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Cross Stiched Puffin

I love a small cross stitch project. Here’s my puffin, started whilst I was doing 30 days wild, when it rained.

and finished at the weekend.

Chart from a magazine dated 1993! Do you think I might just have some hoarding tendencies?


Comments on: "Cross Stiched Puffin" (36)

  1. i love puffins

  2. Lovely rainy day project – and it’s not hoarding. It’s called being prepared. I know, because that’s what I do:)

  3. I was going through some pattern books the other day and found one that has a copyright date of 1977. Never know when something will be useful!

  4. Do you know the poem about the puffin? “There once was a puffin, in the shape of a muffin, And he lived on an island in the deep blue sea . . . “

  5. Definitely not, because I have cross stitch mags from 1989, and I still use them! They have some great patterns!

  6. so cute. Puffins rock!

  7. Adorable! Better late than never?

  8. Looks fantastic

  9. Murtagh's Meadow said:


  10. Nice puffin and only hording if you stash it and never make it.

  11. That is very pretty. I like the way you did the gray shading.

  12. Such a lovely little puffin! I’m so glad I’m not the only one hoarding old magazines 😀

  13. Ummmm, yes? Maybe? But at least you get around to using it – hoarders just hoard. So, no 🙂 Cute puffin!!

  14. lol I have loads of old craft, knitting and cross stitch mags. I did go through them all a few years ago and pull out all the patterns I liked, tossed all the ads, etc. It went from a whole bookshelf full to four three inch binders. Still more than I can do in a life time…

    • I have got rid of a lot of magazines and only kept the ones with projects I fancied doing, which at the time did not include the puffin! But jolly glad i did because he looks rather jolly in the cloakroom.

      • good for you! I likely threw away projects that I would like to do someday, but some clearing had to happen. You little puffin is very cheerful 🙂

  15. Better late than never 🙂

  16. So cute! No hoarding tendencies, you just plan way ahead:)

  17. Very nice puffin though….:) x

    • Thanks, I had really wanted to see them for real at Bempton but failed to organise myself, never mind there is always next year.

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