Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Blackbird on a gatepost in Cropton. My favourite bird at the moment. Usually they fly off before I can take a photograph , this one was very brave.

Please leave a link to your Birds at Wild Daffodil or below in the comments for us all to enjoy.

Next week’s prompt is CYCLE.

Happy Snapping!

Comments on: "One a week photo challenge- Bird" (17)

  1. Good shot. You’re right, they don’t usually hang about long enough/near enough to take pics.

  2. You black bird is very brave! Mine was up high and was singing his heart out, probably telling me to get lost! Between him and the dog, I was just glad he looked like a bird!!

  3. Good capture. Lots of blackbirds round here but I hear them rather than seeing them!!

  4. There is so much detail to appreciate Cathy. I love the Blackbird ignoring you, even though they are introduced here they are one of my favourites with that beautiful song. I agree with you Sandra’s sequence was stunning.

  5. I also have trouble with birds flying off before I manage to take their photo, wildlife photography is definitely not my strength!

  6. The song of the blackbird at this time of year is so spectacular isn’t it. Well captured!

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