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Knit and Natter Friday!

I have been busy this week with lots of things!  All the Spring bulbs are in now. I love choosing new bulbs every year, having something to look forward to the other side of Winter! I have started the Autumn garden tidy up, which means another trip to the recycling centre with the debris is imminent.

I have also started to look again at my own Family History research. I bought myself a workbook in which to record names etc, it is helping show up gaps in where I got too when I did a lot of the work 8 years ago. I am hoping to go to the Borthwick Library based at York University next month, to search for Wills that are stored there.

So all that has left a little less time on the crafty stuff. I sewed buttons onto the Snowflake hoody!

They sort of disappear into the yarn but they are actually

ABC buttons! Then I had enormous fun knitting a Twiddlemuff.

It took a while to figure out what I was doing, so I took pictures as I went along to remind me, and I will write a separate post about it.

Then whilst I had the spare yarn ( not stash, but unused, leftover yarn) downstairs I crocheted a cat blanket!

Think that should be big enough for an outside kind of moggy.

Then I finally got round to starting to knit some gloves for ME.

The yarn is Sirdar Country Style DK, colour is called linen.

I borrowed this book from the library.

I have to say the projects inside are really CUTE, and the yarn they use is everyday yarn, not cost you a fortune hard to find yarn, which is a big plus to me. However two of the patterns are rattles and call for a rattle inner. I have never come across rattle inners for toys and I wondered if anyone else had, and if so where to buy them? Teddy growlers I have seen but not rattles. I am intrigued. I may also have to buy this book…..

Tomorrow is Repair Cafe day! That means weekend washing and shopping has to be done today. So organised!

Do tell what you have been doing this week, I so love our natters.

Have a great weekend,

Be Happy!



Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (37)

  1. I am in love with the little sweater and hat set with the alphabet buttons! The colors are scrumptious! I could just see a little one in that. You have been quite busy here. 🙂

  2. That little sweater with those adorable buttons!!!!!!! So cute!

  3. Had a busy first half and a very qiuet second. Visit to the city with The Golfer and his airforce mates for two events – Battle of Britain gathering (yes a week later) and back for commemorate lunch the next day. Then to the cinema to see Victoria and Abdul – I give it 6/10. I know others have raved about it but to me it was just so so.
    The days are longer and the rain has stopped (for the moment) and I spent time outside on the other days. Sorted out some charity WIP aka stuff put to one side, deciding which to finish and put in the box for next year. ~ Cathy
    Ps. Twiddlemuffs – all the rage here with craft groups and recipients 😊

    • Glad you know what a twiddlemuff is! I haven’t been to the cinema in ages. By the time I think to see a film it has stopped appearing in cinemas. Good luck with all the WIPS, amazing how quickly they mount up.

  4. Whoot! Happy 1st day of Autumn!
    Have a fun and productive repair cafe to-morrow. Love those cute buttons.
    I use to carry a muff when I was much younger. Love the “twiddlemuff”.
    Bulbs? already? Very diligent of you. Tulips or a mix? It’s still too warm here and Mr. Squeaky Squirrel+family would surly banquet on them. I have to wait til almost Nov.

  5. You’ve been busy! Good luck with the cafe tomorrow – can’t wait to hear about it!

  6. I’m closing up the summer “home” for winter. Bittersweet. Last year was one of our Group Home gals last summer here with us. She passed away last April. (flu) She lived with us 30 years. You just never know Lord willing if you’ll be back do you. :o) I already have a list for next years projects for here in the woods started. We go home next week and hit the ground running! LOL!

  7. you have had a busy week!

  8. Lovely & practical projects… and will await your explanation of the muff!
    Hope tomorrow is a grand experience for all!

  9. I’ve done a lot of and sewing, so maybe it’s time to devote to knitting since I have a sweater to finish by next Friday!! But it’s baby sized, so it’s gonna be a quick finish.

  10. I love spring bulbs, but the deer eat them so there is no point. Please take lots of pictures for me!!! I ♥️ that elephant, he really captured my attention!!

