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17 for 2017- June

June turned into a wonderful and very busy month, but how did the goals progress?

17 swims- lots on holiday but only counting them as 1 as it is regular swimming I want to concentrate on. Two visits to the pool in town, so that gives a total of 8. Half way through the year, so on target for this one.

16 hour long walks- 6 this month, giving me a total of 21. Goal Achieved

15 books from the heap by the bed read-One more this month- total is 12

14lbs lost- still going in the right direction

13 cards made- 1 more made, total is 9, more double-sided tape needed and then maybe there will be two more soon.

12 posts about local villages- total unchanged at three

11 days out- tempted to double count something here but I won’t, so leaving this unchanged at 6

10 new things tried- 30 days wild challenge-I really enjoyed taking part in this challenge. I had it all planned out and then we went on holiday to Greece unexpectedly, so I had some days wild there. I wrote a diary every day during the month. Sometimes all I managed was the 15 minutes outside I had promised myself I would do as a minimum. Sometimes it was dodging the showers. I can point to the big things I did like walking through a river gorge waist-high in water which was brilliant, but I think it was the 15 minutes outside and the quiet observations that were the best. Seeing Fred our blackbird with white feathers feeding his fledging on the path by the French windows, or the frogs no bigger than my thumb nail by the pond and in the greenhouse. Being part of the face book group, who knew we had so many bugs in this country, or reading how to tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy hedgehog poo! My sense of well-being has soared. Next year I will be more prepared and do more to help wild life. And who knew taking photos of wild life was so hard. Whilst in the river I had a go at building a cairn.

As I lifted the stones I could not believe tiny fishes no longer than my little finger nail or wider than a hair pin and so transparent, and then a tadpole

Ha! At least you can see him! But in a river, I thought the water had to be still for frogs, not running strongly. Such a lot to see and learn.

I came back from holiday and two days later had a day out at my first ever Family History Fair.

Here being opened by the East Yorkshire Town Crier, from Bridlington I think he said. So  that is 7 new things tried.

9 crochet/ knitting projects-achieved a while back

8 craft projects-still not one

7 Sewing projects- still at 5.

6 non fiction books read- 5 still

5 family history questions answered– still 2

4 good sort outs-3 still

3 interesting finds-1

2 picnics- 0, I have eaten outside but not purpose made picnics, buying a cheese pie from a bakers is not what I meant!

1 boat ride-0

0 craft supplies purchased unless to replace used products. We all know that this is an epic FAIL, too much yarn bought.

So some things are well on course and some things have yet to be started. July is going to be all about a certain wedding I think, but there are still 6 months to go. Plenty of time! Hope your goals are progressing well. The main thing is to have FUN!



Comments on: "17 for 2017- June" (27)

  1. Looking good! And lots of the year still to come–can you go 17 for 17??

  2. Lovely to see your progress… and if you are going to fail, buying yarn is a great way to do it!
    Once you get into the habit of going swimming, it will get easier. After a gentle start last year, I now go three times a week unless I am away, which means I’ve managed 61 swims so far this year – I’m quite astounded at myself.

  3. Admirable self control Cathy. I would love to see a white BB image

  4. I’d say it looks like you are kicking it, so keep it up!

  5. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Great progress. Interesting to hear you have a resident black and white blackbird. There is one we see just up the road from us close to a farm yard. According to our neighbours they have been seen in that same spite going back 4 -5 human generations.

    • We started with a blackbird with a single white feather on his chest, after three years we didn’t see him again. then two years later the current chap with lots of white feathers appeared. The first year he was very aggresive, fighting the other males, he certainly had one fledgling, this year his second he has calmed down a lot and ignores the other males and has reared at least one fledgling. What is nice is that he is so recognisable that we have been able to see just how a blackbird spends his days. The first one was very timid and lurked under a hedge most of the time. Wonder if there will be any offspring with white feathers?

      • Murtagh's Meadow said:

        As far as I am aware it is a genetic ‘flaw’, so chances are at least some of their offspring will carry on the trait. 🙂

  6. Wow, well done for achieving some of your goals already! Good luck for the rest of the year.

  7. I always love these lists you make. So very carpe diem!

  8. These are great to see each month…you are inspiring! And as for the epic fail, Girl #2 always says, “Go big or go home!”

    • She would be happy with me now, I failed big time yesterday in Hobbycraft, I went in for two embroidery flosses, came out with three, two little cross stitch kits, three balls of baby wool and three balls of yarn for Master T. Whoops!

  9. You have a long list of achievements. Congrats, and so busy. Envious.

  10. claire93 said:

    lots of goals achieved this month, but you know me . . . I’m still eager for the picnics and boat ride lol.

  11. I must admit I’d try to get all those swims in while the weather’s still warm although I suppose you want them to be regular and I imagine the swimming pool in town is heated.

  12. What a busy time you’ve had, and so many goals met and surpassed. Well done!

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