Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Heading full tilt towards the wedding weekend now. Getting excited!

Mr E has a 3D printer which I haven’t mentioned before. He’s made a few bit and pieces for the greenhouse and fixed the parcel shelf on my car. He has even made a Princess crown and a Minecraft sword! He recently found some minecraft cookie cutters. Could I make some cookie mixture if he printed them off. I asked if the designer of the cutters had made some cookies and could I see the picture/ have their recipe. No all the designer had done was print them. I agreed to give them a go using a gingerbread men mixture. One of them worked and the other , well it proved hard to get the dough out of the cutter.

That is the Minecraft axe cutter.

And these are my biscuits, which taste nicer than they look. All of this has used up a lot of time this week. However, the flamingo fabric arrived.

And sewing began

It is circular as we suspected, and next it is the ZIP. I have watched a lot of You Tube. I now know the difference between a concealed zip and an invisible one. Who knew that there was so much to zips. I have read lots of instructions. They read far more complicated than they are to look at. One book said do not read all the instructions at once, it is too confusing, read the first one, do it, then the second and so on. The book was written ages before the internet was born. So I am almost ready to begin, in August, when I have done everything else and can take my time.

I finished the tank top. Look at the neat neck-band, that is thanks to everyone who gave me their tips over the last one. I do listen! Not certain what I shall knit next. A bright something for Master T or a little something for new baby, what do you think?

I am going to be very busy till August, so may not post much in the next week, but I shall still be reading my favourite blogs.

Till next time, have a great weekend, and Be Happy! X

Comments on: "Sew, Knit and Natter Friday." (34)

  1. Ha ha! Those cookies – let’s just say my first thought wasn’t that they looked like a sword!! Looking forward to photos of this much-anticipated weddingπŸ˜€

  2. I love the sweater vest! The colors feel good to me. The biscuits, it only matters how they taste. I’m not sure I understand why the flamingo’s for the skirt but sure I’ll figure it out soon enough.Summers are hard for me to keep up too. Like almost impossible.

  3. Ha-ha, that cookie-cutter: I’m not surprised the designed hadn’t actually MADE any cookies:
    looks like it was by someone who doesn’t know about the behavior of cookie dough, eh?
    In my fandom research I found soooo many fun & wonderful crossovers like that—some obviously more of a good idea than a good design. πŸ™‚

    The flamingo skirt looks so fun & flouncy—it will be fun to wear!
    And the vest (as we call those items of clothing in the US) is handsome—impressive neckline!

    Good luck and have fun with the wedding–all parts of it.
    Pop in and post photos along the way? Would love to follow the progress, if you have time. (Ha! As if.)

  4. Just to say thank you to everyone for your kind comments and good wishes. Take carexx

  5. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Very best wishes for the wedding. Hope the sun shines. I am sure everyone will have a wonderful day. And you’ve been so busy. Love the flamingo pattern too:-)

  6. Great looking tank, especially that very nice neckline! I love the flamingo fabric, it will look great as a circle πŸ˜‰. Now for that zip. A problem that I always have with a plain zipper is making the very top part straight, because of the zipper pull. My solution has been to attach a nice thick piece of embroidery floss to the pull. When I do the top stitching on a lapped zipper, I do the long straight part which the zipper pull way down at the bottom, beyond where is should end. Then I use the thread to pull up the zipper and do the bottom of the lap. For a really fancy outfit I leave the threads long and pull them to the back and knot. For play clothes I just match it up to misery the back stitching.
    Have a wonderful wedding weekend, we’ll look forward to seeing some pics when you have a chance to catch your breath!!

    • Thanks Kathy for this great advice.One of the you tube videos advised how to pull the zip down rather than sew round it. One even advised sewing up the complete seam and then attaching the zp and then ripping out the seam, which seemed overly complicated to me.

      • Cathy, I have done that too, though I baste the part where the zipper will go. I have always found lapped zippers the easiest if I can’t match an invisible. They do seem scary at first, but just take your time.😊

  7. The tank top looks great and the fabric is perfect for the skirt. Good luck with the zip I haven’t done one for ages. Never my best skill! Looking forward to hearing all about the wedding.

    • Thanks so much. I am sure I will be so much more relaxed about the zip now I have given up trying to do it in too short a timescale.

  8. Zippers are easy, you can do it! I say baby item next, they go so quick!

  9. Oh, you have been busy! Glad the cookies taste good, lol. πŸ™‚
    I ADORE that pink flamingo fabric, it is going to make a wonderful skirt for a young lady! The instructions that said read and execute one step at a time are absolutely right. trust the instructions. Zips aren’t all that complicated once you do the first one properly, you will never worry about them again. And the sweater did come out very well. I am impressed!

    Can’t wait to hear about the wedding and see photos – and yes, one of you in hat, PLEASE! And the buntings.

    ENJOY the celebration, don’t fret about the details now.

  10. Those cookies are a a little, um, risque, aren’t they! Or do I just have a dirty mind? I’m fascinated by the idea of owning a 3-D printer, though! I hope the wedding is wonderful and perfect and memorable!

    • My immediate thought was mushrooms but now I look at them upside down I see where you’re at Maybe Cathy is hosting an Ann Summers party for the hen night πŸ˜‰

    • Yes you do!!!!!! Both of you! Will I get myself banned by wordpress now?

  11. claire93 said:

    make sure you get time to put your feet up before the wedding!

  12. You have had a busy week! I’m with you on the zips – I’m just not sure if they are better or worse than buttonholes! Good luck for the wedding!

  13. I second that from Sandra about the hat!
    That cookie cutter is only going to work with a dough that doesn’t spread at all, otherwise you get very dodgy looking cookies! I think the shortbread biscuits recipe on my blog may be suitable, and it’s dead easy.
    This week I am working on what might be my final blanket to go to Syria. The 60 Million Trebles consignment is due to be collected together in the coming month and shipped off in time to arrive for the colder weather. After that, all the project blankets will go to UK charities. I think the one I’m working on is my 13th.
    Good luck with the zip. I think you will find it is easier than you expect. I got extremely nervous about using my new overlocker earlier in the year because people kept telling me how difficult it would be to thread. I was so intimidated that I didn’t even try to begin with. However, it turned out to be relatively straightforward and the machine even has instructions on it. Sometimes, something we have been dreading is nowhere near as bad as we fear!

    • Thank you for all the reassurance! Yes the gingerbread spread a lot, and I was tempted to do shortbread but knew I could make passable gingerbread. I think what you have achieved with the blankets is brilliant and will be appreciated. I have buit the zip up to ridiculous proportions I know, and half the issue is the scary sewing machine. Incredibly because I was using substitute fabric the cutting out was easier, I love the snowy one so much it scared me. How ridiculous am I?

  14. A lovely tank top – great colours!
    Bon Courage with the zip – you know I’m not a fan πŸ˜‰ – the invisible ones are the easiest if you could get away with one of those in the skirt.
    It’s not the wedding this weekend is it? If so, have a wonderful day and best wishes to everyone – if not, the same thing goes.if you don’t get time to post again before the big day.

  15. Love the flamingoes, and the knitting, and the biscuits. They certainly turned out, how shall we say, interesting-looking?!!! πŸ™‚

  16. Gosh, it’s here, exciting, have a wonderful weekend! All the very best for a beautiful wedding day. I hope we see some photos of you in your hat! You have been achieving so much! Impressive.

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