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April Books.

I do miss Ginny’s Yarn Along, not just for the knitting but also for sharing my love of books and in reading posts from others picking up some good recommendations for new to me authors. So I have come up with the idea of sharing what I have been reading in a monthly post. Please tell me what you have been reading, whether you have read anything by the authors I mention , in fact anything to do with books at all.

I started this month with reading another book from the heap by the bed ( part of my 17 for 2017).

Derek Tangye- A Drake at the Door. Derek Tangye and his wife started a successful Daffodil farm in Cornwall, in the late 1950s. Think The Good Life . Derek Tangye wrote a number of books detailing their life in all its ups and downs.

As this was number 11 from my heap , I decided that I was making good in roads in my goal to read the books I had accumulated,  so treated myself to some books from the library. It has subsequently occurred to me that the books in the heap are books I have picked up from various sources because I could. They are all perfectly good books but don’t excite me, if you follow my drift, and that is why they are in an unread heap.

All three books are by favourite authors. In the order I read them

Ann Cleeves- High Island Blues-not from the Vera or Shetland series of books. A well crafted detective story involving British Private investigators set In America. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

Joanna Trollope- Balancing Act- That old work life balance thing, with relationships, empty nests, the old making way for the young. A good read.

Anne Tyler- Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant- I am still reading this one. Reminds me very much of her other books about ordinary people bringing up the children and then watching from the sidelines of an Empty Nest. It feels a bit samey! But a good enough read.

So now over to you. What have you read recently , anything to recommend please?


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  1. I just finished listening to “A Man Called Ove.” I wasn’t sure in the very beginning if I was going to like it but a couple of chapters in you got the feel you wanted to see where this was going. It turned out to be a sleeper. Quietly catching you unaware of the wonderful ride you are taking and I didn’t want it to end. One of my favorite books of the year. Maybe I just have odd taste but this book surprised me nicely.

  2. I’m reading Cleeves right now, too–the first in the Vera Stanhope series. It took me awhile to get my hands on it! I love mystery series and have been reading the most recent by Deborah Crombie (set in London) and Louise Penny (set in and around Montreal).

    • Oh thanks for these recommendations too. I have added them to my list. Certain I have shelved books by Deborah Crombie in the library.

      • With either Crombie or Penny, I’d go back and try to read the books in order. The characters and relationships are hugely important in both series.

  3. I have been reading Only – a singular memoir by Caroline Baum which is turning out to be a vivid and moving account of life as an only child. She explores what being a “Good Daughter” means. You can check my other recent reads on my Reading Challenge page of my blog.

  4. During a tidy-up I came across my box of Susan Howatch novels, which I am now re-reading. As a history buff I love how she takes the story of a ruling dynasty and retells it in a new setting – Julius Caesar and Cleopatra (“The Rich Are Different” and “The Sins of the Fathers”), set in 1920s New York; Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitane (“Penmarric”), set in 19th Century Cornwall; the family of Edward III (“The Wheel of Fortune”), set in 19th Century Wales – plus more! So, so clever – and brilliant reads! Her Starbridge series is also highly recommended.

    • Oh My , I loved Penmarric- it was on TV and I bought and loved the book. I didn’t know she had written others so many thanks for the heads up.

  5. I’ve been reading books by Kate Ellis, her Wesley Peterson series. Since you like Vera you might like these. Set in Devon and all have a current murder intertwined with some old archaeological find.

  6. Thank you. Always good to hear about what you’re reading and your recommendations. I’ve recently read S J. Watson, Before I go to sleep. Okay, but I thought it needed more red herrings as I guessed the big reveal it early on. The climax was still exciting, but I didn’t believe she’d act how she did. I’ve also recently read The Tennant of Wildfell Hall. Really enjoyed it – Anne is definitely the best Bronte IMO. Currently on The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry, but not far enough in to judge.

    • I so agree about Anne Bronte and the Tenant of Wildfell Hall. Still has resonance today. Thanks for the heads up on S J Watson> Look forward to hearing about The Essex Serpent. Both these are new for me.

  7. I wanted to try a bit of a new direction in my reading – I’m fed up with reading too many of what my daughter calls ‘depressing’ novels. They are generally navel gazing contemporary ones which are well written but don’t make me feel particularly good at the end of it. So, I fancied a bit more of a page turner and read ‘Nemesis’ by Jo Nesbo which was good although I’m not used to such a macho masculine narrator and it took me a while to get used to that voice. I just finished the first one I’ve ever read by Nicci French, ‘The Memory Game’ which was good and has a strong female narrative voice and then, when I was helping out at the spring fair to raise money for the dog’s retirement home, I spotted a Sarah Waters book that I hadn’t read – ‘Affinity’ and here I am back at the slightly depressing again but I do love her writing and it does have me turning the pages so what can you do?

    • Thanks for those recommendations. I’ve not ready anything by those authors and will give them a go. Always good to try new ones.

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