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Knit and Natter Friday

Nearly time for my first cuddle with Baby J. I was able to finish the book I was knitting for him. I think we clearly established that babies need books from the very earliest days.

Front cover

Back cover

Snail- there was no picture for this so I had to google the magic roundabout to see how to form a snail. I added the antenna as there were none in the instructions.


My favourite pages with the sun.

Pattern from

Now which to make next?

Meantime on the needles just, a little matinée jacket for you know who, for Christmas. Talking of Christmas, which I love btw, have you joined a Secret Santa this year? I can highly recommend

#stitchingsanta 2017!

And look I managed to add a widget for it. Sometimes I amaze myself. I shall probably need a lie down after this. I know anyone can add a widget , but I am not anyone, I am a blogger by trial and error.

Digressing. I love collecting together a goody parcel for my recipient, especially as it involves some lovely research across a bloggers posts to find out likes and dislikes!

Can I say thank you to everyone who contributed to the discussion last week on the Innocent Smoothie hats. Every comment for and against was put over in a reasonable and tolerant tone, proving that discussion without acrimony is possible. They had some in the Co-op on Monday. I felt honour bound to rescue one from a potential landfill site, and on reflection anything that gets a multi national corporation to give away even 25p to help old people has to be a good thing. Better than some fat cat getting a bigger bonus.

And it is purple.

So I have transformed my muddle of tiny granny squares into nine patch granny squares. This is how the centre of the blanket will look.

The designs come from the 200 crochet squares book we used in the CAL five years ago. Can’t believe it is five years ago. Then my crochet skills were very rusty. It took hours to make one square, now they fairly fly off the hook. The choice of squares for the blanket also comes from the book, but I changed the colours and used gray on the edges of each, to make the final join look better. I hope. These colours are so far out of my normal range it’s not true. I just don’t do orange or green.I think they look ok.

So that is me for this week. How about you? How’s the crafting going? Do you do handmade presents at Christmas. I know two of you don’t do Christmas at all, and give gifts right through the year. Well so do I come to think of it… but Christmas giving is a bit special. Over to you for the natter then.

Be Happy,



Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday" (38)

  1. I recognise the designs of those blanket squares!

  2. You’re working on some gorgeous projects-the colours in the blanket are stunning and the baby book is set to be a treasured possession for your new grandchild.

  3. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Busy, Busy. I love the knitted book. And you know i think i have that 200 crochet squares book gathering dust on my book shelf!

  4. What a gorgeous book! Such a fantastic idea. I’m sure it will be much used and treasured.
    I can’t believe we are talking Christmas already. Every year I think I’ll make something and then I always run out of time! Maybe after the Certificate at this stage!

  5. No Christmas Chez Snail, but I sent a surprise present this week and got some lovely photos back of the recipient being delighted with what I’d made… her sister was in on the surprise, so was there ready to photograph the reaction.
    Having said that about Christmas, I have actually signed up to join in with Sewchet’s secret Santa because it sounded so much fun.
    I’ve nearly finished the turtle I was asked to make and it really does look good. This weekend’s project, however, is a knitted breast prosthesis for a new friend. Whilst Brian does its worst, I shall be busy with my needles, doing good and spreading kindness.
    By-the-way, I do love your snail!

    • I bet your gift was really appreciated by your friend, and from what you said before about your new friend I think she is going to be extremly pleased and grateful. I think you will love doing the secret santa, the best bit is choosing what to include for your recepient.
      I am so pleased that the Snail of happiness loves my snail! Hoping Brian is nice.

  6. My family doesn’t do gifts, so I make something small for some of my co workers and friends.

  7. I love how the book turned out, bright and full of texture! Baby J is going to play with that until he chews it to bits during teething! (Hopefully not!) this week I spent much time organizing Christmas music for my students, but we are nearly all happy and distributed, so life is again smooth. Will be playing a string recital on Sunday, so have seen all ages and levels this week as we rehearse.😄
    I am knitting a pair of socks, maybe for me, if they fit and doing some more X’s for the 70,273 Project, and STILL processing tomatoes. We had to bring them in due to frost, and they are in boxes until they show some color, then they go to the dining room table to get some sun. At least I am down from six boxes to the final two. Frankly, I can’t wait to be done!
    I have to start DH’s birthday gift and decide upon student gifts this coming week. Love your knit and natter Friday’s, Cathy! Enjoy that cuddle time!!!

    • Thanks Kathy. I’d like to wish you good luck at the recital this weekend,sounds quite an enterprise.I bet the socks will be cosy, one day I shal try to make some for me. I love the cross quilts I see appearing over the interent. I love that yo like coming over for a natter, I love doing these posts and the comments are the absolute best bits.

      • I love how you mix the week’s happenings with some commentary. It I so interesting to read the comments! I learn every week. 😀

      • Oh the comments make this post, without them it would be nothing, I love reading them and responding, it’s just like having a good old chin wag.

  8. The book is adorable! The blanket will be stunning. I love orange and green together!

  9. You’re what I think of as a fun crafter! You’re always making something a little new, a little different, a lot fun! The baby book is superb and I, for one, love the use of green and orange as you done it in the granny squares. The squares with the tiny florets are very appealing. I don’t knit so all my nattering this week would be about weaving. I’m making kitchen towels with candy cane stripes and I love how they look!

