Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Change is in the air, have you noticed it? There is a little nip in the air in the mornings, its late Summer now for sure. Never mind, more time inside for sewing, knitting and nattering.

I have filled my little sewing caddy now with all the items you suggested. Actually that is a fib, I have still to find some fabric suitable for patching. The Snail mentioned something called Boro mending. I am so hoping someone comes to the repair cafe so I can do some. Is ripping a hole in something wrong in order to try it. I spent ages last weekend reading up on the technique. I just did plain boring patching before. I was wondering about threads to use? I have lots of cotton perle thread.

In the end I hand stitched the piping cord on my UFO, the zipper foot I have, would not have got close enough for my liking. After that it was just a question of turning it right side out,  joining the gap and adding tassels.

One Christmas mantlepiece cover completed. For nearly 16 years it lurked in the sewing box. Sadly we moved house (which is why I never finished it) and the wood burning stove we have in our current home makes the mantle cover unsuitable for this cover. But it looks ok as a sofa back, well it will after a good press.

I borrowed a book from the library.

It’s a jolly good book. I have plans for at least two projects, here’s the first one just getting under way. The other involves the lovely cowboy fabric from Cath Kidston.

Master T’s jumper complete. I love the buttons. Hope this one meets his brief of another jumper in bright colours.

So now onto a little something for a baby.

It’s a very pale blue 4 ply Sirdar Snuggly yarn. Half the back done.

So many plans for projects, so many waiting to be started, so many UFOs and WIPs, maybe a good thing that Autumn is coming.

Meantime does anyone know if Cath Kidston is stopping doing fabric completely. There is virtually nothing on their web page. I was  wondering would the prudent craftist snap it up while she could/

What do you think? Do I need more fabric?


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  1. To me Autumn feels more like the start of new things than the beginning of the year. Maybe it becomes ingrained because of the academic year. Anyway, feels like a good time for the start of new projects to me. Interesting if Cath Kidston have stopped doing fabric – imagine scarps of it becoming collectors pieces! 🙂

    • Yes I always geta buzz in September for new ventures. Cath Kidston fabric is on ebay in small amunts and being described as rare and sort after. So sad because it is so pretty.

  2. The hint of autumn is definitely in the air here, too, and that turns my thoughts to cozy indoor projects. I have some serious mending to do, so my beloved flannel bathrobe makes it through another winter. You’ve been very productive!

    • Some weeks there are a few finsihes, then weeks without any. Favourite bath robes need preserving! Good luck with your mending.

  3. Personally I love cath kidston patterns, and if she’s discontinuing fabrics then I’d definitely be tempted to stock up on some.

  4. Looks just like some of the corners in our house Cathy. Are you hinting Summer is fading?

  5. The jumper looks great. I have several pairs of jeans with holes in that you could practice on! Never like throwing things away and they don’t seem to sell ‘comfort fit’ jeans any more.

  6. “Do I need more fabric?” ,silly woman. 😉 (((applause))) on the finished UFO and it looks grand. Love the jolly jumper and those button are adorable. Can’t wait for the tour of your repair cafe. Splendid weather here still but I’m looking forward to the ‘frenzy sewing season’ also know as Fall/Winter. No, no, no mention of the C season yet please.~cheers

    • Thank you. Must make a note to take camera to repair cafe, slightly bothered we have not heard anything more since insurance raised its head! I think the consensus is that I need more fabric!

  7. good job on finishing the Christmas mantle scarf – I am sure you will find a place to use it WHEN IT IS ITIME, which is not yet, right? 🙂 The sweater looks wonderfully bright and cheerful! He will love it! Can’t wait to hear how the mending goes!

  8. Yes, you always need more fabric!!! Love the sweater, the buttons are adorable! And the new knit will be so sweet.

  9. If you can cram it under your bed, you have room for more fabric! With that very old UFO conquered, it seems a celebration is due…….😉. Love Master T’s jumper. I think colorful is the perfect description for it!

  10. Love that jumper and particularly the buttons – he should be thrilled! Have several of the Debbie Shore books in our library, but not the one you mention here. 😦 That said, I did like many of the projects in both of them. As for more fabric? Definitely difficult to answer as I’m preparing for the same question here, as soon as some swatches arrive. But if you need it to complete something, there seems little doubt! (Might I send you an email?)

    • Love to hear from you by email, think there is a link somewhere on here. No I don’t need any fabric, but I do love it so, I have only ever bought it as remnants , and that is all that seems to be available on line now.

      • Cannot say about availability as am not familiar with that designer. Sorry! But thanks for the go-ahead to write. Will send with an identifying subject line!

  11. of course you need more fabric, why would you even pose the question? 😉 And that colourful jumper is just too much, I love it ❤

  12. I think if you love Cath Kidston fabrics and it looks as if she’s stopping them, you need to lay in stocks to tide you over. Tell them Kate said it was OK, you NEED it.
    On the subject of mending, when I rip jeans, I stitch on hexies made from nice bright scraps. It makes a cheerful change and you end up with a totally unique garment. I have to restrain myself when I’m mending the Husband’s work jeans, of course. There, I recycle pieces cut from the legs of jeans that have completely gone in the seat. They’re pre-shrunk so it works well!

  13. claire93 said:

    well done on finishing your Fleur de Lys ^^

  14. Round of applause for the finished UFO – splendid! (So long as you don’t mention the C word that is – aaaaargh!)
    Looking forward to hearing if Master T is happy with his jumper – he should be! very colourful.

    • I won’t be able to give it to him for a few weeks, but will let you know what he thinks! As for the C word, I was using it descriptively for the future, rather than in terms of planning for you know what. Although having said that the charity shops are now stocking( no pun intended) their C cards!

  15. I know what you mean about being tempted to make a hole in something in order to repair it. Mr J-M is surprisingly gentle on his clothes as am I so I rarely have any mending to do beyond sewing buttons on!

  16. You might be right about Cath Kidston – she has some fabric on her online shop but it’s only canvassy or oilcloth I think – https://www.cathkidston.com/home/beach/list?ctry=GB
    When I was on my way back from the U.K. her airport shop is crammed full of knicky knacky noos covered in her designs. Maybe that’s where the profit is – probably.
    I bought my Mum that Half Yard Heaven book when she wanted to start sewing again and she’s made a couple of projects from it but then went off the idea and went back to knitting so I might steal it away from under her when she’s not looking one day

    • It’s a good book, and what I really like is that it doesn’t have minute pattern templates in the back which say enlarge by 300%. It uses instead dinner and side plates and helps you draw the pattern. Clever idea.
      I am so sad that Cath Kidston is probably dropping fabrics, maybe there were too many people using it and copying her designs?

  17. Glad you are inspired by boro – it is much more interesting than the usual approach to mending. This week’s creativity here is slow-going… I’m struggling to get into a rhythm with the tiny cables on the toe-up sock that I’m knitting, but I am persisting. I have been rather distracted because one of our dogs is quite severely ill and things are not looking good for him. I might have to resort to something a bit more mindless to do with my hands whilst I’m fretting.

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