Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Let’s chat. I haven’t started my next sewing project yet. I am working up courage to make the skirt for Little Miss F, I may have mentioned it several times already. It has a zip. I haven’t sewed a zip for many years since I was at school, and then I only did one. I am scaring myself!

But I have completed the 4ply cardigan with shawl collar for the new baby. I am rather pleased with how this looks, considering the fuss I was making last week.

I just need some nice buttons to finish it off.

And onto the needles next is a tank top for Master T. The yarn looked brighter on the website when the gremlin ordered it. I think he may have slipped, I don’t think it meets the brief Master T gave me for something with lots of bright colours. Ah well, maybe I will choose the next yarn from a real life shop all by myself.

The pile of hearts for the bunting is growing nicely and I think I have sussed out how I will join them. Hope to be able to show them next week.

Have a great weekend,

Be happy.





Comments on: "Sew, knit and natter Friday" (36)

  1. The cardi is so sweet, it will be cherished. Master T will probably love the top, so knit on!

  2. What a lovely little cardigan! Looking forward to seeing the hearts ♥️

  3. Lovely cardigan. I knitted one once with a roll colour and I really liked the look. Sympathise about the Yarn colour. I too find it very hard when buying on-line. I remember my blue yarn that looked more like grey to me when it came.

  4. The baby cardigan is BEAUTIFUL!!! I hate to order things online because they don’t show the colors quite right and often the texture as well. As for the zipper, they scare me too but I found U-tube videos that can walk you through anything. Some I’ve watched repeatedly as I follow along the process. Like joining the ends of binding on a quilt. No matter how often I do them, it’s not often enough to memorize it so I bookmark the video for next time. I felt quite thick in the head until I saw experience quilters having the same dilemma. Now they bookmark that link as well. I’m with Kate on how to get over the fear. Love the colors in the yarn but will the little one feel the same way?

    • Thanks for the compliment on the cardigan. I agree about the colurs, not bright as per my brief from T! I am somewhat reassured by everyone’s advice, watch tuorials, do some practice, and get on with it!

  5. Don’t be scared of the zip! Trust me, if I can do it so can you. I can barely sew straight with a machine!

  6. Cute cardigan. I haven’t ever put a zip in a knitting project but I am ok with sewing zips in fabric. Use a zipper foot, tack the zip in first, give it a go! Practice makes perfect.

    • Thanks, it will be in fabric for a skirt, I have had the fabric since September I think, if I don’t do it soon it will be too late!

      • I have fabric and projects galore – projects waiting to be done! Alongside yarn and patterns to be knitted, that is. Eventually you get round to making something, even if it isn’t the original plan!

  7. So what happens in your spare time Cathy?

  8. claire93 said:

    I was going to say the same as Kate re the zip. Try making yourself a small zipper pouch or something first, with a smallish piece of fabric. If you’ve got a special zipper foot, then check out on youtube how to use that too. You’ll find it’s not as difficult as you think.

  9. Oh, that sweet baby cardi, with the shawl collar–it’s adorable! I have zipper phobia, too . . .

  10. That cardigan turned out perfect!

  11. Gorgeous cardigan! From this I think you need to extrapolate a lesson. You made fuss about the cardigan and it turned out brilliantly. Now you’re making a fuss about a zip, ergo it will come out brilliantly. (And if it doesn’t you unpick it and try again.)

    • As I wrote this post I had an awful feeling someone would notice my tendency to tizwaz a bit unnecessarily. In the case of zips and scary new sewing machine which is now nearly 5 years old, there is slightly more cause! I shall watch some tutorials. Thanks for your wise words.

      • I’m actually trained in tizwaz spotting. Seriously. On more than one occasion I’ve coached writers who have been blocked by tiswazing or worried about their procrastination due to tizwazing every time they got a commission. All. if I remember correctly, decided to accept tizwazing as part of their process and recognised that they then went on to do great work. This recognition, relieved their worry about tizwazing, reduced their panic time, decreased stress and meant that allowing themselves a guilt free tizwas actually increased their productivity. So you tiswaz away!

  12. Last night I made the effort to go along to a real equivalent of this at my favourite local yarn shop… it’s known as Knit Night, although I took some crochet! Being the ‘new girl’ does feel a bit odd, and I completely failed to remember anybody’s name, but I will return. It was quite lacking in baked goods, so I think this is something I will need to rectify in the future.
    Anyway, I love that little shawl-collar cardigan… I’d quite like a big version for me! And as for zips – they are not too difficult in things like skirts… I’m sure you’ll be fine.

    • Thanks Dr Snail. I am so glad your Knit Night was good. I think I may have found a knit morning to try when life is a little less busy round here. I can see some of your cookies going down a real storm!

  13. I’m not a zip fan either. I prefer invisible zips as they are easy peasy but I usually watch a tutorial online before doing any sort of zip just to remind myself. Perhaps next year you can put zips in your 18 for 2018 challenge 😉

    • I have an awful feeling I will turn out to be a two zip only person. I shall have to look at some tutorials I think, especially if I can find ones specifically for my sewing machine.

  14. The thought of zips always put me off making clothes in the past but once you’ve done a few you’ll wonder what was worrying you! There are lots of tutorials online – I always find it more helpful to watch someone doing something rather than reading it in a pattern/book. Good luck!

  15. Shirley said:

    The cardigan looks lovely. Well done with the borders

  16. The only way you’ll be able to stop frightening yourself with zip is to practice! Get some scrap fabric and an old zip and sew it in. Rip it out and repeat several times till you’re bored and fed up with it. Much better than scaring yourself with a bogeyzip!

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