Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Thank you everyone who joined in the conversation last week, it was brilliant and I hope you will want to join in again this week too. Please don’t be shy, although I called this Knit and Natter, if you crochet or sew, or don’t do any of these you are VERY WELCOME to Join In. Thought I would add the word Sew into the post title to try to convey this.


At work we had a mantra, ” If you always do, what you have always done, you will always get, what always got!” In other words if you want a different outcome, chances are you will have to do something different. I have found myself thinking that twice this week.

Firstly we had the What do we do about frail elderly people who need care issue. I’ve not forgotten this, just because of terrible events. Once again the politicians want to “kick the can down the road”, as Mr E would say. Until the social care system becomes part of the NHS, there will always be the debate as to who should pay, and how much and should it be capped. For one, I cannot understand why someone with an unhealthy lifestyle who has a heart attack, stroke whatever, gets their treatment paid for, but someone else who has looked after themselves, eaten healthily, exercised,doesn’t smoke, not drunk to excess and never had a major operation should have to pay for their treatment( I know we call it care but really where is the care in penalising the infirm) if they suffer mental ill-health in the form of Alzheimer’s.  It is just not right, and it needs bottoming properly as they say in these parts.

And then there is the terrible event in Manchester. I have very happy memories of a concert I took my youngest son to at the Arena. We had such a great time and looking back some 14 years later it is one of the highlights of his teenage years.I feel so sad that people have died, been injured and all have lost the potential of equally happy memories. So we are urged to Keep Calm and Carry on. I have done my best, I have been for walks, gone shopping, done gardening, dusted the house, read blogs , everything I would do normally. But why should I stay calm? Why should I not get cross at this senseless loss of life. Time for change I would say.

Enough from me on that , over to you.

Lets talk sewing hey. My middle son has finally found happiness and is getting married in the summer. He has asked me to make bunting to create a Village fair atmosphere. Right….  I have started the cutting out.

I have bought 3×1 metres of different fabric. I think it looks pretty. And I also plan to crochet some heart-shaped bunting too.

I consulted him last night on the idea of running a scavnger hunt for the children. He was all for it, providing I did it. I need to think of 10-20 items for children to find. The setting is a hotel , small garden but large village Green and playground. Any ideas most welcome. There are 19 children coming, aged 1 year to 10. Loooking forward to it and hopefully be enjoyable for the tiddly pushes.

Knitting has gone on the back burner a bit.

I am on the left front of a baby cardigan in 4 ply Sirdar Snuggly. I always forget how little newborns are.

And some crochet, the baby blanket is big enough I think and I am adding a border now.

This is made entirely from left over baby yarn , and there is enough left over STILL for some crochet hearts.

Nearly time for your say.. please do say.. but here are some peaceful looking cows, who think humankind sucks sometimes…

Taken on one of the many walks when I needed to stomp things out this week.

Not staying calm, but certainly carrying on!

Have a happy weekend, and be nice to people please.

Comments on: "Sew, Knit and Natter Friday." (22)

  1. Absolutely! Social care and the NHS have to work as one! AS for Manchester, absolutely heart breaking. I love your sentiment of something has to be done, but we never learn from our history of man’s ‘inhumanity to others, is it curable? On a brighter note, Congratulations you you son xx

    • Thanks Bekki for your congratulations to my son, he deserves to be happy. Man’s inhumanity to man, yes we don’t seem to learn. I heard an interview this weekend which was thought provoking. I had been struggling to see what did the bomber think he was going to achieve. The suggestion was it was designed to stop people doing things the bomber disagreed with, so that would be music and girls dressed up. Sickening hey.

      • It is. I really can’t fathom how in anyone’s world killing people and shattering other people’s lives isn’t worse than music and dressing up.

  2. I completely agree with what you say about frail elderly people who need care – my heart goes out to those who find themselves with elderly parents in this miserable trap. What do we elect politicians to do if not to sort out tricky problems! And I agree too with your feelings in the wake of the Manchester bombings – I am planning to make #aheart4mcr – have you heard about it? A very small thing, but we all fell we need to do something to express our solidarity if nothing else. Lovely to hear you’re making wedding bunting – I made some for my stepdaughter’s wedding 18 months ago, and it was much appreciated. All in all, a great Sew, Knit and Natter post! 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words. Both issues have filled my thoughts this week, and I knew everyone else was thinking about Manchester too. I shall look into the hearts project, it sounds like a nice idea. I have now got all the triangles cut out, next job is to sew them up. Thank goodness for crafting.Thank you for saying that this was a good post. Have a great weekend. xx

  3. Village fair atmosphere for a wedding theme? How delightful! I love the fabric you chose for the bunting. Life is precious and we must “Keep Calm”. imho it’s about us being proactive and not reactive. It doesn’t lessen the hurt tho . It’s also Memorial Day weekend here in USA. My heart goes out to all. I’ve taken up Archbishop Justin Welby’s call as well~ #pledge2pray ~. It may not be much to some but I think we all could use a bit of hope right now. Keep stomping :)~cheers~

    • Bless you, thank you so much for your wise words, I think I shall take a few quiet moments tomorrow and visit the church topray and gain some serenity.
      My son and his fiancee came up with the theme. They are getting married in an idyllic Village church, a short walk across the village green from the hotel where they are having the reception, the atmosphere is to be realaxed and happy, lots of time to mingle and chat. Informal that’s the word I am looking for.
      Have no fear though I intend to keep stomping!

