Would you believe that they took off income tax pending having my tax code. Income tax? Chance would be a fine thing!

Anyway I had a lovely family meal, having departed from London to Swindon, with the rest of my family. It was Greek and wonderful.

L-R. Little Miss F, Ms G, Mr B, Master T, Miss J, Mr T, moi,and Mr E. Picture by my lovely DIL Mrs T.


I had help with the candles. Can you guess from whom?

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts on my crochet blanket last week.

That’s how it looks this morning. Loose concentration on those marigold blocks at your peril, the amount of frogging has been unbelievable.

I need one more block design to go round the outside. I was thinking something orangey. What do you think? The yellowy block I was toying with last week has gone.

All designs from the 200 crochet block book.

Meantime there has been progress on the matinée jacket.

On the second sleeve now. I may have a finish next week. I need a finish to begin the Christmas knitting, which once again I suspect I have left too late.

Right, I am off to have my haircut this morning. I found a split end on Tuesday. I haven’t had a split end for years. Time for a trim for sure.

This afternoon I have a friend coming round, which is jolly nice, but it’s valuable knitting time. She doesn’t knit. Would it be rude to knit while she is here? Inclination is that I have to bite the bullet and not knit, but it’s a tough one.

Have a great weekend. Look forward to all the natter. I do love these Friday chats, you help keep me real.

Be Happy,






Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday." (38)

  1. cherielanglois said:

    Happy belated birthday! Looks like you had a lovely time 🙂

  2. What a lovely birthday celebration. Love the matinee jacket. Good luck with your Christmas knitting!

  3. Oh, Christmas crafts! I used to knock myself out on this category but, in recent years, I just seem to keep working on whatever I’ve been working on. Oh, except for about 10 red, green, and white kitchen towels I’ve woven! I need to write a post about those! Happy belated birthday–it looks like a wonderful party!

    • I have stopped giving myself the target of a jumper for all children at Christmas and for their birthdays, they have them now through the year as and when, but a new baby needs the first Christmas marking I think.

  4. Don’t we all wish we had started our Christmas knitting earlier? Although, seeing as I started in January, I don’t think that’s an option….! The cardigan is looking lovely and not so far off finished. For the record, I often knit/crochet when we have company. People seem genuinely interested in what I’m making and I’ve even had to stop what I’m doing and teach them!

    • I shall just have to become braver on the knitting with visitors front. I never have bother knitting as guest, iit’s the being a host thing that I struggle with. Made a start on Christmas knitting last night.

  5. Wishing you a very happy Birthday. Bit of Christmas knitting going on here. Ask her if she minds you knitting while you chat. Best wishes 🙂

  6. Happy birthday again, and definitely knit in front of your non knitting friends,my hen they will want to try too!

  7. Belated but best birthday wishes!

  8. I enjoyed reading your opening thoughts this morning Cathy – and so agree about us being less wise than our ancestors – on so many things really. We are told they knew nothing, were ignorant and superstitious, but that is because history and science doesn’t understand yet what they knew. I look at the political ballyhoo and war-making that goes on (euphemistically called ‘peace-making’ now, just to keep us coddled up in cotton wool and not questioning anything) and it is worse than it has ever been. I don’t think we have advanced any at all really. That’s my Saturday morning soap-box turn finished with. 🙂

    I love the photo of you and your grand-daughter with the birthday cake – it’s just wonderful! And as you resolved your knit and natter meeting with your friend yourself and in the moment it all worked out perfectly. Well done!

    • Thank you for all of this comment. I think we have forgotten so much, and we forget history at our peril.
      Little Miss F was very excited about my cake. We blew the candles out together.

  9. I always look forward to these posts! Happy birthday again, it looks like you had a lovely day, and with a very apt helper on the candles.
    Your blanket looks lovely. There is something about those beautiful colours

    • Catherine it is nice you look forward to the nattering, I love the comments that come in throughout the day, so much part of my Fridays now. Little Miss F did a good job of not only blowing out candles, but in helping eat the cake, at which she proved most proficient. Orange is not a colour I use much at all, but I am liking how this is progressing and I am so grateful for suggestions along the way.

  10. I presume you have made your decision about knitting now. I can see no reason not to knit but for myself, I tend to find it hard to knit and chat. Crafty Coffee mornings the more I chat the less I knit and vice versa! As to blanket – coming on nicely. You suggest orange for surrounding squares. I presume from the other squares that they might be multi-coloured? but orange for the outer ring seems a good choice.

