Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

I left you in the Weald and Downland Museum yesterday in a rather insalubrious place, the privy. Lets’ go back inside the Victorian cottage and see what we can see,

That’s more like it a nice cup of tea, oh and look, crochet.

Now couldn’t you just settle down here , tea, cat on your knee and something yarny in your hand. Talking of yarn, which I was sort of, I mentioned hands on demonstrations yesterday.

I had a quick go at carding while no-one was looking. As I left, another Nana came in with her grandson, picked up the bit I had just carded and showed how it was spun! Hurrah for Nanas.

I mentioned also that there were crafts people at work on site now. We were especially interested in this incredible  gridshell building. The lower part is used for storage and the upper for conservation and repairs.

Now did anyone see a TV programme called The Repair Shop on BBC 2? Basically people take broken treasures and have them fixed/ upcycled by experts.  I was super keen to see just where at the Weald and Downland this was situated. Tucked away behind the Watermill and the under re construction Bakehouse. There it was.

So disappointed I could go no further , because that notice on that board  was to stop us interrupting filming for a new series. Hurrah and Boo at the same time.

Which very nicely leads me onto a new venture Mr E and I hope to join in with. Now have you ever heard of Repair Cafes? These began in the Netherlands and are places people can go to have every day items repaired by volunteers. Well now I can sew a zip I am an expert.. seriously though I could darn a sock, sew on a button, untangle knitting, fix a hole in fabric, and as for Mr E he is King of computer fixes, saucepan lids, parcel shelves, grill pan handles etc etc.

We spotted an article in a free local mag, by a small group of people wanting to start one close by, and we have volunteered our time. Last Saturday I visited one in Leeds with a couple of people, such a good idea. Saves waste, land fill, money, teaches people , what is not to like to want to be involved with. Early days yet, but am super excited.

Sew down to business. Did I finish the skirt? Yes I did.

Feeling quite pleased with myself.

Safely dispatched to Little Miss F. Hope for a picture soon.

And as to knitting, well we have a back and a front to the jumper for Master T.

In the meantime there has been a bit of cross stitch and I now have enough scraps to get  going with my hexie quilt which has seen nothing doing to it for ages. I also feel another elephant coming on.


So over to you now, do just join in for some nattering. What are your weekend plans..

Be Happy!



Comments on: "Sew, Knit and Natter Friday!" (42)

  1. LOVE the skirt – well done. I’m sure little miss F loves it too. Well done on joining the repair shop! It’s such and excellent idea and I’m sure it grow.

  2. Thank you for these lovely posts, full of delightful photos & good ideas. Was able to see the 3 previews included on the BBC link, and was quite impressed. Wish we had such programmes over here, or could see more of yours!

  3. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Love the idea of a repair cafe. And love the skirt!

  4. I spy……is that a real vintage …..brown Betty?!!! Lovely cottage tour. And the repair cafes are a going trend here too. Kudos to you and Mr.E for sharing your talents! Adorable flamingo twirl skirt for Little Miss F. {{{applause all around}}} Zipper expert? oh you must do a zip tips tute post, plz. Thank you for sharing . Happy Weekend~cheers

    • Yes it is a Brown Betty, well spotted. One zip doesn’t make an expert sadly! I will leave a link to the rather excellent you tube video I followed next week. I just hope someone turns up with some repairs when we get going next month1

  5. The repair cafe is ingenious, I’m going to look are out here, I think that Love, Inc. might go for that here.😍 the skirt looks fab as does the jumper, you are a most special nana! My agenda is a little wild this weekend….finishing up some projects, got a consulting gig this morning, and have to build a display about piano lessons for an open house on Monday…that one is stressing me out…I don’t do displays😳. I’ll get there I imagine.

  6. Repair café sounds like a great idea. Not that I would be much good at one. Any repairs I tried would definitely not be up to standard!!

  7. All your handwork is looking great. My weekend includes sewing, family get together, sewing, knitting, sewing, LOL, you get the picture.

  8. I have never heard of a repair café, they sound interesting!
    I think that skirt is adorable, she will love it, and that sweater is gong to look great when it has sleeves and seams and what not. 🙂 This weekend is fairly quiet – knitting group on Saturday afternoon is the only planned activity I know of, the rest will be chores and knitting and swimming. I hope. 🙂

  9. claire93 said:

    the Repair Café sounds like a brilliant idea. A great way to help the environment, by giving things a second life, and probably a great place to meet some interesting people.
    Litte Miss F’s skirt it fabulous! Hope she can twirl in it.

    • She does love a twirl and it seems to have good twirlabiliy! Yes the concept of the Repair cafe is really good, here’s keeping our fingers crossed it works.

  10. Oh, and forgot to say, YES! Hurray for Nanas!!!!!!!!!

  11. Wonderful post! Love the concept of Repair Cafes, great that you an the Mr. Are volunteering. This weekend I ‘m going to the http://www.newforestfairyfestival.com !
    I’ll be donning my wings and frolicking with the likes of Borage the Elf and a stilt walking tree. Have a great one yourself. 💚

  12. Just checked the exchange rate – thanks to our uniquely corrupt president and his cronies, the South African rand has tanked yet again after Parliament voted in favour of keeping him in power. Will have to save up for the starter kit….. 🙂

  13. I would love to be involved in a repair café here – I’ve talked about setting one up with friends, but I’m not sure I have the time to do all the organisation,
    The skirt looks great – there will be no stopping you putting zips in things now!
    I’ve just finished knitting a pair of socks for Mr Snail and am contemplating what to work on next… a WIP or something new?

    • It doesn’t seem to need much organising, just a room, willing people and a few volunteers! That may well be the one and ony zip. Now let me think WIP or something new, head or heart? Something new for sure… have a great weekend.

  14. Yes I have heard of Repair Cafes – have not yet visited one though. Aren’t they a good idea! Good on you and Mr for volunteering – it will be fun! I love the brightness of your jumper for Master T, that will keep him nice and warm come the colder weather. I’ve got a weekend of painting planned – if no-one interrupts me 🙂 Have a good one!

    • I love seeing your paintings progess. In the dentist recently looking at the glossy magazines I spotted interiors with paintings just like the one your daughter wanted, very on trend! Repair cafes are such a brilliant idea. In the one we visited there was a young woman being taught how to darn by a volunteer, people don’t necessarily have the skills I certainly think of as basic.

      • I’m happy to hear I’m ‘on trend’ it’s been a few decades ….. 🙂 I used to run a community hub for disadvantaged women, ranging in ages from 30 – 50 and none of them could do any kind of handwork or basic repairing and even cooking wasn’t big with many of them. There’s generations out there now with no skills! Places like these repair cafes could really change lives.

  15. Blown away by the Repair Cafe idea….nothing like it in Cape Town – going to research how to get one started. Brilliant wonderful excellent concept ❤

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