Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

” Nana?”

” Yes T?”

” You like making things don’t you?”

” Yes I do .”

” I like it that you make lots of different things and give them to me  and I don’t know what they will be”.

“That’s good! Now go and put a jumper on, we are going a walk.”

” Nana, can I wear one of the bright colour ones?”

“Yes you can. “.

” Nana, I really like this one. PLEASE can you make me some more jumpers with lots of colour?”

” Yes of course I can.” Please to picture me now doing an imaginary happy dance whilst punching the air and silently yelling YES.

Could there be a better compliment?

Last Saturday in the UK was apparently National Yarn Shop day. AAAHHH.

I bet you can see where this is going especially if you were here last week.

As it happens two things I had allocated funds to fell through, to the tune of £100. Now you know where we are going.

Straight to that sale at Knitwell Wool. Now I just didn’t go there willy nilly. I checked . The prices were a genuine reduction compared to other well know sites.

Oh boy did the gremlin in my computer have a field day! The package arrived on Wednesday. ” What’s that?” asks Mr E. ” Just a bit of yarn”! says I. And maybe five patterns. Naughty Gremlin. But then T had asked for another bright coloured jumper and what sort of Nana would I be to ignore such a request?

Meantime it is on with the pink jumper for Miss F. And I did the cable heart. Oh yes!

How about that then? Not only cable but moss stitch in the middle too.  So now it’s onto the sleeves and maybe a finish for next Friday. In between times I have got on with the crochet blanket for the baby.I am using left over yarn from lots of baby clothes. It’s such fun.

So what is the nicest compliment you had about your crafting? To me, T’s unprompted request was such a lovely thing to hear.

I haven’t got a sheep this week to finish with , but a bird. To be precise a blackbird, and to be even more precise the one I mentioned this week in the photo challenge who never stands still long enough for me to capture his image. Typical, walking down to the shops, who should be on the telephone wire surveying the gardens below but you know who.

You can just about see his white tail feathers!

So over to you now for some knitting and natter. Please leap in with whatever you like in the comments and with each others comments. I do love my new Friday posts , and if anyone would like to use the knit and natter idea for a post of their own, well that would be simply spiffing.

Happy nattering!

Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (27)

  1. Don’t balme you for not selling your jacket, it’s yours. It is a compliment indeed.

  2. How fabulous, and perfectly wonderful that your knitting is loved so much. I had someone desperate to buy the sequinned denim-style jacket that I made recently. That’s a huge compliment – but I’m not selling!

  3. It’s so lovely that your handiwork has such deserving and admiring recipients! I think the most complimentary thing anyone has ever told me about my knitting is that they could feel the love in every stitch whenever they put it on (although that was my husband talking about the mittens that took me forever, so he might have been exaggerating a wee bit there). Happy yarn sales!!

    • I am sure your husband was being sincere. It is however lovely to know that my varied and sometimes strange makes are appreciated by a little one. Especially a precious little one.

  4. Music to a grandmother’s ears. Love of what you do for them. One lucky Nana. 🙂

  5. Yes the so and so did call the Tinsel yarn pipecleaners didn’t he? He doesn’t complain about yarn purchases as he is forever spenpIing very small sums on weird things from Ebay. It’s a rare week he doesn’t get a parcel.I just go in for big parcels!! Keep me busy till Christmas this lot, if only I keep away from further temptation. There are worse vices. I don’t know about good with cables. The abbrev CR5B nearly was my undoing to get that cross over. Not certain the bottom one was right but am completly happy with the top one. The secret I felt was not to try to undertsand why/how but to just follow all the slip and psso and put slip stitch on th the left needle, turn round three times and sing to the moon, ..eaxactly.

  6. See, I told you you were good at cables! 🙂 Aw! so lovely to read your conversation with Master T. What a star. As for the wool purchases, I distinctly remember Mr E complaining you were knitting with pipe cleaners and concerned for your lack of wool, so I know he’ll be over the moon about your wool purchases.

