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Books- May 2017

None of my books this month have come from the heap by the bed. I have had some good reads too, and many thanks to all who recommended the works of Nikki French and Deborah Crombie, they are as good as you said.

M C Beaton-Death of a Policeman– having enjoyed the Hamish Macbeth TV programme I looked forward to reading a novel. The writing and plotting is weak. I won’t read another

Ann Cleeves- A Lesson in Dying- an early novel from this author, well plotted and written. A good solid detective story.

Nikki French- Friday on my Mind-a good detective story but I should have started with Blue Monday and worked my way through the series.

Deborah Crombie- To Dwell in Darkness. A solid London-based crime novel. The Americanisms grated a bit as all the characters are British. A good read, but as with the previous book there are earlier novels featuring the main character which I should have started with.

But this is my favourite. Now I don’t who mentioned it, but someone did and a great Big Thank You to you. I had never heard of this one and it is an utterly charming picture book and I can’t wait to give it to Little Miss F and I am sure her brother Master T will love it too. That’s if I can bear to part with it.

In the meantime I should start to read from the heap again but am rather thinking I would like to read some books to do with nature as I embark on 30 days wild.

Love to hear any recommendations from your recent reading or on the subject of nature.

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  1. […] is still in progress, with an addition from Nanacathy‘s latest list. Blue Monday was written by a husband & wife team, Nicci (her) French […]

  2. Oh yes, always the best way. My Uncle visited the zoo in Corfu but reported it as disappointing, but that is a long time ago now. The charm of the TV series lies I think in the location and talented actors.

  3. Also loved the Durrells (which quickly was shown over here) and was wondering about the books. So if you locate & read, please let us know if you like them. Thank you! The Hamish Macbeth you mention is not one of her best, IMHO, but you might dip back into the older ones, which seem of more consistent quality.

    • Ah thanks for the info on Hamish Macbeth. I am thinking quite seriously now about the Durrells triology. Rather surprised it doesn’t seem to have been republished for the series.

      • I was doing a bit of learning about Gerald Durrell at the time, and seem to recall his books were the only version. My preference, as I’m never quite sure how close an “adaptation” is to the original. (Pardon my suspicious mind; I go to the source whenever possible. 😉)

  4. No suggestions and Watership Down (your comment above) is a bit traumatic. I agree with it being better to start at the beginning of a series if you can. I mostly depend on the library so this can be a bit tricky!

  5. Oh, you got the book! Isn’t it wonderful?! If you go back to my post about the book and the statue, you can see one of the original drawings and pix of the statues, with the ducklings wearing their Easter bonnets!

  6. It’s possible I mentioned ‘Make way for ducklings’. There’s a lovely bronze sculpture of Quack, Mack et al. in the public gardens in Boston, MA. I’ve bought the book for several small children and it never fails to delight, although I think it’s hardly known in the UK.

    • My Mum was an infant teacher and when my boys were little she introduced us to so many books, I can’t believe she missed this one, she would have loved it, so delightful.

  7. I had to go look up the 30 days wild after you mentioned it in a previous post. What a cool idea! I’m a coordinator for Nature Rocks Homer, which is a loose group of folks working to find ways to get kids outside, so seeing things like that make me very happy. 🙂 What sort of nature books are you looking for? Adult, kid? Fiction, non-fiction? I may have some suggestions. And I’m going to check back here to get ideas from others, too!

    • Some novels please, and also some accesible non fiction books, adult please. Your nature rocks project sounds a good idea. Children love being outside once you get them there! I think a follow up post on nature books might be called for at some point!

  8. I need to find a few nature reads too. I have in the past read H is for Hawk which is a little hard going but good, My family and other animals by Gerald Durrell ( loved it) and The Yorkshire Shepherdess, which was my fave. X

    • Silly me I have His for Hawk on my kindle. I love The Durrells on TV but have never read the books. And there is Tarka the otter and Salar the Salmon. I am going to hunt through my bookshelves. I sahll see if the Gerald Durrell books are available on kindle and there is Ring of Bright Water too.

  9. Aaargh! Just wrote a long comment and it was wiped. I hope you find some interesting nature type books.

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