Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

It was rather nice taking the 30 days wild challenge to Greece with us as it meant  that we really did look about us and notice different things from the usual ancient ruins ( I don’t mean me and Mr E either) and beaches.

Just what is this ant about? (Photo by Mr E.)

The spiders on this walk were huge and all lurking in their webs awaiting dinner I assume. ( Mr E’s)

Cricket ( possibly my best picture of the challenge)

Another lizard.

Poppies- Warning you may need a lie down after the next picture.

Me returning from a wonderful walk through a river gorge ( this and the following two pics are by Mr E)


That was the best fun of all. I loved it. Bit chilly but simply wonderful.

Here is where I was most content and relaxed, the apartment gardens, two very happy afternoons spent here, just chilling and reading.

And you can’t write a post about Greece without a feral cat. This one guarding his boat and the nets.

A lovely holiday, I do hope you enjoyed the Greek wildness and weren’t too disturbed by one picture in particular!





Comments on: "More Wildness from Greece" (36)

  1. Beautiful photos. Well, except for the bugs. Eeek. They were great pictures, I just don’t like creepy, crawly things 😉 The Gardens looks like the perfect place to be. To relax, knit, crochet, read or just be with nature. Lovely. That is where I would have been, too.

    • The garden was truly lovely, pretty and peaceful. I loved spending time there. The lizards move so fast they had no time to be scary, but those spiders were not nice.

  2. Those gorge shots are delightful!

  3. Beautiful pictures, all of them 🙂
    Add me to the list of people who thought Greece was only dry and dusty, you’ve changed that opinion!

    • Thank you. Greece is so much more than dry dusty tourist beaches, you need a car and just be open to new places off the main tourist beat

  4. An interesting collection of images Cathy. The sleeping cat is a classic. You wouldn’t want to be splashing in that gorge in a storm.

    • Thanks Denis. It would be very scary in the gorge in a storm. You can swim in places but I stopped before I got that far, halting at the wading waist deep level.

  5. WoW! That river gorge walk is gorgeous!

  6. Wow–that cricket photo really is superb–those shadows! The whole excursion looks fab–so relaxing and beautiful and interesting!

  7. Thanks for sharing this glimpse of your wild Greek get-away. How brave of you to traverse the chilly gorge. Enticing pics by Mr.E. ~cheers

  8. ALL the pictures were wonderful, totally changed my perception of Greece. I always thought of it as dry and dusty for some reason!

  9. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Looks wonderful. I’d have been in that water too!

  10. I want to walk in that gorge—you look like a perfect water nymph from Greek mythology.

    I looked up “ant dragging another ant” and found this delightful note from an entomologist—not sure it answers your question, but he wrote in such a funny way, I thought you might enjoy reading it
    (from here: quora.com/What-do-ants-do-with-their-injured-nestmates)

    “How do ants treat an injured sister? [If it’s a worker or soldier, it will be a female.] If she can still move, let her be.
    But what if she is stuck somewhere? Scientists have found that ants will not only carry injured brethren back to the nest, but also they will even attempt rescues of ants that are, say, half buried in the sand or tied up in a nylon snare. This happens because a frightened ant will emit alarm pheromones, chemicals that alert any sisters that there is danger in the area, come quick and investigate!
    So if you, say, buried an ant half underground [for science!], she would signal chemically for nearby sisters to rescue her, and they inevitably would!
    Leave no ant behind!

    “Ants are pretty clever to rescue each other, but don’t think that makes them nice.
    I said sisters… but what if the injured ant was instead noticed by ants from another colony, even from the same species? She wouldn’t be rescued, or even ignored. She would be threatened, and most likely attacked. The other ants would finish the job, ripping her apart or spraying her with acid, or both, in any order. No honor at all. Shameful display! “

    • Thank you for this research , how fascinating that they will help their sisters but attack other ants. So much for ant solidarity! You would adore the gorge and yes there was something of the ancient about it, you could easily imagine a mythological creature appearing.

  11. Wow what a beautiful place – that gorge is stunning!

    I hope you don’t mind Cathy, but I have nominated you for a blue Sky Tag on the blog. It’s just a bit of fun and no pressure if you don’t want to take part x


  12. I just scrolled past the bugs!!! Love that gorge!!!

  13. Great to see all your lovely photographs. You obviously were having a great time and especially liked your wildlife photographs.

  14. Far more disturbed by the spiders, to be honest!

  15. I think it is lovely seeing you out and about in the wilderness of Greece! That gorge looks particularly enticing to me as does that lovely garden………

  16. Gorgeous in the gorge!

  17. Not disturbed at all – a very shapely pair of pins on show 😉
    I imagine the gardens were a lovely place to relax and read for as long as you wanted to – something I usually feel guilty about at home but it’s a different matter on holiday.

    • Well thank you! The gardens were a delight, the view lovely, so quiet , well apart from the crickets. I may even have dozed off.

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