Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Thornton Dale Show!

I love an agricultural show and not just for the craft competitions. Here’s what caught my eye.

Entertainment in the arena from the jousting Knights of Nottingham

Of course the ” Duke of York ” was the champion!

Vintage tractors, takes us back to childhood.

Birds of prey, love the car number plate.

My favourite, all are bred in captivity, but I didn’t see a flying display.

The weird and wonderful things for sale on the trade stands, love the flamingo, resisted buying a flamingo.

Mr E in his natural element

This picture is for Mr Hicks and Gibbs.

The lovely prize farm animals who look so clean for the day.

But why oh why do I always forget that there will be



Comments on: "Thornton Dale Show!" (31)

  1. Looks like a very informal show experience Cathy. We have them in all rural towns here but they are much more noise and action and not at all relaxing and inviting to the visitors like that one seems.

  2. We don’t have jousting at our county fairs in the US! This looks like quite the day–so much variety and fun!

  3. Our State Fair just ended, I made it to see all the hand made items, but skipped the animals this year. Daughter was on crutches, so we didn’t want to extend her misery!

  4. There’s always mud! 😊 Looks like lots of fun though.

  5. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    We haven’t managed to get to an agricultural show yet this summer, but it is still on the list. Love the red tractor:-)

    • I always like the tractors without having a clue what I am looking at! At the moment harvesting is busily going on in the fields around us and there is something very reassuring seeing the tractors, trailers, etc.

  6. I would have been transfixed by the real owls – and would have bought one of those just below the flamingo you didn’t πŸ™‚

  7. You mean you didn’t automatically put on wellies?! Love the pics, especially the jousting one – I’ve never seen that in real life, so to speak. It’s incredible how you can spruce up a bull for the show ring, isn’t it? Not that I envy the person whose job it is to wash, dry and brush a testosterone-packed, prizewinning bull!

    • I know, aren’t I a total wally for not wearing wellies. Your boys would love jousting, Warwick castle does an excellent joust! I wouldn’t fancy washing a bull either.

  8. Great post. Hope to go to an agricultural show this year at some point. I grew up on a farm so they were a big part of my childhood. X

    • I bet they were. My Dad was a solicitor and he was a Halifax agent so always had a stand at the shows , so we got to go to quite a few. Hope you get to one this year and share your pictures with us please.

  9. The owls and eagle? were magnificent! They are so HUGE! I remember my days at the county fair with my animals, it always rained, even if we hadn’t had rain for weeks, it always came then. The sweet corn always came on about then too, because one late supper during fair week was always a kettle of sweet corn. Washing cows was such a job, and the clipping…yes, they all get haircuts too! I lived in my tall barn boots, and right before the show, would hand my dad my leads and run to the bathroom to change into my show whites. Yes, we wore white to show dairy cattle😳. Bless my mom, who always got them white again in time for band. Your post certainly brought back some fun memories! That tractor has quite the plush new seat, which I’m sure contributed mightily to its score if the judge sat in it!!

  10. Love the car number plate – what a hoot πŸ˜‰ Also love the flamingos. I wouldn’t have been able to resist. Hicks says thanks for the photo xx

  11. Looks like a fun day!

  12. What a good day! I might have resisted to flamingos but not the poppy! How did you do it? Love the jousting and dog show but not the mud! Ugh. I forget that, too.

  13. Not like Australian country shows then, where the problem is heat and dust!

    • Fat chance of that. What gets me it poured with rain the day before so why didn’t I think mud. so nearly went in sandals too, thank goo ness I least opted for walking shoes, but next time I must think wellies.

  14. claire93 said:

    what a lovely day out! I’d have stood watching the dog show (of course). ^^

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