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Knit and Natter!

I miss chatting about all things yarny on Yarn Along.Only one thing for it, have a knit and natter anyway . Please feel free to join in at any point with a comment or a link to your yarny chatter, it would make me so happy.

I finished the matinée jacket for the new baby to be, too early to say who, what, why, when as the parents are only just past the 12 weeks.

The yarn is by Sirdar and is called Tiny Tots. I had this yarn in my stash so that was a good thing.

The button is a ladybird and was part of my Secret Santa gift , perfect wouldn’t you say?

So then it was onto the next project , I am not certain if  I bought this yarn in 2016 or 2015, but it’s for Bagpuss

The yarn is Sirdar snowflake, chunky. Mr E asked me why I was knitting with pipe cleaners, had I run out of yarn? He is a bit cheeky some days! That’s the body of Bagpuss on the needles, the face is driving me a bit crazy, you knit it all in cream and then add the pink stripes, but my stripes looked narrower than those in the picture. Now it may be that they will flatten out when I stitch them , or it could just be that I have worn out my bamboo needles. What do you think?

Well I bought them before we left Oxfordshire from the wonderful wool shop I was then working in, so that makes them at least 15 years old. Maybe time for a new pair of bamboo needles. In the meantime out with an old pair of needles.

Anyway I went on the Deramores web site with the intention of buying more.  Big Mistake! They have a sale. I choose a 4 ply pattern and more yarn for the baby bean, and then there was another pattern in the sale and yarn in the sale.

OH NO! I appear to have hit the wrong keys and bought more yarn. So much for my no yarn/ pattern, craft materials purchasing goal for 2017. But when they come next week sometime I will show you, and you will understand why.

In the meantime back to Bagpuss!

Love to hear your yarny chatter and please feel free to leave a link to any yarn related post.

Comments on: "Knit and Natter!" (32)

  1. Bagpuss will be wonderful – but those needles, wow! I’ve never seen worn out needles before; they could tell some tales…..

  2. hayleym said:

    Oh, darling old Bagpuss – brings back childhood memories! I loved the old cloth cat and his friends 🙂
    I really think you’re long overdue some new needles lovely, they are an essential purchase!
    I’ve been making some prem baby bits and bobs – I’ve crochet some cardigans and hats and my Mum has been knitting them. They’re oh so tiny it’s quite scary really but those little bods are fighters.
    I’ve got another rabbit on my 4mm hook and on my 4.5mm I’ve got a scarf/shawl using the gorgeous new Sirdar colourwheel!
    Never enough hours in the day lol xx

  3. What a sweet little jacket for a new little one. And the button is just too cute! I love the yarn you are using for Bagpuss. Looks so soft and squishy. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  4. Adorable baby knit and the bagpuss sounds fun 🙂 this is my knitting update for the week: https://wordpress.com/posts/kirstyholloway72.wordpress.com

  5. Those needles should be framed!

  6. I can’t join in on yarn chat, since I don’t know how to knit, but I can admire all you’re doing and be blown away by the wear on your needles–I didn’t know that could happen!

  7. Great to see your projects. Both so cute. I think spending extra money on yarn is the least you can do when Mr E has kindly pointed out that you must be low on it 😉

  8. I think somebody has been using your needles as chopsticks and chewing on them!
    I love Bagpuss – can’t wait to see how he turns out.
    You must have the same keyboard as me 😉

    • That explains it, Mr E chews pencils, can I blame him? I wonder if I should complain to the computer manufacturer about this problem!

  9. Bagpuss looks wonderfully soft!

  10. Adorable sweater and simply precious cat! I must say I don’t think I have ever seen a more worn pair of needles!!

  11. I love that sweet little ladybug button. However, the most amazing thing about this post is what you’ve done to those needles! I’ve worn the coating off metal needles in the past, but I’ve never worn through bamboo or wooden ones. If you are looking for lovely needles, I highly recommend KnitPro Symphonie – they are wooden and a dream to knit with.

  12. It is so very sad that you hit the wrong keys! 😉 I will have to use that excuse — I mean, perfectly logical reasoning about an uncontrollable event — myself!

  13. lol love that tiny sweater, and the beautiful pink and white tiger! As fro the yarn diet – it is so hard to stick to such a thing when faced with all the tempting choices. 🙂 can’t wait to see what you got.

  14. claire93 said:

    looks like you need some new needles!
    lovely cardie, and I look forward to seeing Bagpuss take shape. I cross-stitched a small Bagpuss design last year and finished it off as a cushion cover for my daughter ^^

  15. Very happy to join in the yarny chatter Cathy – I’m missing Yarn Along too. You are getting well ahead of the game with the little jacket – so cute with the ladybird. Here’s yarny post this week: https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2017/03/29/hot-of-the-hook/

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