Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

I found this amazing blogger during 30 days wild. Just so full of admiration for her work for hedgehogs. Hoping to attend her open day next month. Do check out her jewellery which looks fabulous.

Little Silver Hedgehog

I’ve started to write this blog about 100 times and failed. That tells you quite a bit about a day in the life of a hedgehog rescue! Well, no two days are the same but let me give you a secret glimpse into a day here.

6.00am – Get up and go and check all the patients to see who has survived the night. Collect up food bowls, empty uneaten food and soak them in sterilising liquid. Check on the wild hedgehogs in the garden and top up their food bowls.

Washing up in my hedgehog rescue There is always piles of washing to be done

6.15am – Grab a quick breakfast on the go

6.30am Weight checks for all hedgehogs. Check list of who needs which medicines. Give all treatments. Some hedgehogs may require 3 or more different medications. Hand feed hoglets. Update all medical records. Clean all cages and replace newspaper and blankets. Put…

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Comments on: "Day in the life of a hedgehog rescue" (10)

  1. Mixture of so moving and so fascinating – thank you so much for passing this on.

  2. Isn’t it wonderful that there are such caring and dedicated people in our world?

  3. Thank you for bringing her and her work with hedgehogs to our attention. I wish there was somebody like her near me as I’ve had a couple of hedgehog ‘incidents’ lately and haven’t known what to do. We found one dead in our chicken run and another was being ‘bothered’ by my dogs which is strange as they’ve never seemed interested before. I have bookmarked a few of her lovely silver items on Etsy and will definitely consider them for gifts.

    • Thanks, doing a reblog seems such a little way to help, but I hope it does and shows her how much she is admired and respected. I certainly plan on doing some present shopping with her.

  4. Wow! That’s dedication. What a wonderful lady. Have followed her. Thanks for sharing. Her jewellery is lovely – will definitely look again when I need presents.

    • You are welcome, I have followed her for a month or two now and find her dedication so inspiring. Her jewellry looks so good and all to fund her work. She also wrote an entire post on hedgehog poo, and anyone who can do that deserves respect.

  5. What a wonderful way to spend your time! I tweeted her post out, it is really inspiring to find someone so committed to caring for the little creatures. ❤ Thanks for sharing it 🙂

    • Isn’t she wonderful? I follow her on Facebook and the pitiful condition some of the hoglets arrive in is heartbreaking, and sadly some don’t survive.

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