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Knit and Natter Friday!

One of the best things about Spring is the lambs in all the fields.

When I was a little girl not so many moons ago , my parents told me that black lambs were the first to be introduced to mint sauce as their fleece could not be used. Certainly there weren’t any black sheep in the field and so I resolved to have a black lamb only farm, with black sheep. I still love a black lamb, even though I know better these days. Mean parents.

Meantime thanks everyone for last week. I loved the way Kate and Wild Daffodil started nattering in the comments. It was brilliant, just what this post is all about, nattering with each other. Please keep it up.

Also thanks for ideas for my message with the lap blanket. I went in the end with “Cherished scraps cover with kindness”. The Make it Shop in Chorlton has called its craftactivism event The Tree of Kindness, so it seemed appropriate to include the word kindness. Anyway the blanket was posted off on Thursday. I want to give time for it to arrive and will post a final picture on the 15 May as part of a Scrap Happy post.

I bought myself some new bamboo needles in the end to replace this sorry pair.

I can’t do justice in describing the joy of having a new pair of needles. Suffice it to say the yarn just glides along.

I have finished the back of the jumper I am knitting for Little Miss F and am on the front ribbing now. 183 stitches! That’s a lot.

Anyway enough from me, what yarny chatter do you have to share? Love to hear from you all.


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (25)

  1. Sorry but I’m another one who is going to say Oh Those Needles!

  2. Wow. Those needles really got a work out!!

  3. Those needles made me smile – I’m amazed you held off from buying new ones for so long. I am just about finished my boyfriend cardigan – just the dreaded sewing up to do – and was considering my next knitting project but then my Mum, who is coming to visit for a week soon, asked me if I wouldn’t mind finishing a project she had started but can’t finish because of her rheumatoid arthritis. Of course I said yes but I groaned a bit to myself because finishing somebody else’s project is not very inspiring – I need to be a bit in love with something to work on it. Ah well, it will make her happy and that’s the main thing.

  4. Baby lambs are so sweet! I think that there is now a market for the natural wool colors, including black wool, so many lambs are now safe from the mint jelly, at least for a time!

  5. Congratulations on getting that pattern written and online! ! ! Although I am not a knitter, I understand how time-consuming that can be, so a hearty well done you!
    Am crocheting some things to send to a friend (who does read my blog) so can’t mention them until later June. But really need to get off to the shops for another ball of the yarn so I can work this weekend.
    Am so sorry to learn about little black lambs. With all today’s technology, seems too bad their yarn isn’t just as valued.

    • Thanks so much Del – it makes my brain ache to write patterns, but so satisfying to share them once the work is done.

    • It’s not true! I believe the fleece gradually whitens. Please someone tell me that’s the case or the black lamb farm is back on.

      • No, I don’t think their fleece whitens. I have 3 sheep (1 brown, 2 spotted) and their spots even stay in the same places as they grow. I would think that the farm lambs’ wool just gets made into dark yarn. But maybe you should start that black lamb refuge anyway!

  6. Beside myself with excitement and glee! my new knitting pattern has just gone live! https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2017/04/28/woodland-faerie-jacket/
    It’s taken ages to complete but today is the day!

    • Well done, and I am off to view it shorly. Well done you.

    • I love your pattern – it’s delightful. I wish I could shrink my daughters back down to toddler size so I could knit one for each of them. Neither are interested in having children themselves (or not for the foreseeable future anyway) so I might be destined not to have grandchildren to knit for 😦 I hope your pattern proves to be popular – I’m sure it will.

      • Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m hoping to scale up the pattern to larger children’s sizes – but now you have me wondering whether adults would also like a pixie point cardi …… hmmmmm??!!!

  7. Mean parents, indeed! I love all the lambs but the black ones seem extra adorable to me!

  8. Knitting frills at the bottom of things does take ages – but worth it in the end. I have been working on a pattern for a child’s fairy jacket for ages and ages – hope to get it published today – your post has spurred me on! 😉

  9. Those needles have seen some action! You certainly deserve a new pair.

    I love to see the lambs, but always feel a little sad, knowing some really don’t have that long. I also hate that they’ll pulled away from their mums and all the distress that causes. On the flip side they wouldn’t be here if they weren’t eaten and it is the natural order that creatures eat other creatures. So although I know it’s the way things are, it still makes me sad 😦

  10. Laughing about your knitting needles – what torture did you put them through to have them end up like that? 🙂 xxx

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