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Sew, Knit and Natter Friday!

How is everyone? Apparently it’s the first day of Autumn if you are a weather person. Personally its late Summer as far as I am concerned.

So big question, did I or did I not buy some Cath Kidston fabric. YES I DID. Well you knew I would.

8 fat quarters for £12, which I thought was ok. See the cowboy fabric in the middle. As it happens I had a remnant of that already ,bought from somewhere or other some time ago, and looking for a project. Well it found one, I have it all cut out and ready to go, but then found myself feeling sad because I had used it. I mean just how ridiculous is that? I think I mentioned before that I have a propensity for being ridiculous. So that is why when I choose which CK fabric to buy, this was the bundle. IT HAD MY NAME ON IT!

Meantime I have been busy with some owl fabric.

Which is now a pouch for baby wipes. Owl buttons and ribbons from my stash. I mean you can’t have too many owls in one project , can you? Can You? Have I gone OTT on owls? Feel quite pleased with this, never having made a pouch before.

Knitting wise, I am making great progress with the baby blue cardigan.

A back and two fronts resting on the cowboy project. I still don’t have a picture of Little Miss F in her skirt, maybe it doesn’t fit, but I do have two of my little darlings to show you , and the children are quite nice too..

On holiday in Devon, picture by my DIL Mrs T!

And just to round off, here’s the Sunset over the hill at the front of our house, I wonder can you see the sheep?

Just about spot one under the tree to the right by the telegraph pole above the hedge. I do make you work..

And just because this is so cute

Little Miss F’s idea of heaven, Mum and a unicorn, don’t believe me, look at her little face.

Pictures by her other Nana, taken at a garden centre at Lacock.

Hope you have a great weekend full of the things you love doing.

Be Happy!


Comments on: "Sew, Knit and Natter Friday!" (31)

  1. Oh, those shades of blues and pinks in the Cath Kidston fabrics are all my favourites – so cheerful. Please just use them and try not to leave them in your stash, no matter how pretty they may look! LOVE those jumpers – what lucky kids!!

  2. Where did you find the CK fabric? That sounds like a good deal as their fabric prices are v high usually.

    I’ve seen Half Yard Heaven in my local library, now I’ve decided to go to sewing club every week I really need to arm myself with a book and patterns to be independent and get on with little projects.

    • It was on Ebay, Not my natural habitate. Some people are asking silly amounts, because I think CK is stopping doing fabric. I have seen it coming from Hong Kong but that makes me a bit suspicious. Cotton duck is easier to come by.
      The book is very good to use and none of the use the template and increase to 325% etc.which I hate.

  3. Oh gosh that owl fabric is so cute! My Mum would love it too 😊

  4. Love seeing the children (darlings!) wearing your darlings! And the cowboy fabric jumped off the screen to catch my eye–that’s fun stuff!

  5. The kids are adorable and the sweaters are so sweet! Can’t wait to see your sewing project.

  6. I love that the colourful jumper has socks to match!

  7. The jumpers look great, and the kids look so happy! The little blue baby cards is so sweet, and I agree, unicorns and her mum are high on the list of Miss F’s favorite things. The fabric is wonderful, I would have had a hard time walking away from that! Happy Friday to you!

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Love the owl fabric. And the gorgeous jumpers on your lovely grandchildren.

  9. That was a great bargain for the CK fabric. Do they have any more?
    I must say your granddaughter hugging a unicorn is a far sweeter sight than my daughter dressed as a ravaged rabbit hugging a dinosaur but that’s what happens when you grow up I suppose 😉

    • The lady I bought it from on ebay had two lots and I bought the second one. Yes I think my grand daughter and unicorn trumps your daughter and rabbit, but I think they both look as if they enjoy their experience.

  10. who doesn’t love a unicorn, eh?
    I know exactly what you mean about feeling sad when you’ve used up the last of a particularly treasured piece of fabric because I always feel the same.

    • Unicorns seem very popular here at the moment. I tried explaining to Mr E why I felt sad that I had used the cowboy fabric and then wanted more, I don’t think he understood at all!

  11. I just *knew* there was a Cath Kidston splurge in your future. My goodness, how lovely and cheap fabric is there, we’d be paying at least twice that…

    • When I first started sewing and knitting back in the day, basic materials were so expensive. I can recall paying £30 to buy wool for a child’s jumper and that was with a staff discount, 25 years ago. By comparison prices are less now than they were then. It was totally uneconomical to make anything, which was why I changed to cross stitch. A metre of Aida goes a very long way. And is why when I could I acquired stash of all sorts. The first crochet blanket I ever made was using wool I advertised for in a shop window, pre used it was, and I think the lady I bought it from had recycled jumpers her children had worn.

      • My mother never let a jumper go with just one incarnation. Things she knitted for one family member were frogged, the wool was washed and dried straight around a big old wooden chopping board, and away she’d go again, knitting something else for someone else. And when there were too many holes, she’d turn the wool into patches for knitted patchwork blankets.

      • She did really well to get so much value for her wool. I sent most of my childrens woollies they outgrew to the Roumanian orphanages. i often wonder if they ever got there.

  12. My, you have been busy. As for me, I’m still struggling along with the toe-up sock and wishing that I hadn’t tried to incorporate so many new (to me) techniques into one project. Still, it’s giving me plenty of practice at frogging! I could have knitted a couple of pairs of my normal socks in the time it’s taken me to do this single one and I still haven’t finished. I can’t say I’m looking forward to making the second of the pair, but perhaps it will be easier next time. I’m planning something easier as my next project.

  13. Fab stuff, and oh my goodness, your CK fabric, Wow! Love them.

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