Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Whilst I was in France in February I was determined to eat a pancake. I had two, both for lunch.

In Carcassonne , with lemon and sugar. Delicious.

As a starter at the Golden Wedding Anniversary party. Buckwheat pancake with cheese, mushrooms and bacon. The filling was tasty but the pancake a bit hard!

Never the less, I enjoyed both.

Looking forward to seeing what you had for lunch. Please leave a link in the comments.

Next week’s prompt is ARCH.

Happy Snapping!


Comments on: "One a week Photo Challenge- Lunch" (29)

  1. A bit late coming to the table! My mouth is watering seeing those pancakes. Here’s my late LUNCH: https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2017/04/25/lunch/

  2. Mmmm, crepes! Thinner than American pancakes, as noted above, but filled with ANYTHING they are delicious! I like my pancakes with butter and maple syrup, but I like my crepes with a skim of raspberry jelly, some whole berries and whipped cream. Yum! Actually, I like the savory fillings as well, wish I lived near a creperie!

  3. I love the look of the Buckwheat one, very appetising Cathy.

  4. claire93 said:

    I love a buckwheat pancake (in France we call them “galettes au blé noir”) and that’s one pancake I can eat because buckwheat is gluten free. The art, to stop them being hard, is to not overcook, and to eat immediately while still piping hot ^^ Tis true, they are an acquired taste, but yum yum . . . melted butter, cheese, a ham . . . I could devour one right this minute.

    • They were completely cold , I suppose they would have to be moulded in some way and allowed to cool to get that shape. It was disappointing that they weren’t hot.

  5. Now they’re my kind of lunches! I doubt I’ll find them in my slimming world books tho. 😋

  6. I love pancakes and waffles, American or Norwegian, any time of the day! Yum!


  7. I love a good crepe so much better than what we call a pancake like Kate said. My mother used to make them when dad was away and fill them with apple pie filling and top with whipped cream. Those would be our dinner and we would be oh, so well behaved.:) Of course I’m craving them now.

  8. I love pancakes, mostly because my grandmother used to make them for me in the shape of bunnies and kitties! And I also love them as a vehicle for maple syrup . . .

  9. I like pancakes and the ones katechiconi talks about which I have had with bacon and maple syrup, first cooked by someone from the USA. I make something similar with bacon and or sausages. I make what my mother called ‘pikelets’ also known as Scotch pancakes but without currants and buttered and piled in a stack. If I haven’t got maple syrup I use runny honey.

    • Aren’t terms interesting. My Dad always called crumpets pikelets! Just seen an ad on Facebook for Hot Cross buns with bacon and maple syrup. Don’t think I could eat that- too rich for me!

  10. Personally, I think a bacon and maple syrup pancake is the food of the gods, but I know it’s not everyone’s cuppa. Also, the pancakes you show are what we’d call crepes; our pancakes are smaller, thicker and fluffy in texture. Brilliant for sopping up flavour…

  11. I’ve only just had my croissant so not thinking about lunch yet. Actually, during the week when the husband’s not here I generally have a bowl of porridge :/ Pancakes are one of the foods I find promise much and often ‘under deliver’ and I’m with you and The Snail on the buckwheat ones – best avoided.

    • I’ve just had porridge for breakfast, and it will be soup for lunch. Tends to be soup in winter, then salads as the days are warmer and we have home grown to turn too.

  12. Mmmmmmmmmm. Pancakes.

  13. I do like a lemon and sugar pancake… I want one for breakfast now! Buckwheat I’m never so impressed by – pancakes made from it are often hard and I think it has a slightly odd flavour.

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