Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Oh My , what a week we have had here. Major catastrophe on the wedding venue. To quote the hotels website ” there has been an ingress of water in the kitchen and dining room”.

We have located an alternative venue in the village hall as the hotel doubts the problem will be fixed in time. It has meant putting the ceremony back a couple of hours so we have time to fix up the new venue for a reception after a children’s party leaves. Thank goodness for a very understanding Vicar.

As for the catering, the hotel has to decide if it can manage outside catering, or we have to find someone else.Wish us well.

The bride is just about coping with her disappointment and so far the Groom hasn’t shouted at anyone he shouldn’t.

Meantime I have joined all the lovely crochet hearts together for some heart bunting. I love it. Thanks again Wild Daffodil.

Somewhere though I have misplaced my favourite sewing up needle for yarn. I have others, but just where can it be. I left it unattended for half an hour whilst I prepared dinner, came back, and Gone, not there. Mr E denies all knowledge, and to be honest it is unlikely he is the culprit, which leaves me, or that gremlin from the computer. Nope, don’t think it was him either , which leaves me ,Ā  I don’t know !

But I have got a hat! As my son (The Groom) said all will be well we have a hat, no reception, but we have a hat!

Quick change of subject.

I needed something to do for the 30 days wild challenge in the rain we had this week.

Cute? He fitted the bill nicely. From a Cross Stitcher magazine 1993! Worth hanging onto all the stuff I do keep, you never know when you will need it.

And once started there was no stopping the rain or me, turns out cross stitch is quite calming for the nerves.

From another magazine from 1996.

A Mouseloft kit. Floral dolphins are my answer to whales killed by ingesting plastic bags. As a chap on a documentary said It Begins with the Whale, In my case a Floral Dolphin.

Some knitting,

But not much!

Hoping for better news next week! I was going to share some more photos from Greece in this post, but they will keep. Till next time.

Be Happy!


Comments on: "Sew, Knit and Natter Friday." (44)

  1. I do hope that everything works out for the wedding. Sounds like everyone is doing well with the changes so far. I also hope that your favorite needle comes out of hiding soon. Your stitchings are sweet. Love the little bird. So adorable. Your knitting looks lovely. I love all the pretty striping the yarn is doing as you knit.

  2. Oh, no!! I have no doubt that the church hall will be wonderful and the whole wedding will be more special and memorable because of all that was overcome, but who needs that added stress???? You sound like you’re quite the trouper, and handling it so well. And, by the way, I completely understand about the favorite needle–I lost my favorite thimble for a few days and was absolutely FRANTIC. I hope the needle turns up, in a way that doesn’t hurt the finder!

    • Ah the needle, still missing in action, fortunetly it is a blunt ended needle, so shouldn’t do too much damage to its finder. All the guests have now been told and volunteers to help on the day are coming forward. I may even find some shoes to wear before the big moment!

  3. I love the bee Cathy and I hope all works out well. One day you will all look back and be able to laugh about it !

    • Thanks I do hope we will be laughng, it seems to be coming together well at the moment. I think I know who might end up having the bee!

  4. LOVE the cross stitch. I can’t do it anymore but I think what you have done is delightful. The knitting is full of wonderful colors. I would wear that in a heartbeat. Stress before the wedding will show the couple how they will handle life’s stresses after. It’s looking promising for them. šŸ™‚ No matter how it ends, they will be married and share their lives. It will give them something to talk about in later years. And hopefully laugh about.

  5. I can’t imagine being calm about this situation. Good thoughts headed your way. Love the fabric on that sweater, so sweet.

  6. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Sorry to hear about hiccup with hotel. Hope all goes well. Love the bee and blue tit

  7. Oh my goodness! Well I am sure the new venue will bring about happy memories and togetherness. I am glad the bride and groom are taking it well. Loving the bluetit cross stitch. X

  8. So sorry to hear about your wedding problems but sounds like you are coping very well. Looking forward to seeing your hat! And that needle. Have you tried the floor?

    • I looked on the floor and had the sofa cushions off at least three times. I left it in the back of a heart, and certainly I have no heart with a needle in it now, so either I lost a heart or the needle. Big mystery! Yes we will cope, it seems there a few food producing people with that weekend free, thank goodness! Up date next week.

  9. Hearts and a hat—you’re all set!

    The hotel sounds like Fawlty Towers!

    I LOVE the bee too–what kind of bird is the pretty bird?

    Floral dolphins—yes, in this crazy world, little bits of beauty keep us going.

    • It’s a Blue Tit, should have said. Yes hearts and hat, what more is needed? The hotel is a bit like fawlty Towers, bossy landlady and mine host is a bit scatty!. It will be a wedding with a diffrence!

  10. So glad the family is pulling together…while it is awful at the moment (with light at the end of the tunnel), it is quite possible once it is over, the memories and moments from this craziness will be declared the “thing” that made this such a wonderful day. I can just hear the couple telling each other in a few years during a rough spot…well we survived the wedding reception fiasco, we can get through this too!

    • Yes it will be a good reminder for them. My son is getting happpier and more enthusiastic by the hour. He’s now arranged a quick trip to France for some wine and has found some large games for the village green, one called Aunt Sally!

  11. Oh dear!!! So sorry about thehitel! But isn’t a village hall a better place for a village fair? I do hope the catering works oit well, though. And that hat? Photo please!

  12. claire93 said:

    always a good idea to keep old magazines and their freebie kits.

