Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Please join in at any point for a bit of natter, with me and each other.

I was listening to a radio programme ( Radio 4, of course) on the subject of birds, and what is the difference between a Bird Watcher and a Twitcher. A bird watcher is someone who wants to know about the life cycle of the birds, their song, their nesting habits, diet etc. A Twitcher on the other hand is someone who goes bird spotting a bit like train spotting* and has lists to tick off and competes with others to get the most ticks. They twitch apparently with excitement at the news that a rare oopjamaplip bird was spotted off the south coast somewhere near Bournemouth (Sorry Bournemouth, simply the place that came into my mind first), and off they all rush twitching with excitement. Of course a bird watcher can be a bit of Twitcher at times and vice versa.

It struck me that knitters can be divided a bit like this. Yarniestas being like the bird watchers. They want to know which breed of sheep the wool came from, what the sheep had for breakfast,  who the farmer was ( I exaggerate a tad) , who span the wool etc. And as for acrylic , forget it. And the clickers ( not quite certain I have the best name for this type of knitter, please suggest a better, squealer came to mind, but that made me think of pigs not sheep). I am probably a clicker. We seek out yarn shops with a determination  that defies the imagination of non knitters. When we get there we immediately want to buy knit everything straightaway, if not yesterday. We squeal with excitement, and if we hear there are two shops in town we are in heaven.

The internet is our undoing. We sign up for news letters and those special deals are an open invitation to the Gremlin that lurks in the key pad who will just keep on buying yarn.

Yesterday I got a knitting catalogue through the post. It said Knitwell SALE. One hour of happy squealing later (that is a better name than clicker), I had drawn up a MUST HAVE NOW list. I added up the cost. Now seriously £97.14 isn’t too much to spend at one sitting. I know I said no yarn this year, but it is a sale and some items would be knitted for Christmas, so it’s a BARGAIN. Right? Mr E would think it perfectly ok don’t you reckon?

OK enough jibber jabber ( Mr T, the A Team), from me. The pink jumper for Little Miss F is progressing slowly.

There may be a degree of procrastination going on here as I head for the cable heart pattern half way up, but I prefer to think not. I have a large bag of leftover sirdar snuggly yarn , which I am going to crochet into a blankie for the new baby. I am doing small granny squares and using the Joining as I go method which I used on the Cherished Scraps blanket. I am certainly not avoiding the cable knitting. Perish the thought!

Before I go I thought a nice sheep picture would be in order again for the Yarniestas. Sorry I don’t know the breed and I think the brown one is a goat! Expect you can knit with goat. I once saw a woman demonstrate spinning Alsatian dog hair- it was at the Weald and Downland museum in Sussex, if you don’t believe me.

ENOUGH! Over to you, love to know what you are knitting, crocheting, squealing about, please join in the comments/ natter or I will feel very silly. And feel free to leave a link to your yarn related obsession.

*No offence to train spotters intended.



Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (34)

  1. Lovely post. I like your knitters nicknames – better than anything I could come up

    I’d love to see a dedicated Reading and Making special Wednesday post (like you used to do) for Yarning Along. I know. I know …. I don’t want much do I?!

  2. We have plenty of yarniestas here in PNW. Lots fiber ‘farms’ here. Oh you naughty nitter you,Sale…. yarn…look away,look away. LOL . I can totally relate to ‘squealer’ only with fabric and don’t even let me near a haberdashery . It’s near impossible for me to be strong. Call another ‘squealer’ when you feel the urge to complete that order, I hear that can be helpful. (wink wink) Happy needles/hooks!

    • It’s too late, order placed last nght when something else I had been budgeted for bit the dust and din’t happen. So no more for the next year! Who do i think I am kidding! And fabric , oooh, I love a fat quarter! Have a great weekend.

  3. Well I’m a hooker not a clicker, although I have dabbled in clicking in the past… haha that looks so dodgy! I’m in the middle of several things at the moment, a Little Box of crochet project and 2 Sixty Million Trebles blankets, oh and sewing a quilt and painting a picture too. I get easily distracted you see..

  4. Anoraks united
    If only I could knit x

  5. Lovely pink jumper! I’m not sure what kind of yarny person I am, as I mainly have acrylic but love to work with ‘real’ wool. In still making a mermaid tail but it’s almost done!

    • I have been watching your mermaids tail groiwing with great interest, they do take a while. I need to knit with acyrllic because I know the mamas are going to machine wash not matter what I say!

