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Knit and Natter Friday

I rather like this idea of having a natter with some knitting thrown in. Please join in, I will feel very silly nattering to myself.

A rather wonderful thing happened on Wednesday. It turned out it wasn’t my birthday, that is still firmly in October. But the wonderful Claire had decided that my unbirthday was this week and I received a simply marvellous present. Sometimes you receive a gift that is just so perfect it takes your breath away. This one did bring a tear to my eye.ย  It’s so pretty.

This is a needle case, with pretty quilting, and cross stitch and made in my absolute favourite colour and inside

some hand beaded stitch markers. Oh MY! Thank you so much. I love it.

Meantime do any of you have this sort of conversation. Mr E bellowing from downstairs ” What are you doing Cath?” He calls me Cath and that is not my name, but he’s never cottoned onto that one. Beside the point. My reply “Looking up a grave in the Anfield cemetery in Liverpool”. Perfectly natural thing to do. Or later that day ” Cath, what are you doing?” Reply ” Knitting cat’s eyes !” Silly man.

Bagpusses eyes to be precise. Right now he is a cat of many parts. Soon to be united with legs, ears and whiskers.

Meantime the knitting pattern that the Gremlin in the computer ordered has arrived.

with yarn for the one at the top. Personally I am not at all surprised that the Gremlin choose this one. I suppose I could help out with the knitting, but not until I have done the jumper which is next in the queue.

So, what are you up too this weekend? I hope it involves some knitting or sewingย  or something you love doing with people you care about.


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday" (25)

  1. Doesn’t she do beautiful work? We were so lucky to have her in the F2F quilt block swap, and her embroidery was outstanding ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I bet Claire’s blocks are fabulous. Yes you are lucky to have her as a participant. I didn’t exaggerate, I sat looking at the needlecase and I did cry tears of happiness.

  2. Lovely gifts from Claire – lucky you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh yes, I definitely have those conversations. Loving that pattern – have Favorited it on Ravelry for future use (hopefully). Thanks for sharing.

    • I was lucky, very lucky. Glad its not just me that has these weird conversations! The pattern certainly inspired the Gremlin!

  3. Shirley said:

    What a lovely gift and surprise. We seem to like the same knitting patterns. I’m currently knitting the little dog cardigan. We both knitted the Aran bobble cardigan pattern and I’ve already knitted 2 of those cardigans from your new pattern in waiting. Enjoy when you get to it. I’m currently having a retro time. My daughter was given some old patterns by a work friend and I’m knitting up one of those. I have this deja vu moment with it. I think my mother used the same one back in the 1980s for my daughters and my nieces but alas she died 11 years ago so I can’t ask her. Best wishes ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I have knitted the little dog one, twice for my granddaughter! I won’t be knitting that bobble cardigan ever again. How lovely to have been given those old patterns. I wish I had kept more of the ones I made for my sons. There was one from a magazine in particular I wish I still had, for a very bright multi coloured cardigan. Strangly it is an old pattern for a clown jumper which my grandson T likes the best! His Mum doesn’t like it at all!

  4. How lovely to receive such a gift.
    This weekend I am hoping to finish my contribution to the sisterhood sketchbook, but I have to re-work one piece because I got carried away and made it too big. Ah well, the over-large piece can become something else… maybe I will gift it to someone… I must know somebody who, like you, has a non-birthday in the offing!

    • I am really looking forward to seeing your sketchbook entry. It looks such an amazing piece of work. I am sure you will think of someone whose non birthday it is. I am still at the stage of just looking at my new needlecase and stroking it from time to time! have a great weekend.

  5. What a lovely gift from Claire – it’s almost as gorgeous as the one she sent me! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I have put my second ‘boyfriend cardigan’ aka ‘Drew’ from one of Kim Hargreaves books to one side with only the raglan sleeves to finish off and then the dreaded sewing up. I put it aside to indulge my new crochet passion and was hoping to get a blanket completed for mothers’ day but didn’t. I’m now crocheting the border of the blanket so will hopefully be able to get back to the knitting soon. Of course, by the time it’s finished it will be too hot to wear here so it won’t be on my back until around November time. Lucky that yarn doesn’t ‘go off’.

    • I agree it’s jolly lucky that yarn doesn’t go off or I would be in real difficulty! I usually buy yarn and pattern together, and then forget I have it till I go looking for something else. I saw your needlecase yesterday and prefer mine, the colour is just my favourite. We are very lucky ladies. Looking forward to seeing your blanket, I keep wanting to do a ripple one, but the time. I think there is a Time Bandit out there who steals my knitting time somehow. He’s probably a cousin of the Computer Gremlin!

  6. What a beautiful gift!
    I wrote about a conversation with my husband today too. Men are different:)
    The pattern is adorable! I wish I had a gremlin ordering things for me;)

  7. claire93 said:

    Bagpuss is coming along nicely Cathy – he looks very soft and cuddly, just like he’s meant to.
    And I’m glad you prefer your little gift to the one I sent Tialys lol.

  8. What a lovely gift! I’ve been sewing forever but I never learned how to knit.

  9. A lovely gift from a lively lady! And, I love that sweet cardigan…so cute!

  10. hayleym said:

    What a beautiful and very personal gift – I’ve dipped my toe (rather gingerly) into quilting and a project like this would be perfect for me to carry on with as Ilove cross stitching too …off I go to search Pinterest!
    Mind you, I’ve got a lot of yarny things going on at the moment: still adding to my premature baby stash with crochet hats and some knitted incubator blankets as well as a pair of socks on a hook and my scarf/shawl that is increasing in frustration. Phew – glad it’s a short day at work today so I can get home and get busy ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I hope you get to spend lots of time this weekend on all those projects. I think its nice to have a variety of things on the go at once, helps keep me motivated. I love your work by the way.

  11. I don’t knit but I’m happy to come by and listen to you natter! Have a fun weekend!

  12. Thank you, Glad yu like the natter!

  13. What a lovely un-birthday present, no wonder you were moved to tears. I am definitely doing some knitting and nattering this weekend – as I type, actually! Knitting and iPad on my lap catching up with some blog reading as I knit. Have a good weekend!

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