Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Postcard from West Sussex.

I love the idea of the Nana Cathy Tour bus as described by Kathy, in the comments on the Weald and Downland post. So please hop on board we have three destinations today.

The windmill at Shipley, and if it has a certain familiarity you could be right, remember Jonathan Creek. Here’s his windmill. Goodness knows how they managed to film it for the series.

Next stop is the village of Southwater, the church of the Holy Innocents

I particularly wanted to see the new stained glass windows depicting

Christ’s Hospital and

Traditional craftsmen. This window was paid for by the Piper family who were wheelwright’s and blacksmiths.

Final stop today is down on the coast at Bognor Regis .

Looking rather down at mouth since it was visited by George V and gained the Regis , which indicates royal approval. We had a rather blowy walk on the sea front.

All that remains of the pier.

The hotel doesn’t look open for business, but someone is living there, see the washing over the name. All I can say is how very sad this is, and what a far cry from an illustration I found in a book about Bognor in our holiday cottage.

There is one more destination on the Tour Bus, but that is for another day. Hope you enjoyed the trip.

Have a great Sunday.


Comments on: "Postcard from West Sussex." (23)

  1. I love all your pictures on your trips. Thank you for sharing, I feel like I’m right there with you.

  2. Great tour Cathy! The church was younger than I first thought, but some very interesting details on their site. The pictures you took are splendid! It’s sad that the resort seems to have faded, looks like a nice beach.

  3. Hope I’m not too late for the bus – gosh I’ve missed plenty in my time. Is there another one coming up behind? I remember the conductors used to yell that out when they were full lol

    Stained glass windows are my downfall – there’s just something about them that is so appealing. I don’t think I’ve seen modern ones in a church setting.

    Thanks for the trip round the countryside Cathy – what time and place is the next one ??

  4. I remember Jonathan Creek. Still catch episodes from time to time on ‘Drama’.

  5. If you had a sort of Harry Potter type tour bus, you could manage to pick us all up in person, take us on a tour and we could finish with a good natter a cup f tea and some cake 🙂

  6. I would love to be there in person on your tours!!! So lucky and fortunate to live in the lap of such history.

    • I suppose because in the UK we are never far away from something of historic interest we don’t always appreciate what we have.

  7. Lovely “tour” and yes, I do remember Jonathan Creek, even over here across the pond! Always enjoyed it & thank you for the reminder, as well as the other points of interest.

  8. That hotel looks like one that I saw on an episode of Poirot.

  9. West Sussex is an area of the UK I don’t know at all – so thanks for the bus trip! More please!

  10. Yes thank you! I loved to see Jonathan’s windmill (I quite enjoyed that show on the odd occasion I saw it) and the stained glass windows are especially attractive even though modern!

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