  4. The events in Manchester are so unbelievably raw, and the fact that this goes on not only here but in places like Syria is not ok. I really hope people don’t give up on trying to sort it out. As for your projects, they’re all fab. How lovely to be making wedding bunting! 😊

  5. To me after the terrible events in Manchester ‘keeping calm’ would mean not getting paranoid or too frightened to go out. It means deploring what happened but not letting it harm our way of life. because surely fear and disruption is what the bombers want.
    As to elderly care although as a home owner I would like to leave the value of my home to my children it occurred to me that taxes could go up which beyond a certain point is counter productive but also in past time children would look after their elderly family members so maybe if they choose to put ‘granny’ in a home and so lose some inheritance maybe it isn’t totally unfair. Just a thought. I agree with you about the lifestyle thing though.

    • You put the keeping calm bit well. I think I probably got used to the keeping calm bit after the Guildford bombing which was very close to us that day and my in laws were at the theatre in Guildfod when it happened.
      On the cost of care, I have no objection to everyone paying a bit more inheritance tax, I just don’t see why the cost of care for a few should be born solely by them and that others should pay nothing, you can’t help getting dementia. Or an insuance policy that everyone should have to cover care costs. Certainly dont want it paying for out of income tax.
      I think I get cross about it, because the cost of care problem gave rise to every council having to come up with a policy and strategy when I was working in that field, and still the problem is not tackled once and for all. I feel sorry for people who worked hard al ltheir lives , saved, bought their own homes and wanted to leave the fruits of their labour to their children and they could loose so much. And someone who spent every penny gets free care.
      You can tell I am still not calm about it…Sorry.

      • I wondered about an insurance policy. Wonder how much it would cost? No I don’t like that some people get care free and then people who pay actually subsidise the council paid ones. I also saw an advert on Equity Release and wondered how that would come in to it if people later need to pay because they have a house.

  6. My heart is saddened for what happened in Manchester. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the people affected by the tragedy. So many bad things happening around the world. Fighting and violence everyday here in America because we now have a President who promotes this kind of behavior. As Salpal1 said, it has not affected me directly or near me, but I will stand up and try to stop it if it does. There is no reason why we all can’t get along peacefully. On to happier things. Your projects all look wonderful. Congrats to your son on his impending wedding. Sounds like it will be a fun day for all. I love the granny square baby blanket. I do need to get to trying granny squares this summer.

    • Thanks Ginny for your kind words. I just can’t see how violence can help in this issue. Time for change.. I find I am really looking forward to the wedding now that I have got my glad rags!! Here’s to a happy Summer for us all.

  7. Congratulations on the impending wedding, it sounds like it is going to be a fun affair. the bunting will be so pretty!

    Manchester – our heart bleed for everyone affected, directly or indirectly. Keeping calm and carrying on is good if what you are carrying on doing is fighting back, quietly and non violently. I heard a piece about a muslim girls school in Manchester, and the fact that the girls were getting bothered now where they never were before. I think we can all stand up against that sort of bullying in our communities, even if we can’t go fight terrorism any other way. Here in our country, hateful things are happening everyday, and I feel blessed that they are not happening near me, and I hope I would have the courage to say “stop it!” if it did. But I have to be vocal about the things that happen near me, and that is not easy. It is getting more and more important, though.

    • Absolutely , we must not let anyone who is innocent to be picked on in any way, that is just what the terrorists hope to achieve. It is time for us to change the way we react to this thuggery.

  8. If keeping calm means not losing one’s cool, then fine. But if keeping calm means any kind of acceptance, that will never do. I keep looking for the stories of how strangers helped and people came together after the atrocity in Manchester–they kept their cool. It’s so good that you have bunting to make and planning to do for a happy event!

    • You are right there is not loosing your cool and not looking as if you don’t care or are just accepting it as a fact of life. You put it well. I was especially moved by a homeless man who left his doorway to go and help the victims, and the people who gave up their time off work to go in and work.

  9. There is a saying that goes something like – ‘Evil thrives when good people do nothing’. So not keeping calm about atrocious events is perfectly acceptable in my eyes! I like Mrs. Snail’s response to call us to arms to perform random acts of kindness especially this Saturday. Spreading happiness through kindness is what I feel I can do, not only for the act itself but as an example to my grandchildren – we need to pass these things on.
    As I sat watching my grandson do Taekwondo last night, I crocheted 4 hearts to add to your wedding bunting – it felt so good to do it!
    We are all Sewing, Knitting and Crocheting the world towards peace and harmony – Yay!!!
    Have a wonderful day Cathy.

    • Thanks Sandra for this. Also many many thanks for some hearts. Todays act of kindness was helping a nana pick up marbles as a little girl sobbed her heart out as the bag had broken. Within seconds of my starting to help 4 others came over to help. Tears were dried. It just showed to me that kindness is infectious!
      I have actaully had a great day- Mother of the Groom outfit sorted…

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