  7. The cabled heart is very impressive. Only tried cables once. And good to see there is someone else who seems to like rainbows. 😉

    • His favourite jumper is a bright yellow with a clown on the front which was for 2 year old. he’s 6 and he still wears it , much stretched out of shape. If I’d known before I could have made him the next size up, but that would still be too small and his Mum isn’t keen on it anyway. The one in the picture was an attempt to make a replacement, but I noticed the clown one on the clothes dryer so he’s still wearing it. Sadly the pattern doesn’t cater for his size. It’s something I have noticed that boys knitting patterns are very few and far apart. I think he would love a rainbow jumper!

      • I expect you saw the fair isle jumper my mother made my son (in a recent post) that he loved so much that she made a larger size. Luckily the pattern had a wide variety of sizes.

  8. What a sweet conversation you had with your grandson. You must have been over the moon with such a wonderful request. Love the cabled heart! So lovely! And the afghan is looking wonderful. It will be full of memories from yarns other things made with your heart and soul. Beautiful bird sitting on the wire. Glad you were able to finally catch a photo of him. I know that very feeling 😉

    • Thanks Ginny. I was so thrilled with the things he said. He stumbled trying to explain how he liked that he didn’t know what he was going to find when I gave them my offerings., and how they were all different. Then the please could I make some more bright colour jumpers came out i a great big rush, and he looked genuinly happy when I said Yes. I am loving making the afghan and remebering what I had used the yarn for, jumpers, cardigans a bit of memraids tail. I can’t get over how many diffferent colours I have.

  9. Your grandchildren know what’s important!! They sound like sweethearts. I heartily agree with your redistribution of funds.😀 not much happening in the knitting world right now. I have cast on the sleeve of my sweater and got an errant needle in the mix so I think I will have to start again…it’s the hem facing, but it looks weird, so I think I’ll just frog before I’m in too deep.🐸

    • Best to frog asap. I have learned that the hard way thinking it’s ok realy and in my heart of hearts knowing it jolly well isn’t! I don’t know that they are sweethearts but I love them !

  10. claire93 said:

    I totally agree with T, the world should be full of people wearing bright home-knitted sweaters!

  11. That photo of the proud boy and his bright sweater is wonderful! No wonder you feel compelled to buy more yarn! And I am very impressed with the cable heart–that can’t have been easy!

    • Thank you. I feel totally vindicated in my purchase. The heart was done over three afternoons whilst I could give it total concentration.

  12. There is no greater compliment than a crafty request! That sweater is gorgeous so I understand why he’d like another:)

  13. I always get a buzz when anyone buys any of my work, but the most compliments I have had recently were in relation to my contribution to the Travelling Sketchbook… wow, what nice things people have said about my little mandalas and accompanying words. It’s always good to have a few fans!

    • Oh yes! The travelling sketchbook is amazing and I have been so impressed with the work from everyone as it progressed around the globe. Not surprised at the nice things people said about thoose super mandalas. It is nice to have a fan or two! I have never dared offer anything I make for sale, super impressed with the quality of hand crafted work available now, yours and Sandra’s included.

      • I’m all smiles Cathy! That sketchbook is truly amazing, and Jan’s contribution so heart warming. I hope it happens again, I’d love to be part of something like that.

  14. I love your natters too. Yes, an amazing compliment from T – music to a Nana’s ears. I get a buzz when I hear my grandchildren telling other people about all the things I make for them. They all have their own ideas about what they want and in what colours. Mostly it’s a joy but I’m really struggling with the purple and green blanket of squares seven year old Master R has requested – we’ll get there in the end and the conversations as we go along are truly precious.
    So glad to see the blackbird!

    • Ah bless your grandson and his banket request. The colours of the suffragette movement! A request is the ultimate compliment I think.

      • Ha! and Wimbledon! Yes it is a compliment, they have such faith in my abilities – after many abortive experiments I am following Nuts About Squares CAL and he tells me he likes the “geometric shapes and the texture”! at 7! wonderful.

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