Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

So after last week’s bombshell it was find a venue and food and and and , for the wedding later this month. Mission accomplished, village hall hired, wedding put back two hours to set up hall after a children’s party, disco told, table linen hired, trip booked to France for wine ,guests all ok with change of arrangements,Β  bride happy, groom happy,Β  draft report on unreliable and unhelpful hotel written for Trip Advisor!Β  Chill.

Last weekend I went to Wales to see my brother and Mum. Mum has Alzheimer’s sadly. She indicated many years ago that she would prefer to be in a care home should she become too unwell and need 24 hour care. She loves company and apparently is always to be found in the residents lounge, chatting. Sadly although she recognises P and me she doesn’t know who we are, just that she knows us and is pleased to see us. We finished clearing her bungalow , a sad but necessary task ,and I have come home with four great big boxes of her treasures. Mr E was really pleased to see them all! We are rather bursting out of the house already, some serious de-cluttering is called for if I am to accommodate these items.

Still lovely to be a totally new part of Wales. I knew the Black mountains, the Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia, but around Llandrindod Wells the countryside is rolling hills, buzzards, red kites and sheep. So many sheep , and I thought we had a lot of sheep in Yorkshire.

Lunch stop on the way, near Welshpool.

Whilst away I found my missing wool needle, attached to the zip of my tablet cover. I got out and put away my tablet three times that weekend and it was only on the third and final occasion that I noticed the needle. Now tell me how did the needle jump from the back of a crochet heart left on a sofa onto a tablet cover left on the coffee table shelf? The house Gremlin at work after all perchance?

Still enough of that. I said I had some more pictures from Greece to show you. I do love a Folk Museum. We went to one based in an old watermill. We travelled on the mini train you may have seen amongst my Turn pictures. I need you to imagine a single track road wending its way through olive gloves, to the sound of crickets and the delicious smell of wild thyme.

The watermill. (Photo by Mr E). First we toured the watermill which had been used to mill flour, before visiting the folk museum. It was only a single room but lots to interest the fabricistas and yarnies amongst us.

Loom with wool winder above?

Little bit of crochet here.

Bag hanging on the wall, I rather liked the star/flower on this.

Vintage sewing machine, not certain what the other objects are.

I liked this bit of tapestry/carpet on a shelf, the geometric pattern could come from almost anywhere , it reminded me of some I had seen in books from South America.

After our tour here, which we were rather rushed through it was up to the waterfall,which I shared in a 30 days wild post. Altogether rather a wonderful trip.

Anyway that is quite enough natter. No sewing to share this week and only a bit of knitting.

Very slow progress, but some nice mindless knitting. Two more inches to go on the back- should be done this weekend. Meantime I was in York this week at the dentist for a check up and all is well. I had run our of black embroidery floss so dropped into Hobbycraft. I really should send Mr E for single items like this. This is what I came out with.

Whoops! The bright colour is for Master T, I think this is what he means by bright, not what is currently on the needles, don’t you?

Seriously I have to stop by yarn. The Yarn diet starts now and ends in 2018! Really it does.

But best of all I got shoes for you know what. So that is me kitted out. Now to persuade Mr E he really needs a new suit!

I hope you all have a great weekend full of favourite people and things you like to do.

Be Happy!




Comments on: "Sew, Knit and Natter Friday" (38)

  1. Nice to meet you, and it does sound like you have a busy life. I’m just up the road from you, apparently, but I am beguiled by those delicious pine smells in Greece. A long time since I was there. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Hello Jo, thanks for visiting my blog. Oh yes the smell of warm pine and thyme in greece, so evocative. Happy days. The joys of retirement- how did I find time to go to work?

  2. mrsbertimus said:

    Stunning holiday photos, looks so lovely x

  3. I had to go back and find out what went wrong with the hotel as I haven’t caught up on blog reading yet. Sounds like a bride’s worst nightmare, but great that they’ve decided that actually getting married is the most important thing, and the venue is a lesser detail. It’s so good to hear that your mother is still able to enjoy life to a degree – my father in law wasn’t so ‘lucky’, despite still knowing who we were and in the best care home money could buy. Dementia is just horrid. Greece sounds like a welcome break from everything, and the giraffe made me smile!

    • Yes it was a bit of a problem to focus our minds. Groom, bride, groom’s best friend , Groom’s brother and Groom’s brothers girlfriend all in Portugal now for a long weekend of football. Think all were looking forward to a non wedding event before the big day which is now nearly upon us. Todays task for me was a visit to the hair dresser to see how to wear my fascinator!

  4. Yes Mum was is a great socialiser. Her definition of a good time corralated to how much talking was done! And talking to the small hours was the best thing ever.
    How lovely that the museum says where things were found!
    It could well be a drop spindle, you are right, thanks.
    I can see the Italian in your Dads picture that you just shared.
    Well why not come back with a giraffe?

  5. So much to respond to!

    ” she doesn’t know who we are, just that she knows us and is pleased to see us.”
    That’s lovely that your mother can continue to really enjoy socializing–and be happy to see familiar faces, even if she can’t quite place them…

    I worked in Memory Care, and while dementia can be devastating, it’s so wonderful that some people (like your mother) can continue to genuinely enjoy others.
    Sounds like she was always sociable like that?

    Folk museums are fun! There’s a local history museum here that even in this modern time and place has labels that say things such as,
    “Spoon, found in Mrs. Petersen’s back yard, 1900”
    I love that, though sometimes you do want to know more.

    (One of those mysterious things by the sewing machine–the one that looks like a stretched-out toy top– might it be a drop spindle for spinning yarn?)

    Olive trees! The trees of my father’s people! (From Sicily, which was colonized by Greece and feels a lot like being there.)

