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Knit and Natter Friday!

Not so much Knit and Natter this week as crochet and natter. I am finding this weeks post hard to explain so please bear with me.

It was coming up to Easter, son, fiancée, two children and a dog were coming to stay. Experience tells me that knitting is problematic with lots of people around, you know counting, stopping in the middle of a row, dropping stitches.. what I needed was a simple crochet project. That way I would stay sane, have to have some yarn in my hand to stay sane you know.

Park that thought.

The Snail has been starting a revolution of craftactivists. Basically using your crafts to put across a message you believe in, in a positive and non violent way. There is to be an event in Manchester at the end of May and items were needed from the start of May. Brilliant, what could I do?

Well the big question really was what do I believe in? Two things came to me as I pondered away, usually in the bath. One to use up scraps be it food, fabric , yarn. Not to waste things that are useful, not to be always buying more and more stuff. Very good, so far , but what to make?

Then the answer came to me. It’s coming up to what was my Dad’s birthday, and I have never forgotten seeing him lying in a hospice with a beautiful, much faded and worn handmade patchwork quilt covering him. It was such a comforting sight to see this outward sign of love and care. Not a hospital blanket you see, but a cover made with or donated through compassion.

Light bulb moment!

Last year I made a couple of lap blankets for a care home.

The time frame for the finished items is tight,  a lap/small blanket would be perfect.

So I  set to work in earnest all Easter long, with small left over balls of yarn. Here is where I am now. Should say I am using Attic 24 s method of joining as I go.

I am beginning to run out of small balls so will start to use some of my larger balls on a border. I may even be finished in time for the start of May.

In close up.

Meantime I have to think of a slogan or a few words to describe what this is all about. So far I have “Cherished Scraps make kind blankets”.

What do you think? How could I say in a few words, what I want to say.

Meantime have you been missing Yarn Along? Rachel has now started Yarning Along, do check it out.

Time to do a bit more crocheting I think….


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (44)

  1. Granny squares are one of my favorite “Instant Gratification” projects. It doesn’t take long to make one and you can say, “That was quick, off to the next one!”. Looks great!

  2. Beautiful blanket! I love that it is made mostly from all of your scraps. I do need to try little granny squares.

  3. Oh wow I really really like that blanket, the colours just work so well with the background colour. It’s great.
    This was a very touching post.

    And thank you for the shout out, I need to make it clearer I think that the link stays active all week, although the ‘official day’ is Wednesday.

  4. It’s already beautiful! Love the names everyone has come up with.

  5. I think I like scrappy crochet better than the projects that are carefully planned–it’s a really pretty lap blanket and I love the thought and care behind the project!

  6. What lovely warm memories to share of your Dad. May these spare fibers lovely connected bring lots of comfort to those you share with love. Adorable.

    • The ten days he had in the hospice are very special in my memory. He was so cared for. I hope I can help others in a small way.

  7. Go you! A lovely belief to express in crochet and your blanket demonstrates that they may be left overs, but you can create something of equal beauty to what you bought the yarn for in the first place. I, of course, am the opposite to you. I can knit with everyone around me, but i’d get lost doing crochet. Have a lovely weekend x

  8. Your blanket is so pretty. I know exactly what you mean about sanity through crochet, that is the route I take as well!

  9. Wood So Wild said:

    Very colourful and cheerful!

  10. The blanket is wonderful! Making stuff for others from scraps is a great way to share!

  11. Such a lovely blanket, and with such loving thoughts whilst making it up. Am looking forward to its completion!

  12. Oh Cathy. I love granny squares and yours are beautiful. You inspire me to make something with all those pieces of yarn that I just can’t seem to get rid of. I love your words and I thought of “Scraps of Generosity” might be fun too. 🙂 I understand how you feel when those anniversaries and birthdays come around of our loved ones who have passed on. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  13. Your blanket is looking very colourful and so cheerful. Great!

  14. what a lovely idea and a pretty blanket. I don’t have a better name than that which you have come up with, or that others have written in the comments, but I do love the idea. I love crocheted scrap blankets, they are wonderful things.

  15. claire93 said:

    I’m not very good making up names, but this blanket is gorgeous. And I bet you’re thinking of your Dad with each stitch.

  16. I haven’t thought of a name I’m afraid but this is such a lovely idea.

  17. ‘Covered with Kind Thoughts’. ?
    Lovely blanket and a great project.

  18. Love out of Leftovers? Snuggle in Scraps? Whatever name you choose, that’s a gorgeous blankie and such a good use of leftovers. Once it’s done, I hope you’ll feature it for ScrapHappy day on 15th May!

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