Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

The Sewing Nook.

Not my sewing nook but Tabitha’s! Tabitha has a lovely blog, full of the wonderful things she makes and sells here at The Sewing Nook

Now pop over and have a look at her pretty aprons. I asked her if she had any bee fabric and took commissions. Mr B’s partner Ms G likes her bees. Tabitha said Yes. Some discussion followed, and this week right on cue I took delivery of this beautifully warapped parcel .

I had to look inside but wanted to preserve wrapping. Take a look at this.

One staggering lovely bee apron which is also lined

Close up

Can’t wait to give it to Ms G for her birthday next month. So lovely to be able to support a British seamstress and blogger. Thanks Tabitha.


Comments on: "The Sewing Nook." (16)

  1. Fabulous! Tabatha is fabulous too. I’m sure Ms G will love it.

  2. How wonderful for everyone. Love the personal note. That’s a sweet added bonus for supporting local. cheers

  3. Gorgeous fabric and a really beautifully made apron 🙂

  4. Oh Cathy they are such kind words. I am so glad you liked the apron and I hope Ms G will be just as pleased with it. Tabitha 😊

  5. Looks like Ms. G will soon be buzzing about the kitchen. 🙂 What a fun gift to give and to support local work is an extra bonus. So sweet.

  6. That is beeeeautiful! Lucky Ms G.

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