Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Tour Bus to Chichester

Welcome to the cathedral city of Chichester

Let’s go inside the cathedral

This is the Arundel Tomb immortalised by Philip Larkin in his poem An Arundel Tomb. Notice that the knight is in full regalia and holding his wife’s hand, a first apparently to depict a knight in full armour thus posed.

This is a display of the work of Frieda Hughes who painted one picture every day for 400 days, according to her mood, more information here.

Frieda is the daughter of Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath, and her paintings are accompanied by her own poetry. It was a fascinating exhibition.

Now this is part of the St Richard of Chichester Embroideries

This is called the Piper Tapestry, most dramatic don’t you think.

Fabulous stained glass windows too. But what gave me the greatest surprise was this

Roman mosaic. Now there is no information about this in the cathedral, it is just there beneath a glass panel on the floor. I asked an attendant about it. She seemed surprised I wanted to know or had even look at it.” Oh “,she said breezily, “there are lots of Roman remains all over Chichester, this is nothing special!” Well I thought it was.

I do so hope you enjoyed my visit to Chichester  Cathedral. After this we wandered  into town for refreshments and then back to the cottage for a rest. Frankly after a  wedding and all our sight-seeing we were a tad tired. It took about three days back home to regain our normal energy levels, which are pretty sloth like at the best of times.




Comments on: "Tour Bus to Chichester" (17)

  1. Well, I thought the mosaics were something special too, actually! Fancy no one being able to tell you any more about it? What a romantic last gesture, to have a Knight in full armour holding the hand of his Lady for eternity…..

  2. I love Chichester and its beautiful Cathedral with its lovely coffee shop and gardens.

  3. Seeing your photos of Chichester reminds me that I never got around to doing a proper post when I went there. Just used a few of the photos for other things. The cathedral is fascinating isn’t it; so much to see.

  4. OK, just how do you pronounce Chichester? And how could she be so nonchalant about Roman ruins!!! I love Roman ruins.

    • I need you to imagine me pulling faces as I pronounce Chichester and work out how to explain it’s pronounciation. It’s Ch as in church, then the i sound, followed by another ch, then the ester. Hope that helps, probably not. I was so thrilled by the mosiac and she was couldn’t have cared less, it was a bit like saying, oh you have pews here.

  5. What a wealth of beauty, riches and history! I too would have been wanting to know more about the roman mosaic – it begs the question was the church built on a temple for instance……

    • It probably was built on a sacred site dating back before the Romans. What tended to happen was each invading force took a sacred place and built on it for their gods.

  6. The cathedral really makes a statement there on the street, and I love the flying buttresses. Amazing engineering! I am interested in the knight…how sweet to be holding her hand…a true love match perhaps? And I wonder what the significance is of the pig laying at her feet. If it is really a dog, the sculptor needed glasses! Beautiful Windows!

  7. My brother used to live in Chichester, so I know that cathedral well. Now he lives near Wells, but I don’t know that cathedral well at all…. Sorry about the puns, couldn’t resist!

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