  11. thoughts36 said:

    Love the hoodie with the ABC buttons, it looks really snuggly. I’m going to take a guess at what a twiddlemuff is (the other comment made me giggle). Being a person who cannot read a book or a blog for that matter without furiously twiddling my hair and turning my fringe into corkscrews I’d guess the buttons are for twiddling and fiddling with or you can put your hands inside to keep them warm? Sounds ideal for me reading in bed in our freezing cold bedroom 🙂

    • Very very nearly right and could certainly be used just as you describe! I think I shall have to draft that post this evening ready to push publish tomorrow. I am happy you liked the ABC hoodie.

  12. The cat blanket is so cute — what a great way to use up leftover yarn!

    • Thank you, my son requested one for her. She puts up with a lot from a dog and two children, whic is why she is outside a lot. The new conservatory has become her inside space.

  13. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    You have been busy! Your cat blanket reminds me of the blankets my Great Aunt Kitty use to crochet. Like you she knitted, crocheted and sewed. I think if she was still with us she’d had loved blogging!

  14. I have never heard of a ‘twiddlemuff’ before – did you invent this? I’m looking forward to hearing all about the repair cafe and how its debut goes. I seem to have spent a lot of time ‘shopping’ this week – by that I mean going from store to store looking at the various stock and finding it not quite right and moving on. Its not for me its for my daughter who is redecorating her living room and quest bedroom. Shopping is not something I usually do and I found it exhausting – but it had to be done, so its done! Saturday is our election day and the vote is too close to call, and like every where in the world there is a lot at stake, so my most important activity tomorrow will be voting. I’m deeply immersed in creating a huge and elaborate light catcher for my daughter and I’d like to get that finished this weekend too……..

    • So happy to read that votng is your top proirity, it makes me more than a bit cross when people don’t vote. Hope the election works out well for you. So many have had unexpected results!
      We have spent part of this morning in a bike shop collecting large cardboard boxes from which to salvage cardboard to cover the tables we will be using. I picked up the loal paper and there is a little announcment on there, so hoping people pop in to at least see what it’s about. My sewing box is ready to go. Mr E is half way there with his box of repair stuff!
      Shopping, I really don’t like it. I have two hour concentration span in shops, I go armed with a list, and a route round the shops, and stuff either gets bought in that two hour slot, or we do without. Mr E and my eldest two boys can shop all day. My favourite shopping companion was my youngest son, he too has a two hour shopping limit! Hopeflly your daughter will find what she likes soon! Good Luck,
      All will be revealed twiddlemuff wise very soon.
      have a good weekend!

  15. You are brave to knit almost white gloves! Mine would be covered in dog slobber and all the other stains that fly towards me if I ever wear anything white 😉
    I have had a ‘bitty’ week in that I’m working on several different projects at once and haven’t got any finished quite yet. I am well behind on the crochet along I’m doing but I’m not going to beat myself up about it – it’s not a competition!
    What on earth is a Twiddlemuff – it sounds like something you’d buy at an Ann Summers party 😮 😉 😉

    • Don’t be vulgar!! LOL! In fact a double LOL! I shall explain later, and leave you with that Ann Summers picture in mind.
      Weeks when nothing reaches completion are disappointing, but then weeks when everything is a finish are brilliant!
      Sadly I no longer have a woofer to slobber on things, otherwise they wouldn’t be that colour!

  16. I’m sure the rattles aren’t necessary… the toys are cute enough.
    I’m really looking forward to hearing how the repair café goes – remember to take lots of pictures to share.
    I’m currently whizzing through a chunky jumper for myself – I rarely knit with chunky wool, but I think the end product will be rather nice. I also need to make myself some new fingerless mittens as I seem to have lost mine. Mind you, if I crochet them it will only take an evening, but it wasn’t on my “to make” list, and I was really hoping to find the ones that have gone astray. Sadly, the weather is cooling and I will need them soon.

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