Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Ok so did I keep to my yarn diet? Answer later on!

Meantime some more lovelies from Greece. In this case from the Ethnographical museum in the mosque of Aslan Pasha

Some silver ware with pineapples, which I was on the look out for following the post by Wild Daffodil on pineapple bunting.

Personally I prefer these chickens!

These knitted socks are worn by men.

And these,  just look at the patterns.

This a traditional costume for ladies.

I love this embroidered detail. And finally

A little loom, with pineapples! Or maybe fir cones? So did I keep to the yarn diet and if not how long did it last?

I had some problems this week. Finally I girded my loins and decided to tackle the skirt for Little Miss F, the one with the zip you know.. Unpacked the pattern, looked at it with horror. Not side seams as I had assumed but ones up the front and down the back. How on earth was I going to make the pattern match on my fabric?

After much head scratching and thinking, as I have said before sometimes Nanas do think, only this one, not very well. I decided I could do away with the centre seam with some jiggery pokery and cutting on a fold. I looked and looked at where I had pinned the pattern. The design went beautifully down in a straight line. Now please bear in mind I really don’t know what I am doing and the clever seamstresses will now be laughing I think. I found my school reports amongst Mum’s treasure this week. Needlework it read, term after term for 4 years, that’s 12 reports by the way,  ” Catherine tries hard”!

The problem is that by the time the fabric gets round the back the mountains and skiers are going sideways!

DOH!  I now have fabric and no pattern , and a pattern with no suitable fabric. I do need a pattern with side seams for this fabric. Onto the web. Not one site I looked at stated whether the pattern had side or centre seams.  I would have to go to a shop and unpack the pattern to look.

But I was all fired up, loins girded and all that. Maybe I could find some fabric to go with the pattern. So much fabric to look at on line and so much that would end up going sideways at the back. BUT eventually I found some with flamingoes going in all directions. The story will continue…

The knitting has been going well.

Now on the front section of the tank top for Master T. I began to look forward to knitting the bright coloured jumper he had asked for and for which I bought yarn last week. I got the pattern out. DOH! I had under bought the yarn. Undeterred I went to the LYS to look for more, now this was not the shop I had bought the yarn from last week, that is 25 miles away in York. And no the LYS didn’t have the same colour, but they did have lots of others and one I hadn’t used before which was lovely and bright, and of course if I couldn’t get one more ball I could always knit the yarn for someone else. So did I succumb to temptation?

OF COURSE I DID! How long did the yarn diet last….


I have started the yarn diet again and please to say it has now lasted 6 days. Did you guess right? Can I keep it up?  All thoughts on the above two dilemmas are very welcome. I do love a good natter.

Have a great weekend, and Be Happy!

Comments on: "Sew , Knit, and Natter Friday!" (42)

  1. I was going to suggest the elasticated waist too but I’ve been on holiday so am late to the party.
    ‘Inclined to chatter’ was the usual comment on my school reports. No surprises there then 😉

  2. Interesting post Cathy. In our house we have enough stock to start up a wool shop with wool and unfinished items.

  3. Sorry to hear of your sewing trial, hope you are able to get the flamingoes to work! Don’t be too upset on the yarn diet. We all need a little more “fiber” in our diets!!! LOL!!!!

  4. Sounds like you’re having all sorts of fun trying to make her a dress – I feel your pain! At first glance I thought the skiing fabric was a photo; it’s just lovely. You don’t really expect to keep to the yarn ban if you actually visit a yarn shop do you? I don’t think I’ve ever been able to ‘just browse’ or stick to just the item I’ve gone in for:)

  5. RJ, that sounds like every girls dream to have a skirt like that. I wonder if it was a 1950s pattern?

  6. You are a treasure, thank you. Do check out Fresca’s link to the Pineapple summerhouse, its incredible!

  7. I second the idea about a gathered skirt with elasticated waistband. I imagine the pattern is for a more circular skirt so if you have flamingos in all directions that should work fine.

    The multi-coloured wool will certainly make a bright colourful jumper. And as I see it you had to buy the yarn or you would have had a disappointed grandchild!

  8. P.S. Oh, wow! Looking further, how bout a field trip to see the amazing Pineapple Summerhouse at Dunmore, Scotland (1761–1776)? Have you seen it? It’s got a huge stone pineapple on top: so funny and great! It could be a Wild Adventure… 🙂

  9. I am a sloppy sewer—my clothes are only fit for toys! Good on ya, for even trying to make them for a living, moving human!

    Kind of to the side, but I googled “pineapples in Yorkshire” and found a TV episode (“Who DO You Think You Are?”–never heard of it):
    “Sophie finds out about her great grandfather who planted pineapples in Yorkshire”:

    • Good heavens pineapples in Yorkshire, I feel mortified for not knowing that. I shall check out the programme, it’s all about ow to trace family history, although proper researchers do all the hard work. Thank you for finding the link.

