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17 for 2017- March

It’s true time does go faster as you get older. Apparently March is over and it’s now April. Not quite certain how that happened. Been another lovely busy month, for which I am most grateful. So how did I do with my goals for this year?

17 swims – 2 more this month, making that 3 for this year.

16 hour long walks- I have done quite well this month and added 4 more, giving me a total of 6

This was the first one, through Cropton woods. A bird left me a present on my head shortly after I took this, I persist in believing that good luck is now assured for me and it’s not just an old wives tale! Walks in Dalby woods, the Oxfordshire countryside and seeing the daffodils in Farndale followed.

15 books read from the heap by the bed! I have read another two novels since the last Yarn Along (sigh)

One was about Hollywood in the 1930’s , and a dismal picture it painted of all the hopeless hopefuls. The other about the Land Army Girls in WW2. They were ok.

14lbs lost- hurrah for the first 1 1/2!

13 cards made- 8 all in one month. Three were cross stitch.

Four featured these bird toppers

And the last one for a certain 16 year old to be.

12 Posts about Yorkshire Villages- 1 , Cropton

11 Days out- 4 now, two added this month. One was to see my lovely grandson H at Oxford Utd, where he was one of the mascots. he had a brilliant time, with a tour of the ground, a meet and greet with the players, a training session and finally walked on the ground with the players. As it happens the player he walked out with scored the winning goal! Just saying.

H is the little lad all in black( his Dad Mr J just behind him) walking over to his adoring fans ,doting grandparents, family. Shame about them.

My Boys!

The second day out was to Combe Mill.

10, try 10 new things. I am adding one more this month, total 2. I went with a group from the Family History Society to the County Records Office for a behind the scenes tour. I haven’t been on such an outing before, and was a bit apprehensive going on my own with a group of strangers. But it was a great day. The Society put out an appeal for someone to write a report for the newsletter. I waited to see if anyone else would volunteer, but they didn’t so I wrote one, and it was great seeing my work in proper print. Bit nerve-wracking but I did it.

9 crochet/knitting projects. Two more this month, the Mermaid.

Here posing with her brother now sporting an earlier finish of mine. And the little baby matinée jacket. Total 8.

8 craft projects- 0

7 sewing projects- still 1

6 non fiction books read- half way there, total is 3

5 questions answered about my family history. Whilst at the Records office I did some research. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did read some Banns for marriage and may have discovered the maiden name of my 3x great-grandmother. And that’s family history for you. You never know what you will find. In the meantime I have been taking care of more immediate family history. I have finally got round to scanning in my Dad’s slides. And it’s not easy to recall who is shown and where they are taken. It occurred to me that my most beloved Granny is Master H’s 2x Great Grandmother, and so I need to write down who she is in the pictures! I am counting this as 1 by the way, even though it’s not what I set out to do.

4 Good sort outs. The garden has been tackled, that gives me 3! Just the kitchen to go.

3 Interesting things found- At Combe Mill there was a wood-turning area, and in a box labelled FREE help yourself, were some practice bits. I selected this one.

Very tactile, but I have no ideas what to do with it. Any suggestions most gratefully received.

2 Picnics- 0

1 Boat Ride- 0

0 additions to the stash of craft materials, yarn, fabric etc. Whoops! There was a bit of an accident with the keys on my computer and some yarn and a pattern were bought. Bit of a mystery what happened there.

Never mind…..

Onwards and Upwards. Hope you had a good month. April should be good… chocolate.

And as they say if life is giving you lemons there is always lemonade to be made.




Comments on: "17 for 2017- March" (35)

  1. No idea how large that piece of wood turning is, but if it’s not too big could you use it as a darning mushroom?

  2. Or maybe put a pincushion on top?

  3. No wonder time flies with such and busy and varied life 😁. Sounds like you are having plenty of fun on the walks (apart from the naughty bird). Enjoy!

  4. Good progress here. 🙂 You made me laugh out loud at the keys of your computer accidentally ordering for you. That’s what happens here sometime. Gremlins, I’m sure. The only think I could think of for the wooden thing was a candle stand. Something will come of it in time. I want to start making cards too. Very soon.

  5. Well that sounds like a very good month. I am starting April with a 17 for 17 flourish – cheese-making and I’ve started making my gardening apron.

    • I love the apron you made and I love reading about your cheese. I bet it tastes so much better than a shop one. In fact probably nothing like a shop one!

      • I have to confess that I do currently have one very stinky cheese ripening up that Mr snail says he won’t eat!! All the others, however, do seem to be behaving more predictably… not sure what I did to make the stinky one so stinky!

  6. claire93 said:

    it’s soon going to be picnic and boat ride weather lol

  7. You’re certainly tackling 2017 head on! 😃

  8. You have been busy! I too cannot believe that April is here.

  9. Well done Cathy! Great progress, love that photo of your walk – so glad for you on the Good Luck ‘present’ ! Congratulations on your write-up – is this the start of things to come? Lovely to see your happy boys and the gorgeous mermaid.

  10. No wonder time is going fast – you are fitting so much into it.
    Can’t see the scale of the wooden doodah or whether it’s hollow but could you use it to wrap some spare ribbon or thread or yarn around?

  11. No big surprise time flies with such and occupied and shifted life… Sounds like you are having a fabulous time on the strolls

  12. SO neat that your report was published in the newsletter! You are doing really well with your goals–the lists seems to be motivating you in lots of directions!

    • The goals do help to encourage one to do just a bit more! I was thrilled about the report, didn’t know if I still had it in me.

  13. You’re making great progress! the cards a lovely 🙂

  14. I love this 17 for 2017 idea! Do you know what type of wood your piece is?

  15. What a great month. Well done on your report writing and publishing and generally putting yourself forward to do it!

  16. What a fab and busy month! I love the cards. That little bit of turned wood is very sweet, hope you find a use for it.

  17. No idea on the wood piece, but loved all the photos and hope you are having fun working on your list!

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