    • OOhH candy cane stripes sounds so pretty and rather Christmasy. I like the idea of being a fun crafter. I suppose I just do what I fancy, whereas a lot of crafters are making things they hope will be commercial or get them into print . Lucky me.

  10. I love that snail! In my head, I make gifts for Christmas but alas I always start far too late and frequently have to give IOUs.

    • Thanks Anne, the snail was a challenge till I found some pictures on line. The snails I see round here are just mashed up shells post thrush dinner time.

  11. claire93 said:

    needles have been flying in your house! That baby book is going to be much loved – so very clever!
    I’ve done all my xmas shopping (ie the shop-bought gifts), now need to find time for the home-made gifts and, with only 2 months to go, I don’t think I’m going to find time for everything.

    • I know, one minute it seems too early to start and the next it seems to be upon us. I am only just getting to thinking about what to make!

  12. I adore that book! Super-lucky baby!

  13. Hello Cathy! It’s always lovely to see what you are making. I haven’t been making that much as just one blog post in two months attests 🙂 I’m joining in with the SS this year, though I don’t know if there is anyone else from my corner of the world so it might be a no-go kind of affair. I always make gifts for Christmas – and I gift stuff all year long to anyone who shows up fairly much. I just like that I can do that. We aren’t ‘doing’ Christmas this year as we have our second ‘blogging babes’ gathering happening at my place in February and I need every penny I can lay my hands on to make that a success. It will be three years since I flew to the States for our first meet up and next year they are all coming to me. It’s very exciting. Oh, I am making a garden this week – does that count?

    • That all sounds extremely exciting. I bet it is enormous fun. The days when I organised big Christmas gatherings have gone. It’s now easiest for us to go family and join them rather than vice versa. Hoping to organise things so we see everyone. By that I mean sons and partners and granddchildren. I just love the build up best, making or choosing the appropraite gift, thinking about and making yummy food, thinking about the whole meaning of Christmas, the carols, the nativity, the crisp air if we get it this year, family, decorations, the whole kit and caboodle!
      Making a garden in a week sounds very impressive, photos maybe? Best of luck. I may do some more autumn pruning and leaf gathering!
      Have a great weekend.

  14. Hoorah for Stitching (and Knitting) Santa – I’ve already started squirreling away bits and pieces even though I don’t know who my partners will be yet.
    I love your little baby book as you know and I bet you can’t wait to hand it over and then cuddle him like crazy.
    I need to put a few more teeny hand stitches in a lid of a sewing box for a custom order, cut out the interfacing pieces for another mini suitcase (must be mad!) and maybe finish some other WIPS. I don’t want to start anything new at the moment as I need to go to the U.K. next week for a while – my Mum is ill and my two sisters and I are trying to provide ‘cover’ care and company between us which is difficult as I’m in France, next sister in Spain and youngest sister in Wales (Mum’s in Surrey). She has a largely unused basic sewing machine in her flat so I can take some simple things with me to sew and also some crochet or knitting – whatever I can get in my cabin bag really apart from a nightie, a couple of tops and some knickers.

    • Sorry to hear about your Mum. I know how hard long distant caring is! I love the tunic you made recently. I spotted you were one of the first to join the Secret Santa this year. Exciting times. My favourite bit is finding out as much as I can about the recepient, especially their favourite colours and things! Christmas here we come.

    • I love that your comment ended with the word knickers! I know I’m very silly!!!
      Much love and sympathy re your Mum – I do hope you have a positive time with her.

  15. Hurray! It’s Knit and Natter over at Cathy’s! That book is so cute!!! And a baby to cuddle soon too – ooooh I go all gooey at the thought. I can’t believe you aonly started to crochet a few years ago – amazing Go You!!! I taught myself from a book when I was about 20. i have been knitting since I was 5. One of my deep sadnesses is that I have never managed to teach a family member to knit or crochet – yet! I am hopeful about Little Miss M, but I’ll wait a while (she’s 5). Miss E now 10 tried but never really got it and decided she hates it now 😦 of course that might change.
    I’m not even going to discuss the ‘C’ word coz I need my blood pressure to stay at a suitable level to tackle more of the intricate crocheted mandala I’m working on.
    The Secret Santa does look fun though – I’m always amazed at the time, thought and effort people put into the gifts.
    Thanks for the Natter Cathy. xx

    • Lovely to hear from you WD. I actually learned to crochet age about 28, from a friend whose neighbour taught her, I made a large granny square picnic blanket. I then went onto a crochet evening class back in the day when there were such things, and my skills grew, I made various mats, tried sugar crochet, and even a jumper which I never finished! And then I found cross stitch,rubber stamping, candle making, needlpoint, applique, dress making… you get the picture, which is why my skills such as they are were rusty!
      Your mandala is lovely I don’t want to throw you off your stride so no more talk of Christmas!
      The best thing I taught my boys was how to sew a button on, but the two youngest had the joy at school of being taught sewing by the Vicars wife who so happened to be a talented embroideress but also dyed and sold thread, and ran quite a big well known company of thread supliers. The pieces they produced are lovely, and I have them all!

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