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Knit and Natter Friday.

Home again after a lovely visit in which I managed to see three sons, two daughter in-laws, one son’s partner, four grandchildren and two step-grandchildren, eat too much and do some walking. Bliss.

The babe, known as Baby J. More on him in a later post I think.( Or, we only got back yesterday and I am still to make the best selection of pictures..)

Anyway you are here for some yarny chatter, so let’s go.

Delighted to see Mr J’s cat made immediate use of the blanket I made her.

Happy in the conservatory, away from dog, children and noise.

Talking of crochet blankets, I sewed up the centre section of the blanket I am crocheting and dealt with the ends. So it now looks like this.

Now I was following a blanket pattern from the 200 Crochet Blocks book, but I have already rearranged things a bit. I am happy so far. Then I made the next block that was suggested to go right round the centre block.

But the colours are too similar to my mind, so I made a completely different one.

The yellowy colour is called buttermilk and is too yellow to my mind, so it was onto plan C

Which is this, Block one to go against the nine patch granny square blocks, the marigold which is in the centre to be repeated by the block called Target, and the yellowy one to go right round them What do you think?

Meantime I have knitted the back of the latest matinΓ©e jacket for Baby J

And I have started to trawl through my magazines looking at Christmas patterns for gifts and for my secret santa package. Don’t you love this time of year when the seasonal plans begin.

On a different note, a friend gave me a jar last year of something called Boxing Day Chutney, thought I would make some myself and wondered if anyone had made it, and if so do you have a favourite recipe please?

I know this is a bit short this week, my brain is still full of the days away, the laundry to be done and the food we need, and a few other errands beside.

I’ll be back later on for a natter, but please jump right in with your weekend plans and dreams.

Be Happy






Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday." (39)

  1. Boxing Day chutney sounds interesting – do let us know what it’s like. You’ve been so productive and all looks fab. Ha ha! The cat made me laugh – typical, and reminded me of Mr Hicks who didn’t get in the settee for 4 years after he snapped his first cruciate ligament, but when I made a quilt to throw over it, he climbed straight on and continued to get on ever after πŸ™‚ Beautiful beautiful baby. I seem to have lost your post telling me who it is?

    • The chutney was fruity and spicy with cranberries and went really well with cold meat and cheese. I shall find a receipe.I will share the dog’s picture next week, he is even more put out of joint than their cat. The babe is Baby J and the son of my son Mr J and Mrs M. They had been trying for a year when nothing happened they decided to get married instead with their funds, and of course promptly became pregnant. Happy days.

      • Oh how wonderful. So often in life, it’s when we stop chasing something that it arrives. I can certainly say that about my hubby, who I have now been married to for nearly 30 years πŸ™‚
        Yes, please, would love the chutney recipe, I can feel a chutney phase coming on πŸ™‚

      • Oh that’s a nice story about your husband. I will sure share the chutney.

  2. Aaaaaaaaah……… ooooooh ……. Yes I do just love those new baby moments and sleeping Baby J looks so perfect. I’m in agreement with Mrs Snail about the yellow square. You have the others looking just right. It will be quite a big blanket when done by the look of it.

  3. what a beautiful baby photo πŸ™‚ and the family you were able to spend time with and see!! your crochet is beautiful and I love the way you pair your colors of yarn against the others.

  4. A baby and and a kitty–a perfect post, even without all the pretty yarn work!

  5. I think the more chequerboard arrangement for the blanket looks like a good idea, though the buttermilk one does look as if it belongs to a different blanket so not sure about that one.

  6. Adorable!! Baby, cat, knitting, and crochet!

  7. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Nothing cuter that a sleeping baby. And i with i could read that cat’s mind!

  8. Your grand-baby looks quite similar to how my new-borns looked with that mop of dark hair – isn’t he gorgeous – I feel all mushy!! I’m joining in with Secret Santa this year if Sheila has anyone else from down this way on board – it’s fun isn’t it…. but I haven’t started to make anything yet because I don’t know what colours to use, how do you get around that issue? You are very prolific with your handcrafting, I’m so impressed!

