Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Life is galloping away with me! One third of the way through 2017. It’s been an odd mixture weather wise, lots of lovely sunny days then a short blast of Summer or Winter. The daffodils are over and my garden is full of bluebells, tulips and forget me knots. As for goals, well..

17 swims- 1 more so that makes 4

16 Hour long walks- going well , thanks to son and dog!

Maundy Thursday at the start of a walk along the Roman Road above Snape. Mr J, Master H, Miss S and Ms M, and the star of the picture, is Coco. I also managed a lovely walk myself, but more of that another day. Clocked up an impressive 5 walks, giving a total of 11

15 books read from the heap by the bed- just one this month, total now 11

14 lbs lost- one word, ok two, Easter Eggs

13 cards made- total stuck at 8

12 village posts- one more this month, 2 in total

11 days out- One added this month to York

The blossom in the Museum gardens was lovely and

York Minster is as magnificent as ever. 5 now

10 new things tried- bit miffed on this, two things arranged and postponed, maybe next month. Life! Total remains 2

9 knitting/ crochet projects. Oh Bagpuss

I don’t believe it, that makes NINE. Goal achieved!

8 other craft projects- 0

7 sewing projects

One babies ball, makes 2

6 Non Fiction books- 5 now, see below

5 bits of family history research. Bit of a cheat because this involved the reading of a non fiction book too. The book was about the local school, how it was set up etc. Originally part of a charitable foundation which involved local almshouses too.One of the surnames mentioned on the outside of said almshouse is that of an ancestor, question- was that my ancestor? It wasn’t but I was rewarded with this.

A picture of my Grandfather , second from the left. Whoever thought of school teachers acting in the school play?

So although the answer was a negative I have answered another question, so that makes 2

4 sort outs-still 3, kitchen is half done.

3 interesting finds-still 1

2 picnics-0

1 boat trip- o

o craft supplies added to, already failed thanks to the gremlins visit in March. Toy stuffing bought this month for Bagpuss, but that’s allowed.

Need to go away and have a big think about these goals. Some have gone well, some not at all. How about you? How are you doing, and what motivates you to achieve the things that back in January seemed like such a good idea?





Comments on: "17 for 2017- April" (28)

  1. That’s a cracking photo of the school play and your grandfather Cathy.

  2. You are doing well on your progress. Love the bagpuss!! Too cute and I’ve never seen a handmade ball! Wonderful! Not much is motivating me just yet. Getting there. We may see the sun next Wednesday. It’s teasing us here.

  3. I think you’re doing pretty well with your goals! I did family history for a while, got totally addicted and ended up doing a one-name study! Luckily my maiden name is Yorkshire through and through, so if you come across any Bickerdikes, I’ve probably got them listed!

    • Sadly no Bickerdikes in the family. I am not helped by my grandfather having two none related people with the eaxct same name living and in one case working in the same place. Still I am hooked!

  4. I don’t think it’s cheating at all when you can check two things off your list by doing just one! I call that clever planning. And, if at this time of year, you aren’t getting to some of the goals, would you ever just give them up? You’re doing so well in some areas and could do even more, if it weren’t for those other things you feel like you *should* be doing . . .

  5. Great to see you’re doing well with your goals – especially the knitting/crochet. Loving Bagpuss!

  6. Most of my goals have fallen by the wayside, but I think it is because I am spending a lot of time on two of them — using up scraps, and listing more birds than I did last year.
    I love the picture of your grandfather and his crew — what magnificent costumes!

  7. You are doing great with your 17 in 2017! When the weather improves, a bunch of those will get knocked right off! The York cathedral…WOW, and a great discovery in Genealogy with that fab picture of your grand.😄

  8. You’re doing really well! I need to review mine shortly too and I know some will be not done whereas others will have fared better. There’s still 8 more months 😊

  9. You certainly set yourself heaps of goals. You are doing a great job.

  10. Easter is no good for the waist line!!! You are doing well with the walks. I know what you mean about goals set in January – and then life steps in!
    There’s still plenty of time though.

  11. Looks like you are doing pretty well! LoveThe Bagpuss.:) x

  12. Geneology is very addictive. I enjoy it.

    • Isn’t it just, and it gets harder the further back you go!

      • Yes it is. We found most of our information at Churches of areas we were looking. Before a certain date there were no birth records, but there were Church records. Birth, Baptismal records, Marriage and Death records. We found so much information there.

  13. Great picture of your grandfather – I bet you were chuffed to find that.
    As for zero picnics – wait until the weather gets better and that one will be a doddle.

    • Oh yes I was so excited with the picture. I hadn’t got any of him when he was that young. The first ones I had were when Dad was a baby some 10 or so years later. We were supposed to have a picnic this month but that went awry too. Life!

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