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17 for 2017- August update

Do you realise that 2/3rds of this year has gone? And aren’t we all busy, busy, busy right now, harvesting in the Northern hemisphere and preparing and planting in the Southern.

Just a few of our plums and a cucumber this week.  But what about the 17 for 2017, well you might ask. Let’s see

17 swims-2 more this month, total 13

16 hour long walks-accomplished already, but I have done some great ones this month. Most recently a return visit to Rosedale.

15 books from the bedroom heap read-none this month, total is 13

14, forget 14, there is no more 14

13 cards made-total still at 9

12 village posts- total still 4

11 days out- accomplished this month.

The Thornton Dale Show and the Lavender Farm

10 new things tried- total unchanged at 9

9 Crochet/knitting projects completed- accomplished a while since.

8 other crafts- 1, this month. I fished out my needle felting bits and bobs, and had a good session and broke the needle. Doh. New needles bought, hurrah.

7 sewing projects- accomplished this month with this

and this

and this

and this

and Bertram

Wow that would be 10 now.

6 Non Fiction books read- total unchanged, but I am really enjoying this one

5 Family History questions investigated- still only 2 and I realise now that I came back from the Family History fair with a bag of info and its still exactly where I left it when I came home. I forget what is in there. Shame on me.

4 Good sort outs-done already.

3 Interesting finds- I  have tw0 more today.

Some wonderful stone carvings from Riveaulx Abbey- this is called the Tiger Hunt and

Toadstool season is here, any idea what this one is please?

Oh that makes 3.

2 picnics-

Second picnic on Bank Holiday Monday at Riveaulx Abbey

1 Boat ride-0

0 crafty/yarny, fabricy purchases- well there have been more days this year when I didn’t buy anything than days when I did, so that’s a good thing!

How are you getting on with the goals for this year?


Comments on: "17 for 2017- August update" (27)

  1. I’m sorry but some of your comments make me laugh. #14 especially. You really have accomplished a great deal this year! Pauline made me laugh too. I’m still trying to set up goals for the next year and even that is a struggle. I’m impress with all you work at getting done.

  2. You have been so busy and I suspect even without your list you would have been.

  3. Is that abbey featured in the film of The History Boys? I really like the puffin and I’m interested to know what you do with them, because I’ve still got those little cross stitches somewhere…
    What was number 14? I’m intrigued.

    Finally got broadband and so after the move, plus not having it for a few weeks I’m beginning to catch up on my blog reading, it’s great.

    • I can’t remember the scene in the History Boys, I shall have to watch it again, and then try t remember to tell you. I framed the puffin and he is in the cloakroom !

  4. Next year you should swap your number 14 and your number 7 around – much more achievable and more fun too.

  5. #14, we hardly knew ye . . . But my goodness, how successful you’ve been with everything else!

  6. I think it’s a parasol mushroom.
    I am glad that you have abandoned one of your goals because I think I am about to do the same… or possibly change it to something completely different!

    • Now that’s a better idea, a new 14, shame it’s such a big number. Thinks….
      Thanks for identifying the mushroom, I wonder if tis edible, not that I would ever dare try to eat one from the wild.

  7. OMG! I love your rationale on the 0 buys. You are soooo right, there are many more days I didn’t buy yarn/fabric/thread/batting than when I DID! That’s my story, and I am sticking to it.

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    I had to go back to 14 to see what it was! I would say you are doing so well you can easily discard 14. Plums look lovely:-)

  9. You are really cranking these out, and with a wedding in the mix to boot! Well done!

  10. 2/3 of the way through, but you’re nearly finished 🙂 And what was 14? I’m dying to know.

  11. I like the pictures of the lavender and the sheep. The castle is amazing, too. There is nothing like that here in Texas. I am knitting on my third pair of socks, but I can’t really say it was a goal. I just sorta got stuck on knitting socks. HA!

  12. Well done you! Except for #14 of course……… I have no goals this year and I am pleased to report I am succeeding every day 🙂

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