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Sew Knit and Natter!

Love to natter? This is a  time to settle down for some chat about our latest projects! Draw up a chair and join in the chat.

Hurrah I have finished the bunting for my son J’s wedding to the lovely Ms M.

Here they are, picture taken at Easter. The theme of the wedding is Village Fair. Hopefully the bunting fits the bill. I decided to have a go at making some crochet hearts for another bit of bunting. This is inspired by The Snail of Happiness

The one on the left is wrong, the middle one less wrong, the one at the end is right. Guess some frogging is in order now. I am reminded of a certain spider at this point, if you get my meaning.

And so to knitting,

190 stitches now on the needle for a shawl collar. The one bit about knitting I really don’t like is the bit that says pick up x number of stitches from a ridiculously small piece of knitting. I am never 100% happy with my finished result. Does anyone have any hints or tips?

The weather in these parts this week is dismal to say the least, lots of time for knitting , so not all bad.

And if the UK election didn’t go how you hoped, cheer up, we at least get to vote again in 5 years or most likely six months!Hurrah for democracy.

So over to you, what is on your mind, how your projects are going?



Comments on: "Sew Knit and Natter!" (25)

  1. Beautiful bunting! 😊

  2. I hate picking up stitches and am so bad at it. But recently I have brought in a bit of maths. And so if I have to pick up 16 stitches from 20 rows I say that that’s 4 out of every 5 and then pick up a stitch a row for four rows then miss one. Bunting looks great!

    • Simple but an exceedingly good solution. I shall just have to pay more attention to working things out, and not just hoping for luck. I find it hardest when it is 40 stitches from 35 rows, ie more from less.

  3. Your bunting is brilliant and I think it will fit the theme perfectly! As for me, I’ve put the first stitches in my RSN silk shading piece – scary!

  4. Your bunting turned out lovely, and the hearts will be sweet as well. I have been thinking of making something similar, only knitted, to to string into bunting: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/little-hearts-15

  5. Love your bunting, Cathy! I just don’t do politics anymore…it seems that no matter who is in office, or which party is in control, the bankers are the ones really calling the shots, and not for anyone’s benefit except themselves! On the project front, I frogged the shawl AGAIN, but finally found and fixed the mistake, so I think we are on the home stretch. I put aside the coat to get a start on the dress, fearing I might not have it done if I ran into problems, but things are good on that front. Will continue with the finishing on the coat in between, a button here, a lining hem there, etc.

  6. There has been so much political CRAP uh I mean news over here that I haven’t heard the results of your election. I’ll have to go check that.

    SO how do you get to have another election in 6 months? I would like that…

    • Well life becomes untenable for the government and there is a vote of no confidence! We shouldn’t have had an election for another three years. Our PM thought she was going to get a landslide victory yet the opposition agreed to an election becuase they thought they could do well, but Theresa May ended up loosing seats and now is forming a minority governemnt.

      • Hmmmm, interesting. So the conservatives can’t hold things together as well as they thought? We can’t call for elections like you can (sadly) We won’t get a chance at that result until November of next year. And then it is not for recalling the president, but the whole House of Representatives and one third of the Senate. I anticipate an awful election cycle with tons of name calling and mud slinging.

  7. The buntings, both, will be perfect! You make a lot of progress, week to week! I finished a quilt top this week (yay!) and spent a great deal of time obsessed with our US political scene.

    • Thanks Kerry. I am trying not to obsess with our election now! Well done on completing the quilt top, I have a hexie one that needs urgent attention too. Have a great weekend.

  8. Picking up stitches is always tricky 😦 I like your village fair bunting – it should fit the bill perfectly. I’m sure the hearts will be perfect by the time you get to string them together.
    I’m on the second section of my crochet along which includes ‘puff stitches’ There has been some cursing but I’m getting there I think.
    Yes, hoorah for democracy and I think after Brexit and Trump I have given up being surprised by anything.

    • Sometimes I love how B****Y difficult the British public can be! Puff stsitches are great fun, I think you are going to do great, and I look forward to seeing how you are getting on.

  9. Shirley said:

    I hate having to pick up stitches for the button bands etc. These days I mark the spaces and divide up those spaces so I know I need to pick up 8 or so stitches to keep things even but it’s still tricky. Love your bunting. Will be great for the wedding. Best wishes 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing this tip. Now I think about it I vaguely remember my Mum saying she put safety pins along where she had to pick up stitches to ensure an even distribution. I shall give it a whirl next time.

    • What an excellent tip, I’m going to try that next time!

  10. Thank you for the link. The hearts do take a bit of working out but are quite easy once you get the hang of them.
    I’m still trying to shift some of my wool stash and turn it into blankets for charity. The current one is in 4-ply, so is taking some time, and also quite a lot of the wool in it was given to me by Wild Daffodil, so it’s using her stash up quicker than mine!
    The sun is out here this morning, which is nice considering we’ve had more than 2 inches of rain already this month. I wait to see whether the French beans will recover from the battering they took in the wind.

    • Thank you Jan! It is wonderful to know that yarn is being revitalised.

    • You are very welcome for the link. Next step will be working out how to join them for bunting. Can you use two strands of the 4ply? I hope your french beans have survived. It has been quite a deluge, but much needed as the ground was so dry. Have a great weekend.

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