  6. I don’t know what I am…I am very slow to click, and our yarn store just opened, and the owner seems to be a bit random, not much yarn, probably only what she like to knit.😊 I like most sheep, and appreciate their contributions, but I don’t care about what they ate for lunch…had too much experience dealing with the “results” of lunch growing up on a farm….about the cables, if you step back and see the development of the cables they are easier to knit, I think. Great post!

    • I think a lot of new yarn shop owners start out stocking their favourites. The new one in town did too, but she seems to be investing wisely in increasing her range. Best of all she is a big button fan and has quite a range. They were all in bags and currently she is getting stands and tubes in order to dislay them correctly. So happy you like the post.

  7. Hmmm, I would like to the the first knitter you describe, and sometimes I am, but I am much more closely related to the second knitter, and I want to know why you haven’t mailed in that order form yet! What if they run out of something important? 🙂

    • You make some wonderfully thoughtfull pieces, nice to know squeals are also heard! Don’t say they might run out, I am thinking it over, it is rather a lot of yarn, but does include five patterns as well… it’s the thought of everythig I still have in the to do queue!

  8. What a cute post. I could be called a clicker, but I want to be a Yarniestas-watcher. All things fabric give me pleasure. New to the scene knitting and I’m love it!

    • Thank you. I think all us clickers would love to be a tad more discerning and dignified, but that yarn love just overcomes us!!

  9. Claire, a canine knit might well smell of wet dog. Hou yuk would that be? Please knit your self a pot holder or dish cloth. The answer to substitute yarn is on the label, it gives you the guage and yardage. The shop assistant should be able to help if you take in your pattern.

  10. Hehe, love this!! Your wips look great!

    I think I might fall into BOTH categories that you describe … I love knowing about sheep, wool .. everything about it … but also you better believe I sniff out every yarn shop, sign up for every newsletter. Occasionally, I get news of some * very special yarn * made from some * very special sheep * that will only be available for * a very limited time * … the squealing that ensues then!

    I’m back home after another week away, and mostly looking forward to a quiet weekend of catching up. And of making some plans with yarn I might have bought on my trip …

    • Oh you are simply the “complete package” of a knitter. A yarniesta who squeals! Look forward to hearing your yarny plans and projects.

  11. Wait–did you buy the yarn?? The MUST HAVE NOW yarn?

  12. So what sort of knitter (crocheter) am I? I decide what I want to make, plan it all out and then buy enough yarn to make it! I resist the temptation to buy yarn just because it looks interesting because I don’t know how much to buy since I don’t know what I would make with it

    • You are a totally brilliant crocheter that the rest of us should aspire to be who makes absolutely wonderful things, my favourite this year of yours is that amazing orchid.

  13. claire93 said:

    I’d add a third category: the wanna be knitters ^^ That’s what I am. I buy up lots of odd assortments (always bargain prices) with no idea what I’m going to knit, and since I’ve never even knitted anything other than a scarf, I have no idea of what I’m buying. I inevitably end up with an assortment of weights, colours, and not enough of anything to even try & tackle a pattern lol.
    As for the Alsatian dog yarn . . . my hubbie’s godmother used to groom her Saint Bernard and knit up sweaters with his fur!

    • That’s true,wanna be knitters is a third category. Have you got a book about knitting to get you started? If you can knit a scarf you can knit anything. I learned at a very young age through my Mum, a neighbour and a school teacher. It helps to have someone to show you how. I am so glad you could verify my account of people knitting with dog hair. Maybe there should be a forth category specially for canine hair knitters.

      • claire93 said:

        Avis keeps telling me the same thing: that if I can purl & knit, then I can do anything, but it’s the taking the plunge that’s the hardest part. Also, seeing lots of lovely patterns, but not knowing if I can safely substitute other yarns. I’m signed up on Ravelry so have been searching there. I guess I’ll just have to jump in, stitch a swatch to judge my gauge, and take it from there.

      • claire93 said:

        oh and re the canine knitters . . . I would be worried that a sweater would smell of “wet dog” when washed lol.

  14. That sounds amazing wool, look forward to reading about your makes.

  15. Real mohair is from goats… angora goats. You can probably tell what sort of yarny person I am just from that comment!

    • A wonderful yarny person and certainly not a squealer! So you probably couldn’t do anything with a brown goat in a field of Yorkshire sheep!

  16. Funny lady! The pink jumper and the blankie both look lovely. Cables, you say? SHUDDER….

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