    • I did the freebie kits years ago! But hung onto ones I thought I would do projects from. I never have…

      • claire93 said:

        I’ve got several ring binders full of magazine charts. I tear out the pages of charts I think I’d like to stitch one day. Much easier to flick through my ring binders than through a huge pile of magazines.

  13. Sounds like a case of keep calm and craft on. Great to see your cross stitch again – not seen any for a while. Love the knitting. Sending calm vibes your way xx

    • Thank you, I think we need them, son currently getting carried and filling the playing field with entertainments. He has found an Aunt Sally!

  14. I’m with Jan, more than a little amazed that the hotel says ‘flooded, sorry,’ and you are on your own. Surely they should be turning themselves inside out to ensure a wedding day is not ruined? Else very bad publicity for them…….. Still you have the hat! Onwards and upwards! I hope everything goes more than smoothly from this point on and the day is even better than ever expected!

    • They are very laid back about everything and most unwilling to begin with to actually come out and say they can’t cope. Turns out that although they have done wedding parties the largest was 15 and there are 80 of us. Just totally out of their depth. They were a bad choice to begin with I feel. Still we shall have a wedding and there will be a reception, and one I think will be remembered by the guests for years, lets hope for the right reason. And I have got a hat!

  15. I do feel for you all with the cancellation of the wedding venue – how disappointing! And what a worry at this late stage ….. but I am sure that with small loving touches like your crochet heart bunting it will look fabulous there …… every finger crossed that you get the catering sorted ok,- and have a fabulously happy event!

    • Thank you so much. I did suggest an Indian Take Away, but apparently that was not a good idea. Mr J is all for a fish and chip van and a bouncy castle!

  16. What a pain! I hope everything comes right in the end and, as you say, you have ‘the hat’ so that’s the most important thing. Well, that and the bunting šŸ˜‰
    I love your little cross stitch creatures – my favourite is the bee, or is it the bird? Can’t decide. Personally, I can’t imagine cross stitch being relaxing with all those teensy tiny squares and crosses but millions of people can’t be wrong and if it works for you in your time of stress then that’s all that matters.

    • Tis a bee Mrs T. I think it was the take your mind off something which helped as opposed to plain knitting and thinking time. Now all I need is the SHOES!

  17. It sounds like your family has such a brilliant sense of humour which will get you all through it beautifully i’m sure – you have my complete sympathy – what a thing to happen! BUT – you have the hat! Phew!
    So happy to see the bunting and the Village Hall will fit right into your ‘Village Fete’ theme. Hope you have a local celebrity to cut the ribbon and declare the event Open!
    Our thoughts are with you Cathy.

    • We could ask the vicar to do that. She was coming to the reception and her duaghter had a Saturday job at the hotel so she was marvellous about the two hour change and probably not surprised. In some ways we might well have chosen the village hall first if J and M hadn’t had Sunday lunch in the hotel first, they are very well set up, and there is a marque roof you put up internally . It will certainly make it memorable for everyone.

  18. What drama, how stressful for you all. I do hope it all comes together ok, and at such short notice! I too would love to see the hat!

    • I know, streesful anyway without major reorganisation, but in some ways Mr J is in his element, he loves being busy and having loads to organise. I am doing just what I am told and keeping helpful advice to myself, cos it just confuses.

  19. Oh dear! Stress that no one needs the week/days before a wedding! I bet the day will go wonderfully and the event will be fantastic as these things go – everyone will pull together and make a fabulous day.

    • I actually think we will have a better time in the new venue, there is a playing field and playground next to the Hall so children and parents can chill more. And needing everyone to muck in setting it up will be a most unusual experience definetly memorable.

  20. We need to see the hat!
    What a nightmare about the wedding – they are stressful enough without venue disasters. I hope that the hotel is bending over backwards to help – they must be insured for such disasters and some serious compensation is in order for ruining someone’s wedding plans.
    Here, it’s like November and I’ve got my winter woollies out. I had put my latest charity blanket project aside during the hot weather and started knitting a pair of socks, but I need the warmth again, so the blanket is back out and keeping me snug as I work on it. Ah well, at least I don’t need to water the garden!

    • The venue has been a bit of a pain, We tried to rescue it through them, having the drinks reception with nibbles, in their rather lovely hall, bar, small rooms and courtyard garden as before with them doing outside catering at the village hall. They knocked a princely sum of Ā£1500 off the total! Now we are waitng for a quote for drinks reception only, thus giving outside caterers chance to get going. The truth is they failed completely to keep on top of their builders. Last night we realised the bunting situation had been thrown out too. Originally to go in the courtyard area, now needed in a large village hall. They are buying in extra. I am rather proud of the way Mr J and Ms M have risen to the occassion, and realised that the marriage is the important bit not what we do afterwards at the reception. My role is chief listener, and cheerer on. We will need all the family to set up, in an hour and a half, we will do it.
      Hopefullly someone will take a picture of me in hat and I will share.
      It has got down right chilly here too. Rushing around trying to get ready for my departure to Wales to see Mum and my brother is keeping me warm. he has moved to Llandridnod Wells, so am rather looking forward to seeing a new part of the principality.

      • Sounds like the hotel are not behaving at all professionally. I would have thought paying compensation to the bride and groom would be more appropriate than knocking a bit off the bill. I am not a big fan of weddings and I’m certain that many hotels just see them as a way to make money and charge over the odds. Anyway, it sounds like the family is pulling together and I’m sure the day will be more special for it.

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