    • The blanket is only 7×7 blocks although that looks awfull small to me, more like half a blanket, or maybe a blanket with a big border.
      My friend didn’t specify a time of arrival, so I was crocheting when she came. I quickly realised I couldn’t talk and do a marigold block at the same time.
      Glad now I just chatted.

  11. That’s a tough question! (to knit or not to knit!) My kids know if they stop by I pick up my crochet hook! LOL! None of them do any crafting or sewing. sigh.
    I can’t have idle hands. :o)

    My mom’s best friend from Jr High was Greek. She was my “Auntie” Lena! I was so jealous of her Greekness and she was so full of life. So when I was about 8 she said she’d teach me a Norwegian song. (my Maternal Grandma’s side is Scandinavian) I was so happy I sang that song night and day! Oh I was proud! Until my mom told me Auntie Lena just made the whole song up! She didn’t know any Norwegian! What a wicked wonderful sense of humor my mom and Auntie Lena had! LOL! So glad I survived it! :o) LOL!

    Happy Birthday!!

    • A made up non Norwegian song, brilliant. My MIL was Greek and she could be very witty at times. We all love Greek food.
      Normally with family I would craft with no compunction, but self invited visitors are hard to work out where they are in the spectrum of knitting or not knitting. In the end we just talked.

  12. I finished Mr Snail’s long red socks last night. Next job is to make a second knitted knocker – the one I made for my new friend was a good fit, so I want her to have a spare so she can have one on and one in the wash.
    I have to say that I knit in the presence of non-knitters, but sometimes I want to dedicate all my attention to a person or event and so, unless I have some very mindless knitting or crochet, I set it aside. All my friends are used to my knitting now. What did you end up doing?

    • Well done on finshing the socks. As it happens I was tangled in crocheting when she arrived, we had a little chat about crocheting and then I put it down, I needed to concentrate on her and not the counting of eight petals, comprising, two dcs, 2 half trebles and one whole treble. I’m glad I did, people are more important than yarn…just.Good luck with the knocker, I decided against applying to make them. I have instead found that Leeds has a baby bank, not for babies but for baby items, and they would welcome my skills. I see hats and blankets going their way. Dinner is now cooking with the last of the runner beans, which leaves a window of time for crochet. Have a good weekend.

  13. You are so correct! We all go with the information we have at hand and then, if we are lucky enough to be encouraged to think for ourselves, question that information. I was lucky in that area. My father taught me to question everything and believe little. Other parents would have brought other results. Your knitting is beautiful. If you were to sit and read while your friend was there I would say it rude. To knit, or any other handwork while you converse is just natural. I have a group I go to see every couple of weeks where we sit and chat with our handwork and share ideas. Maybe your friend does other handwork she could bring along? I say knit. If she looks uncomfortable or offended, you can put it down or even ask if she minds. Your work is so lovely you need more time to do it. That’s quite the lovely family you have there. Isn’t the pension a wonderful thing? I’m certainly enjoying mine. 🙂

  14. Lol I knit in front of my non knitting friends all the time! I can carry on a conversation and they know I don’t like to sit and do nothing so I say knit:)

  15. Happy birthday! Love the blanket 🙂

  16. KNIT! I know you can knit and chat at the same time. Just tell her you have deadlines. 🙂 A true friend will understand. truthfully, I knit ALL the time. Meetings, waiting rooms, watching TV, visiting friends and family, waiting for food in restaurants. there are so many things I want to make and so little time. If I could knit and sleep at the same time, I would. 🙂

    Now that I have that out of the way, it looks like a wonderful birthday dinner! I am sure you had a happy day. And cake! Always a good thing.

  17. claire93 said:

    I’d knit, even with a non-knitting friend round lol.

  18. Love KnN! Firstly – knit! Knit everywhere – I would begin to resent the time spent with another person if I couldn’t knit, crochet or sew whilst having a cuppa – friends get used to it. 😀
    Happy Birthday – what a lovely gathering!
    You are making great progress with your blanket and baby jacket.
    I had rather a radical haircut recently – channelling Tilda Swinton – Little Miss M says I look like a boy – yep – I do – fine by me. 😉

    • Well boy seems grand to me, so youthful, sounds very pretty! I maybe could finish a row after she arrives and take it from there, but I like to give her my full concentration. I shall enjoy her visit.

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