    • I love the mops of dark hair, it really is so very attractive. I am sure Sheila will find a secret santa for you, not long to wait now. I spend a long time reading all the posts of my recipients and gradually there are hints of their likes and dislikes, you see what colours they gravitate towards, and when they stuggle like I am with the oranges and greens! Was is interesting is you send to one person and recieve from another. It can be quite hard not giving the game away! You will enjoy it.

  9. What a happy, busy week for you! Baby J is just precious! I like your plan for the blanket, I’ll need your advice, when I finally have enough knit so think about joining! I am planning to work on those boy recital gifts this weekend, finish my last block for the 70273 Project, and get started on DH’s birthday shirt. Hope to finish my current knitting block and a sock, do more stitching on my hardanger and read the 2nd book of that Terri Blackstock series. I have a list a mile long that I want to start, but will be spending a lot of time on the piano; I got another gig for mid November and the music list was pretty advanced, so I have a lot of pages to cover over the next few weeks. It’s all good!

  10. I like the squares and placement you’ve come up with:)
    Glad you got a visit with baby J- hope there were hours of baby snuggles:)

  11. Baby J is precious! It is very cold and snowing here in Minnesota. Drinking hot cocoa today! (((HUGS)))

    • BRRR! The sun is shining here today, warm in the sun but cold in the shade. As the lad who was on the supermarket till said, time for our Big Coats!

  12. Beautiful baby! God bless him.

  13. That’s a lot you packed in! It must be amazing to have such a big family, I have no concept of that at all !!!
    Squares – random is best, in my world πŸ™‚ but I realise it doesn’t work for everyone. ❀

  14. Interesting images , the cat looks a little put out maybe?

  15. I like block C very much and it contrasts well. Actually I like block A too, but I think you are right that it is too similar to the adjacent one. Have to say that I’m not so keen on block B in general and certainly not for this blanket.
    Today I went to the post office with a couple of packages and the lady in there admired my new fingerless mittens and mentioned how cold her hands get… I think I will make her some as one of my random acts of kindness.
    I’ve run out of wool for Mr Snail’s wellie socks and so I’ve had to order some more… I’m hanging my head in shame as up until now I’ve been doing so well with my yarn diet. I couldn’t even get any from my LYS as she’s no longer stocking it. Oh well, it is for a specific project, so it will get used up straight away.

    • I think I should just accept that it doesn’t go at all. I think the one you mean is the yellowy one with the blueish centre. It can always go into a different blanket, so not wasted. Thank you for taking the time to look.
      What a shame about the socks. I often have projects like that, and need just a bit more f something which then creates a leftover. Cooking dinner gets like that too, lots of eggs and cheese, ok by some bacon and make quiche, the leftover bacon to leek and bacn risotto, and leftover leeks to soup….
      Your post office lady would be so grateful for the mittens, what a lovely thought! Our postman is still wearng shorts on his round!

  16. Aww – we all love seeing a baby pic! such a little sweetie – aren’t they all, when asleep …. πŸ™‚ I am amazed at your speedy industry, Cathy – I go so slow compared to you with these new projects on the go. Do love the colours of that crochet blanket!

    • The baby pics are so life affirming aren’t they, and he is a good little thing, except he has day and night the wrong way round!I think I am quite slow at my crafts, I just have time now I am retired!

  17. claire93 said:

    another very busy week for you! nd doesn’t baby J have a lovely head of hair?
    Good luck with your seasonal crafting . . . I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that I’m not going to have time to make even half of what I had planned for xmas. Always the way, eh?

    • At least you have a plan and it’s had its first revision, whereas I have just started the plan!!
      Both Mr E and I were born with black hair, as were then our sons and subsequesntly all four grandchidren, all the babes are clearly from the same mould! Baby J looks like my Dad, and my son, and my grandson Master H, Baby J’s half brother!

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