    I love that you went for thread and came back with a giraffe. πŸ™‚

  6. Sounds a busy week! My mum has recently started getting very muddled, just waiting for formal assessment & diagnosis, worrying times as she still lives on her own :-/

  7. Well! This is mostly very good news (although I’m sorry to know your mother’s state but she does sound content and so cared for). I am very relieved about the needle–that loss weighed heavy on me!–and the news is all good about the wedding. An eventful week!

  8. So glad to hear you have been able to make new arrangements for the wedding and all are happy πŸ™‚ Also love your pics from the museums in Greece – look so interesting and inviting.

  9. {{{Hugs}}} How wonderful it is your mother is in such a caring community and kudos to you for respecting her wishes. Big blessing for it all working out for the big event. and finding that lost needle! It’s sad,joyful,irritating and stressful living life , but oh so beautiful, special and knitted with love. Thank you for sharing. cheers

    • oh those other ‘objects’ look like ole traditional wood spinning tools for roving, mortar and pestle and rolling pin? πŸ˜‰

      • I thought one looked like a rolling pin but thanks so much for identifying the others. Nothing was labelled not even in Greek.

    • Thank you for the hugs! Such a relief to have everything in place for the wedding, alhtough the occassional text still exchanged as someone checks on individual things that didn’t get forgotten.I am supposed to be doing a reading but that remains not yett chosen and the order of service needs printing! Yes life sure has ups and downs, and you just have to get on with them. By sharing I hope that sometimes I may help others if not now, in their future.

  10. You did go big in a lovely way at the craft store!!! My mom had dementia, it was hard. Your mom sounds content and well cared for, a blessing for you not to worry. The olive trees, wonder who else walked among them and what stories they could tell!

    • It was mush harder when Mum was first diagnosed getting her care at home as I had an unwell Dad near me too so couldn’t get to Wales often. Then my brother moved in with her, and the responsibility passed to him. She had always wanted him in charge so to speak as he was a man! Icouldn’t possibly sort out things, yet Dad made me his executor!
      Thos olive groves were wonderful.

  11. Wow – busy week! I am glad you will be posting on Trip Advisor, that hotel deserves it. And good fro you sorting out all the other details!

    Wales – it looks lovely!!!! Sorry about your Mum, but glad she is happy there. And four boxes isn’t THAT much. It could be so much worse. πŸ™‚

    Greece looks lovely, too, it is on my list to go. You just get to “pop over” and for us it is a major life event. Sigh. I have been to France twice, and once that included a flying trip to Austria and some Germany, and I have been once to Scotland, but there is so much more to see and it is all far away.

    Now, about that yarn. I tis very lovely. I was pleased to see you did remember the embroidery floss, though! I would get engrossed with the yarn and forget the thing I went in for. I like the idea of send in the mister for one item trips. Would he do it? Think of the money you would save. πŸ™‚

    • Mr E might just go for a single item, if he understood why! For you to come to Europe is as hard for you as for us to come to the US, Australia or New Zealand. Planning needed. We have ourover night accomodation in the hotel still, so can’t say anything yet!

      • I think my A would do it, too, if she knew it would save money! I went into the bookstore yesterday for Vogue Knitting, it was sold out, so I bought one of Amy Herzog’s books instead. 😝

        Yes, once an ocean is involved it becomes a major event! My sister lived in Paris for several years back when they first opened all the borders. She used to go to the most amazing places for the weekend!! I can go to Canada for the day but that is about it!

  12. I think you are probably right about Master T and the bright colours. So something useful there?
    Glad to hear everything is sorted for the wedding and that you found your needle. I always worry if I can’t find a needle in case it gets stuck in someone!!
    Greece looks interesting. Always like Greece.

    • I love getting away from the beaches and seeing a bit more of Greece. Would love to do a motoring tour one year! Couldn’t believe I found the needle and so lucky not to loose it in a B&B!

  13. So sorry to hear about your mother – such a cruel disease and often almost worse for the loved ones who have to witness it. It sounds as if she is content and well cared for which must be a comfort for you at least.

    • Oh yes, she is two miles from her old home, which is good as she never wanted to leave the area. The family tries to get to see her, my brother and step brother are closest.

  14. So much happening for you. Love the Greece pictures. I can almost taste real tzatziki now! What fabulous crafty finds, a little crochet here and there, lovely old sewing machine. Knitting, I am with you on this one – a little ‘mindless’ knitting for me this week too.

  15. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Greece looks lovely. I love museums like the one you found. Happy weekend πŸ™‚

  16. A lot happening at the moment Cathy. Thanks for sharing so much this week.

  17. I know silly boy. But we are nearer to 2017 Christmas, than 2016s.

  18. Gosh, I feel so relieved for you all that the wedding arrangements have been sorted out. What a stressful situation – how disappointing that the Hotel could not be more helpful.
    Wales sounds wonderful – anything Welsh brings a smile to me face. My Mum, 88 also has dementia and doesn’t know who we are, but she is happy to see us very well cared for and in no pain. I just hope it does not go on for too much longer.
    The knitting looks like a nice relaxing project.
    I’m with you on the yarn buying! I have far too much – but not brave enough for a diet …. yet!

    • I have got to stop, really I have. I must have a queue of at least a dozen projects!
      Mum is 89 now and quite hale and hearty considering. I have started to go through the boxes, so many photos, so many holidays, so many people I don’t know. And if any are still alive none who visit her now. I suupose they are too busy or too infirm. Mum is well cared for, they even have an entertainers officer! Sounds like Butlins! Mum enjoys a good sing song!
      Big relief on the wedding. Would you believe J asked me what we are doing for Christmas? he does like organising stuff!

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