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Scrap Happy- May

Linking with Kate for a bit of Scrap Happiness. First of all some yarny scraps. Inspired by The Snail of Happiness I crocheted a lap blanket from some cherished scraps to cover with kindness. This has now been sent and received by Danielle from The Make it Shop.

The Make it Shop are holding an event at the end of May called The Tree of Kindness, at which people can go along and make something to give away.

in close up

And so onto some fabric scraps. This little cat whom I have called Pink from the leftover fabric of a dress I made for Little Miss F last year.

I am really quite proud that I finally got some seams to match up nicely.

Pattern matching is still to come on the skill front.


I love the way her tail sticks up.

Cat on a blanket. The pattern I used is Simplicity 2613. I had made the giraffe also in the pattern a couple of years ago. There is also a pig and an elephant . The elephant was just too cute for words and had to be made too.

Now if you were just about to have your first birthday would you rather have an elephant or a cat?

Even the ribbon was scrap, think it came off some packaging for something. I am on a bit of a roll now. So Elephant or Cat? Which is your favourite please?

Please pop over to Kate’s post for some more scrap happiness.

Comments on: "Scrap Happy- May" (31)

  1. Your scraps are a work art, the elephant wins

  2. LOVE the blanket and the header photo. As far as the animals are concerned, it’s hard to choose but I’m partial to elephants. They are both too cute for words.

  3. I think they are both so sweet but the elephant tugs at my heart strings the most, Cathy

  4. All so lovely, but the elephant wins for me:)

  5. Incredible & totally cute

  6. Love all these scrap projects, they will be well loved. The animals are adorable, so yes, give gem as a pair of best friends!

  7. norma said:

    You’ve been so busy. Love the blanket

  8. What a beautiful afghan! That took some time and scraps:)! Your little stuffed animals are so cute as well!

  9. I always say this, but I do love your scrap happy posts. Although beginning to be surprised you have any scraps left! You’re also exerting a very good influence over me, because although I’ve not got as far as working on scraps, I’m not throwing the smallest of bits away and working with a mindset of using of every last bit of yarn and fabric I own. At the moment this is in the form of destashing, but I don’t have a huge stash, so when that runs out it will be scraps – or maybe some scraps before. The blanket is lovely and I’m sure will give great warmth and comfort. I’m with the elephant – and it’s not because he looks more like Hicks – honest!

    • What are you saying about dear old Hicks, you leave that woofer alone!! As for scraps I am ashamed at how much I still have! Boxes and boxes. But it’s lovely to use them up and it is very liberating to work with the leftovers! I just go for it, instead of angsting about possible/probable mistakes. Thank you for taking the trouble to say that you love these posts. It means a lot to me. I do occasonally destash myself, usually yarn that I have gone off! Those hedgehog key rings of yours look a good user up of stash!

  10. ccflo3 said:

    They are both adorable but I think my favorite is the elephant.

  11. I can see lots of love being made and shared here. How lovely. And the adorable plushies are just too cute. It’s team elephant for me I think. Love that windsor tie detail ;D cheers

  12. I am so impressed with those seams… and the push-me-pull-you cat! I couldn’t possibly choose between the cat and the heffalump, they are both lovely.
    The blanket is truly beautiful and we promise to find it a deserving home.

    • Thank you Mrs Snail. I was dead chuffed with that seam. I know you will find the blanket a good home. I hope you enjoy the event.

  13. Aren’t you having fun?! It all looks terrific–I think the elephant and cat go as a pair. They would miss each other terribly if you split them up!

  14. You’ve made a lovely blanket from those scraps. I think I would go for the cat but they are both cute.

  15. Impossible to choose! You’ll have to give them both… I love your crochet blankie, a beautiful result from yarny scraps.

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