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Knit and Natter Friday!

It’s Good Friday today, so Happy Easter. I hope the hot cross buns were tasty. I put out my Easter display this week and I think my sheep knitted from a kit by Dartmoor Yarns

fits in perfectly.

Bagpuss is finished. Bagpuss is a children’s TV programme

just an old, saggy cloth cat.
Baggy, and a bit loose at the seams.
But Emily loved him.

Or in my case a knitted Bagpuss. So now I am on with some more conventional knitting in the form of a jumper for Little Miss F. I choose and bought the yarn last year when I was trying to challenge myself and improve my knitting skills, which is why once again I will have a cable needle to contend with when it comes to the hearts on the front.

Not certain how much knitting will get done this Easter weekend, I have a full house  with son, grandson, fiancée of son, daughter of fiancée and Coco the woofer. None of whom have the remotest interest in nattering about knitting or anything fabric related. So please do leave  a comment or a link to a yarny, fabricy post. Thanks.

Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (17)

  1. Loved Bagpuss so much, Charlie mouse and Professor Yaffle!

  2. Oh yes, Bagpuss was a favourite of mine as a child, and that opening phrase reminds me what a lovely, soothing voice the narrator had. Fabulous makes and that jumper promises to be quite special with the cabling and fluted hem.

  3. Happy Easter. We too loved Bagpuss and I have the DVD!

  4. YAY for Easter sheep! 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter weekend with all your lovely family and that you’ve managed to sneak a little knitting in xx

  5. Happy Easter! Your Easter display is lovely in front of that gorgeous window! Your knitting is looking so sweet! Love all the pink rufflies at the bottom.

  6. Bagpuss was one of my favourite programmes growing up (not sure I’ve finished yet!). Happy Easter! 🐣

  7. Lovely window for Easter – hope you have a delightful time with family!

  8. Happy Easter! Enjoy your family 🙂
    Bagpuss is super cute!

  9. I really like the ruffled edging on the bottom of that jumper. I’m sure that you will have no problems with using a cable needle this time round. I’m quite fond of cables, but less fond of repeatedly having to retrieve the cable needle from down the side of the sofa!

  10. That Bagpuss is just amazing! I’m a real Bagpuss fan – even bought myself the DVD of the series (and I have no babes, grandchildren or others to excuse this indulgence) – so I’m a real appreciator of all things Bagpuss. It is lovely that you continue to Knit and Natter online even though Yarnalong has finished. I never get round to writing an entire blogpost about my knitting but used to love posting the odd yarny pic on Instagram. Have a lovely Easter weekend 🙂

    • Thanks it’s good to h ear that from a Bagpuss fan. I discovered I need to have my knit and nattter posts now that I can’t yarn along. These things just evolve. I don’t use Instagram or Twitter, not enough hours in the day as it is.

  11. I love your Bagpuss and that’s the first completed sheep I’ve seen from Bekki’s kits – so cute and perfect for you Easter display. Have a lovely long weekend with your family. x

    • Thanks, and happy Easter to you in France. I found the sheep very easy tod o and Bekki’s instructions were good and a dream to follow.

  12. Your Bagpuss made me smile🙂. Such a favourite children’s series of mine. Have a lovely family weekend.

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