Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

It’s not always possible to get out and about in the wild, sometimes it pays to just stay home. I have spent ages watching the birds go backwards and forwards gathering food, cleaning themselves and basically just doing what birds do. The wood pigeons have only just decided to start nest-building. And the swallows, are there more this year, or do I just notice more?

And bees. So many different bees. A bee was just a bee to me.

One sort of bee.

And another sort of bee, actually there were three different bees on the mock orange. But one flew away without his selfie! Said this wildlife photography was difficult. Nature just doesn’t cooperate.

At least this bee in the honeysuckle stayed put. And then of course it RAINS. We need rain, what can you do ,but wait for it to stop and take rain drop pictures. On the Lupin.

On the peony, my best effort. Shortly after this, I did some weeding. Now I have noticed that bees prefer the wildflowers to the garden flowers, says a lot about garden flowers, “Which do you prefer Mrs Bee, vetch or lupin?” “Vetch please”.  Sorry Mr E! ( For those who don’t know Mr E favours a city park look with dahlias in neat rows!)

Anyway I was weeding, goose grass. yes it brought me out in a rash, and the garden nemesis bindweed. I disturbed a frog who liked the overgrown wilderness, thank you very much. Don’t know who jumped further me or the frog.

I am beginning to think I won’t survive this challenge, but at least the sun is out again! In case you are wondering about the heat wave and why no mention, I am in catch up mode on blogging about 30 days wild, too busy getting out there in the world!

Comments on: "Going Wild in the garden" (29)

  1. Sorry to hear nature’s still fighting back. At least the bees didn’t sting you. Doesn’t sound as if I’d last long with your MR E. I’ve done so little weeding, you could probably do your entire 30 day wild in my garden!

  2. Always good to see bees thriving! I must try to get some photos of the gorgeous violet carpenter bees we have loads of here – especially now I’ve found out they aren’t aggressive and rarely sting.

  3. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Loving all those bee photos!!

  4. I wish we had frogs! Instead we have snakes, garters thankfully, but the neighbor found a baby rattlesnake in his yard in May😳. There was quite a conference with the men of the area to see about destruction, etc. As his yard has developed holes (potential dens) They finally agreed to pour gas into the holes followed by a lit match. Don’t know that they got any BBQ snake out of it, but no sightings since. I prefer your bees, birds and frogs!!!!

  5. Rain! You had rain! Haven’t had any here for days (reminder to self – water garden). Bees are tricky to photograph so you’ve done well. Sounds like a lovely garden.

  6. Lovely photos in your garden.The frog hopping incident reminds me of when I first moved into my house. I was tidying the back yard which was full of overgrown flower beds and random ornaments ( probably much more of a wildlife oasis than it is now, actually!) and I remove one stone frog, then bent down to remove another.It hopped out of my hand and I screamed out loud. Said ornament was alive!

  7. claire93 said:

    such a lovely post, Cathy, with gorgeous wildlife photos ^^
    My husband could tell you all about the bees. He’s really into insect-life and plants wild flowers to attract all the poolinating insects. He also plays in the Stream, building small dams, so the dragonflies are encouraged to come and lay their eggs.

  8. You got some great shots of bees! And raindrops – lovely!! ❤

  9. Our bees are currently favouring the raspberry flowers – the fruit cage is literally buzzing!

  10. Some lovely macro images Cathy. You are lucky to have bees, they are rare around our suburbs. I can recommend a new pup for a touch of wild in the garden.

  11. Your garden looks beautiful to me! I too struggle with wild flowers (weeds!) and conventional garden plants – always a bit of a compromise there. Just so long as you’re getting the bees and butterflies, you’re doing it alright!

  12. I love your Wild Tales Cathy – I laughed out loud at the image of you and the frog in a jumping competition. Now Goose Grass makes a nice tea that is very good for you – I forget why now – I think it is something to do with the circulation.

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