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17 for 2017-September

September was another busy month. I think it must have been , because I am a week into October before  I have  got round to thinking of this post. Let’s just take stock of the 17 goals for 2017 I set myself.

17 swims- just one this month, total now 14. Getting there.

16 hour long walks- achieved already.

15 books read from the heap by the bed- none this month, total still 13

13 cards made. Yes three this month, including this one. Total is 12. Getting there.

12 posts about Yorkshire villages- none this month, total is 4. Not getting there.

11 days out- achieved

10 new things tried- with the Faulty Towers dining experience , some research on the Adele Shaw hospital and the Repair Cafe adding three to the previous total of 9, I have got there. Achieved in September. This is the one I am most pleased with, taking myself just outside my comfort zone.

9 crochet/ knitting projects. Already achieved

8 other craft projects- I made some pressed flower cards, pressed some more flowers, and splashed a lot of paint around, then bined the result of my painting. However that adds two more , making a total of 3. Not getting there.

7 sewing projects- already achieved. However I thought you might like to see the Flamingo skirt on a model. Photo by Mrs T.

Too big, but on, and looking just like a skirt.

6 Non fiction books read still at 5, but I am learning How to read like a Professor still and I spent a lovely afternoon choosing 24 poems from this book, for my U3A poetry group. My turn in October. I had so much fun, I choose another 24 ready for my next turn, sometime in 2018!

5 family history questions answered. I spent as you know some time researching the woollen industry in the 1800s, and I now know what a cloth dresser did, which was my ancestors occupation.

Picture from a Shire booklet I bought. A cloth dresser takes the woven cloth and with those shears sort out the final appearance of the cloth. Not easy and skilled.

So that makes three- Getting there.

4 good sort outs- achieved already, although one needs doing again! Whoops

3 Interesting things found- achieved

2 picnics consumed

1 boat ride-0

0 craft purchases. well it seemed a good idea back in January!

Not too bad, but could do better on some. How are you doing with your goals for this year?

Still 1/4 of the year to go!


Comments on: "17 for 2017-September" (27)

  1. An amazing breadth of activity Cathy.

  2. As you know, I don’t do ‘goals’ which is strange as I quite like making lists and ticking things off. Well, I make shopping lists. I think, if I set goals at the beginning of the year, they wouldn’t necessary still seem so appealing to me as the year progressed and then I’d end up feeling disappointed with myself and we can’t have that.
    Perhaps for 2018 and 2019 you could just go with the last digit and then you could have 2020 off completely 🙂

  3. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Love the pressed flowers and flamingo skirt. You are getting on brilliantly! I am afraid to look at my list.

  4. I hate to tie myself down ahead of time – so no goals for me – but I admire those of you who make the list and then do your best to tick it all off. Your pansies are lovely! Did you use watercolour or acrylic paints in the trial you binned? wc are softer and easier to puddle around and as long as you stick to analogous colours you won’t make mud. You can water down acrylics to experiment just with softer colour blends too. Have another go 🙂

    • They were acrylic , and it was a mess believe me. It’s so long since I painted anything that I think I behaved rather like a child at playgroup. It was enormous fun!

  5. I think you are doing great with your goals. I have only set a few, and not doing well on any 😦 That’s ok. There is always next year 😉

  6. Wow you’re doing really well on that list! I love the idea and think I’ll keep it in mind for 2018:)

  7. The goals have really been ticked off, and the skirt is the perfect size….she can wear it longer that way, and will probably be trying to wear it two years from now!!

  8. I think you’ve done so well with all this–really not much left to do and a lot of year left! That is the cutest fashion model ever!

  9. You’ve been busy. As the numbers go up (18 next year) must get trickier.

  10. claire93 said:

    you’re doing so well with all your goals! looks like the boat ride isn’t going to happen though?

    • I so wanted to do a puffin or whale watch boat ride, but failed to organise myself. Well actually I went off the idea of a whale watch, four hours on the North Sea, and I get seasick very easily. Have been seasick on a ferry before it left Calais! There’s always next year!

  11. I’m always very impressed with these lists you make for your year – and particularly like the fact that you have some very pleasant goals (2 picnics) as well as the more challenging ones (17 swims) 🙂 I’m still toying with trying this myself – perhaps for 2018 …?!

    • I will be honest the 17 for 2017 has been a struggle, slightly too many. The best were my 2015 ones when I needed to remind myself that I needed to do things for myself and not just do family support! It really helped get me through a difficult patch! Now life has calmed down I a ready to go off at tangents and the goals become restrictive.

      • I’m interested to read that you have found this rather too restrictive and I have to say that I agree somewhat. There are some aspects that have worked – it got me into the routine of doing certain things, plus it encouraged me to do one or two things I might have put off. But at least one of my goals was put in to full up the list and I haven’t done anything on that one. I am wondering about a much more gentle sort of list for next year…. I think 18 for 2018 may be a step too far.

  12. Flamazing skirt!!!! Love your pressed flower card – sad to hear you binned your painting – if I don’t like a painting I tear it into strips to use as collage. You are doing well – I’ve lost sight of my 17 for 17 …… somtimes life has other plans up it’s sleeve.

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