Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

I can’t choose just one beach from all my favourite photos, please help, which are you top three pictures from this selection.

Starting close to home,

Scarborough , January this year

Scarborough during Go Wild challenge this summer

The wonderful Whitby, November 2015

Bridlington , May 2015 , or possibly further afield to

Chesil Beach Dorset,

Dorset, June 2015, further maybe?

An action shot, Eastbourne, July 2014

Beachy Head, July 2014. Further maybe and a bit more drama

Giants Causeway , Northern Ireland, 2009. Bit more atmospheric perhaps?

Crete, 2009. Too old?

Crete 2014, maybe a bit too arty?

Parga, Greece, 2014. Greece really does look good in the evening.

Thasos , Greece, 2016. But so far we’ve only been to Europe.

San Fransisco then and the Golden Gate bridge or maybe you prefer this one from the Pacific Grove Road, south of San Fransisco?

I don’t know, far too many wonderful beaches.

Can’t think about beaches this week without saying a little prayer for all those devastated by the hurricanes and earthquakes this month.

The sea and beaches are beautiful but we must all take care.

Please let me know if you have a favourite picture amongst this lot, or even three. And please leave a link to your beach photo/s in the comments .

Next weeks word is Orderly, I’ll be back to just one picture!

Happy Snapping!



Comments on: "Not, one a week, photo challenge- Beach" (31)

  1. I like the pebbles from Chesil beach – it reminds me of our days out in Brighton when I was a kid, hobbling down to the sea with bucket and spade further damaging little feet already split between the toes by cheap rubber flip flops. Sounds awful now doesn’t it but we loved every minute.
    Nowadays I would prefer somewhere like the last photo and there’s nothing wrong with a bit of arty sand. So, there’s my three 😉

    • Oh yes Brighton Beach, my boys have done a fair bit of hobbling there, they prefered Littlehampton, Worthing was always ruined by seaweed. Thanks for your three favourites!

  2. Scrolling through I kept finding favourites – no wonder you had a hard task picking one. I love the Chesil Beach ones (of course!) and I love to be transported to Greece. No photo is too old in my book. Wonderful selection. ❤

  3. To me the Bridlington May 2015 is the photograph with the most ‘beach’ in it!

    • That’s true, it is the greatest expanse of sand. I looked up beach in my trusty school dictionary before I began-defined as strip of land between the sea and the land. I sort of know what they meant.

  4. I like the Bridlington and the Beachy Head–neither are just generic water/sand shots but, rather, show what’s distinctive about those regions.

  5. All of them? I’m no help at all!

  6. It took me forever to decide but when it’s all said and done, I love the one with the little one playing in the sand. That’s what the beach is about for me. Loved everyone and especially the top one of the town just off the beach. Makes me want to go explore. There is life in those photos and I like that. Even the lone bird on the beach. I would love to put them all on the wall to enjoy daily.

  7. I vote Beachy Head, Pasos Greece and the last one in CA. Too difficult to choose, you have some amazing beach photos, but those three fit my mood at the moment! Mine are all California! There are a few fake beaches in SD, but I’ve not been!

  8. Bless you for your prayers. These folks need all we can commit. Well I bet you can kinda guess which ones are my fave,LOL …SFO! But I’m also particularly fond of Scarborough in Jan.( I loved the PBS mystery series this year ‘Remember Me’) cheers

  9. That’s a lot of beaches. I have soft spot for Beachy Head, but it’s Chesil that wins for me. That pic has such a sense of freedom, I want run along those pebbles as fast as I can.

  10. I like the Giant’s Causeway. I have always wanted to see that in person. Second, I would pick the white cliffs. They are so beautiful and look unreal.

  11. I don’t like to choose – it’s like asking do you have a favourite child 😀 But the Thassos photo features one of my favourite things, light on water. It’s beautiful!

    • Greece is really lovely in the evening light, I find I don’t take pictures of beaches with half naked people on them, generally not an edyfying sight! Much prefer the evening shots.

  12. corrineappleby said:

    Slightly biased here but I like the Scarborough photo! I also love the Chesil beach photo and the last one. I love beach pictures!

  13. Wow those are a lot of beautiful photos! No wonder you couldn’t choose. I think for beaches the bridlington and chesil beach ones are my favourite, although I also think the sunset ones are lovely. The Pacific grove photo also looks wonderful!

  14. An amazing collection of beaches you have known Cathy, it is impossible to have a favourite beach especially when you keep discovering new ones. I have always lived beside the sea and beaches have been a natural part of my life.

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