  10. Your yarn diets sound like my food diets–good intentions, but they never last long!

  11. Fascinating to see those pineapples ….. it always amazes me that once you start to look at things carefully, you see all sorts of repeated patterns and objects. And those sox! – now that would be a knitting challenge …..!

    • Wouldn’t it just be a knitting challenge! But so lovely. I was pleased to find pineapples there but I haven’t seen any more.

  12. Another’could try harder’ one here. My comment to Mum about ‘how much harder do they think I can go’ didn’t go down well.

    I agree with Jan in that if the material is soft enough to hang nicely ( not too stiff a cotton) a gathered skirt with elasticated waistband really would be the easiest way to go Cathy.

    I’m loving the way the tank top is turning out – self patterning wool is great isn’t it. And those tones are very soft and ‘fair isley’. You’ll really knit up a storm with the bright bright coloured stuff. Can’t wait to see that.

    • Catherie tries hard is really worse than could try harder, it implies that there is really no hope for me. As I read the reports it struck me how useless they were, no real clue on what one should be doing to achieve more. I know homework came back covered in red ink about spelling and grammar, but as to content very little information on what was lacking. I think I went through my school days with very clue about what I was supposed to be doing, and certainly very little understanding.
      I think the elasticated gathered skirt idea is a good way to go. I really appreciate that people are out there trying to help. Dressmaking is not my forte!

  13. You got me all excited that I was going to see some pics of sewing, but alas not. As for school reports I used to get ‘could try harder’ :-/

  14. The buttonholes on the sun dresses gave me angst, mostly down to scary sewing machine though and how to attach the attachment for doing them! I have evn tough if I could use the mountai fabric in another sundress, but i can’t find the pattern!

  15. Hi Cathy , yes it’s been a while since I’ve been in touch,but I’ve been reading your posts each week, just a thought on the skirt, as she is only little how about a gathered on a elastic waist band, that way you will get all the skiers in the right place and no zip!…

    Keep well
    Jan xxxx

    • Hi Jan, lovely to hear from you again. I am very tempted at the idea of no zip and simple gathers. I am going off this dress making caper big time!

  16. How about a simple gathered skirt with that fabric? No pattern needed – an oblong of fabric (or two joined at the sides if you need the width) and long thin strip for the waistband. Put the zip in first, then do running stitch to gather the top and then attach the waistband. Use that fabulous waistband stiffening for ease and to get everything straight (this sort of thing http://www.tailormouse.co.uk/store/Slotted-waistband-stiffening__p-180.aspx). My mum taught me to make skirts like this when I was quite young and they really are easy… you can even put a frill on the bottom without too much trouble.

    • Thank you very much for the idea. I shall go and have a look at the waistband stiffening. The pattern I have just uses fusible interfacing. I am so glad you didn’t tell me that I was wrong about sideways mountains, and they really wouldn’t have done what I thought they would.

      • You also could do this and run an elastic casing along the top, eliminating the need for stiffening,and allowing the skirt to fit longer. A deep hem as well that can be let down and it will be good for years.

        • I would definitely recommend an elastic waist…depending on how full she wants it, you could go with 1 1/2 or 2x her waist. Allow extra on top for the elastic casing and on the bottom for the hem. Here I would say use 3/4 inch elastic, so add and extra 1 1/4 inches on top. Turn under 3/8 inch and press, then turn under 7/8 from that fold and press again. Sew along the folded edge, but leave about two inches on one side seam to thread the elastic through. Too many instructions I bet, sorry if I’m being too specific!

  17. You found pineapples!!!! Yay!!!! I am truly happy, touched and delighted that you went looking for them in Greece – it feels like a little bit of Greek sunshine has arrived here in Dorset today. And now, I challenge you to find some in Pickering! there must be some – the Pineapples of Pickering are just waiting to be found! Maybe ‘PINEAPPLES’ could be one of our prompts for next year.
    Flamingos are very IN! (along with pineapples) Can’t wait to see the dress – I’m extremely impressed as all my attempts at dressmaking have been hopeless and trying always gives me a headache.
    Have a wonderful week full of yarny natters. ❤

    • Thanks! I don’t think we do pineapples up North, except the real ones! I’ll keep looking. I am reluctantly coming to the conclusion that making clothes from fabric is not my thing. Challenge is one thing but getting anxious and not enjoying the process is something completely different. This skirt may well be the last venture into dressmaking! Now toy making is a joy!
      I find today that I am wondering what delight of shells you are working on for tomorrow.
      Have a good weekend. x

      • The sundresses you made for the Little Miss last year were gorgeous – did they give you angst?
        I’m skipping around to hear that you are anticipating a Shelly Silly Saturday! Makes me very happy! 😀
        Still holding out for the pineapples. 😉

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