Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

I am ready for 30 days of random wildness, described thus-

What is a Random Act of Wildness?

A Random Act of Wildness is about making time to connect with nature around you, or doing something small yourself to help nature. Random Acts of Wildness are all about experiencing, learning about and helping your local wildlife. They can be simple, small, fun and exciting too. You can use our ideas as inspiration or get creative and make up your own. More details from Here

Anything from volunteering at a nature reserve to making a daisy chain. Simples.

I practised last week on the beach at Scarborough. There was paddling, rock pooling with a random Dad and his son, The Dad and I had a really good time and found a fish, a crab and lots of shells, which I got to keep because the Dad said his son would just chuck them away. Mr E pretended he wasn’t with me. There was fish and chip noshing and coffee drinking both in the sunshine and some Seagull watching.

My 30 days wild pack with seeds has not arrived so I have planted some others. I shall await the patch of ground with interest.

I have a few ideas of what I can do. I have been to the library and got myself a nice book of pictures and bought a book of local walks.

I am raring to go Wild. Unlike this chap who just wants chips.

Still open to some wild suggestions…


Comments on: "Ready, Steady, Go Wild!" (25)

  1. Mr E mixed up an interesting concoction for the ant bite involving bicarb of soda, I was impressed cos it worked, but then he spoilt it using the leftover mixture on tea stains in some mugs. I am not sure I like the way this is going Mrs Daffodil, a bit more sympathy might be in order. And how did you know I had been going through hedges?

  2. Look forward to hearing more about your wild days. Although just the thought of Fish and chips on the beach is exciting for me too πŸ™‚

    • They were very good fish and chips too. I am now just hoping not to injure myself too much in this venture. Already have been biten by a red ant and needed two plasters, and scratched by a hedge yesterday afternoon.

  3. Indeed! Trying to keep out of danger for the rest of the day!

  4. Meanie, to say nothing of the two plasters I acquired last week in Scarborough along with a blob of black on my foot, which I guess is tar.

  5. I can sense how excited you are about this! It’ll be fun to come along for the ride!

  6. Thanks Kate for the links, I shall try them.

  7. Anticipating finding out about your wild 30 days!…

  8. Can you pick yourself some Wild food and go Wild in the kitchen?

  9. Sounds as if you have made a good start. I smiled when I thought of Mr E.

    • Thanks, yes he stood several yards away and looked out to sea.Certainly not with mad woman and random man in a rock pool.

  10. Mine has only just arrived
    I did the first one without sending off for one, very last minute. You sound like you are pretty organized.x

    • It may turn up before the end of June, I am a bit johnny come lately in getting on board. Looking forward to seeing what everyone gets up too. Have fun!

  11. Looking forward to hearing about your wild 30 days!

    • i am really looking forward to things, but feeling sad now cos i just rescued a drowned baby bird from the bird bath.

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