Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

The Beck Isle Museum in Pickering celebrated its 50th birthday last week, and for one day there was free admission. My Dad was involved in the museum for many years, indeed, as a child, I was persuaded to loan some dolls furniture which my Gran had left me. It’s still there all these years later.

It’s the first time I have visited minus children or husband in tow and it was rather wonderful to have time to look at my leisure.

Now the knitting needles are very easy, but any idea about the gadget to the right hand side? It is a knitting sheath, carved by a chap for the love of his life, to hold the knitting needles so that wool could be manipulated with greater ease and speed. Anyone ever tried using one?

Here we have a wool winder, and on the right a stand for threads.

Now I love this toy sewing machine which looks as if it might work, and oh by the way that chair to the right is part of the dolls furniture I mentioned before.

As it was the 50th birthday all things 1960s was being celebrated, included this pink crochet dress.

Quite a snazzy little number!

Sew, what have I been up to?

This is beginning to look a little like Bunting.

And this a little like a baby cardigan, on with the first sleeve now.

Lots to keep me out of mischief, but I am always up for some should it come my way! Please join in for a natter  and tell us what you are up too. Did you guess what those museum bits and bobs were?

Here comes the sheep picture, you didn’t think I hadn’t got one. I think it looks like one of Bekki’s, don’t you?

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  1. I love museums, especially the local ones, so interesting. Your projects are moving right along. 😄 I frogged mu sweater sleeve AGAIN 🙄, but now it looks much better, and I figured how to do the slashed sleeve thing too, so it was worth it. Also started the birthday shawl for the MIL, which has to go fast, have to mail it in a week!

    • Gosh that is some deadline on the shawl, I know how you will be spending the weekend! My favourite museums are the local ones, and if they are called Folk Museums, I know I am in for a treat!

      • Absolutely! Those are the best. The shawl is a pretty easy pattern, I’m on row 82 of 140, getting to the longer rows now, but it is still clipping along.😊

  2. Tialys- that knitting aid looks amazing, but does it work I wonder? Maybe they would send you one for a review?

  3. Love the tour thank you,and adore the wedding bunting. Oh I hate when that happens (run out of thread). Bekki’s fresh cut darling seams to be thinking, “who, ewe again?!”
    LOL,Happy Friday~cheers

    • Thanks for the praise of the bunting. I am going for more tomorrow. I tried some other thread I had today and it won’t do at all. Oh well! That’s life!

  4. Experienced no, just a bit gungho!

  5. The cardigan looks so dainty! and seeing the toy sewing machine reminds me that I had one (a bit more up to date) it did a sort of chain stitch but never worked very well if I remember.

    • I always forget how tiny the newborn knit wear is. I love using the 4 ply and am seriously thinking of trying 3ply which would be a first for me. The toy machine was so sweet. I nvevr had one, it must have been frustrating to have one which didn’t work very well.

      • My mum used to knit in 3 ply and I think 2 ply too. They did in those days. Good Luck! I’ve never tried myself not sure I am a good enough knitter but you are obviously very experienced..

  6. Fascinating museum and how lovely that they have some of the dolls house furniture you inherited. I have one of those wooden Swift thingies although I don’t often buy skeins of wool so it’s clamped to one of my bookshelves as a bit of décor. Funnily enough I was researching knitting aids recently as my Mum has rheumatoid arthritis and is finding it hard to knit these days. I did find a gizmo – probably along the same lines as the wooden one in the museum – which had a large bead in each end through which you threaded your needle and it supposedly takes the strain of manipulating the needles and also rests on your lap. I would have bought it for her if it had been just a bit cheaper and/or I could have found any reviews that I trusted.
    I have several projects on the go – both fabric and yarn – and am waiting for the second section of the CAL I’m doing to be released so I can do battle with the puff stitch.

    • I can’t understand why if those sheaths were so good, they aren’t in use anymore.I was at a talk a fortnight or so ago, before I went to the museum ,from a chap who collects all and every kind of humble forgotten tools, he said they were especially useful as a third hand when knitting socks. It would be good to find out about your gizmo, and some reviews, I think if they worked they would be very popular. Oh my good luck with puff stitch. I think I have done them in the CAL I did when we went through a whole book of squares.

      • Well, it looks much more basic than the one in the museum but it’s meant to help people with limited mobility as the chap who invented it did it for his Grandmother who was (is?) severely affected by arthritis. Here’s the link .https://www.knittingaid.com/ What do you think? I found it hard to find reviews even in knitting forums.

  7. Look at what a fun week you have had! I love that museum – and I have no idea what all those parts are for, lol. Glad you got to visit with your doll furniture. 🙂

    The bunting is going to look so AMAZING! and the sweater adorable. Nice to knit mini things, they go so fast. 🙂

    I have just been plugging away at my spinning, hoping to finish this project up in the next few days.

    • I love seeing your spinning,hope you get lots done this weekend. Hoping to do some more sewing this afternoon. I was rather apprenhensive about doing the bunting and am begining to feel it is achievable now.

      • Thanks, I hope I get lots done as well! I can see how a bunting for a wedding would seem overwhelming, but you are doing a great job with it! It is going to be so pretty. 🙂

  8. I love seeing old tools in museums, especially if they are tools for making textiles! And that’s pretty neat, that your dollhouse furniture is included. In my free time, I am sewing blocks together for quilt top–seems endless!

    • Old tools are fascinating. In this museum there is a blacksmiths section and the tools came from a nearby village forge. As it happens the same forge my Gt Gt Grandfaher had, I often wonder if he used some of the tools on show. Your quilt top will be lovely. These things do just take time. Good luck and have a great weekend.

  9. The museum looks lovely! Baby cardigans look so adorable in white too. ❤

  10. claire93 said:

    oooh thanks for that bit of museum news!
    I knit with the end of my needle either lodged in my jeans waistband, or resting in my groin area (lol) and my Mum always said I was cack-handed. After googling, I see I instinctively adopted a knitting sheath position for knitting!

  11. That bunting is coming along beautifully. I managed to do 4 hearts whilst my 3 liveliest grandchildren (and I) scampered around Kingston Lacy on Tuesday, such a nice portable project to do on the move.
    Still obsessed with making little pineapples tho.

    • I am making it a mission to find pineapples now, no luck so far, my eye can’t be tuned in. What are you going to do with the woolly versions. I hope to have a go at a crochet heart this weekend. Currently I am in danger of trying to do too many things at once. It would be good to complete one of the bunting runs, but I ran out of thread, hoping I can get away with a darker one, otherwise that is a ten mile trip out and back again. How on earth did you supervise three little ones and crochet? Mega impresed.

  12. Love the museum posts – really interesting to see a little history, esp if it’s so special to someone still with us. Very special! Love the crafting progress too. Thanks for sharing

    • So glad you enjoyed the post. There are some wonderful artifacts in museum if you have the time and space to look carefully.

      • I remember the last time I went to a museum, (sadly this one now defunct). I saw a tea set my parents used to own!

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