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17 for 2017- February

It’s been an odd winter here this year, endless grey dismal days. I really feel as if I did hibernate away till it was over. The pain in my thumb/hand is lessening, and I have reduced the amount of knitting I tackle each week.  On the couple of sunny days we had this month I couldn’t wait to get in the garden, normally I am a reluctant gardener until I get outside.

The sunshine and warmth at the weekend in France has woken me up. All of a sudden I feel more alive, Spring has arrived.


So what about my 17 for 2017 goals?

17 swims- finally dragged my sorry a*** to the pool on Wednesday. Technically that is a March swim, but who cares? I am back in the pool.-Total 1

16 hour-long walks- we had another walk round Dalby and a new to us footpath. We walked to a bird hide and had a happy time looking over a lake and watching the wildfowl– a couple of moorhens. Well it is early in the year still. Total- 2

15 Pre owned books read-6 , but the pile by my bed is growing still as people keep lending me books, but at least I haven’t bought any, unless you count the three I bought on the Kindle. You don’t count those do you?

14lbs lost- I did at least get on the scales yesterday, so now I have begun.

13 cards made- 0

12 village photo posts-0

11 days out-2 now with the day in Carcassonne


10- try 10 new things- I ate wild boar for the first time. Cooked with chestnuts in a red wine sauce and it was GOOD


It was the meal at the anniversary party. The one bean vegetable made me giggle!

9 knitting and crochet projects – 6 with the crochet blanket

8 other crafts-0

7 Sewing projects-1. The one being the wall tidy I made but there is  progress on two WIPS. The first is my patchwork quilt, which now looks like this.


And the Winter embroidery which I will show next time.

6 Non Fiction books read- the total is now 2, as I finished the book about John Steinbeck and Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson.

5 bits of family history research. I have a planned visit to the county records office next week, so progress may be made in March.

4 Jolly Good sort outs. 2. We have been through our clothes and two big bags went off to the charity shop. And I sorted the guest / craft bedroom, from this


to this


Result! Stand by for the next one!

3 interesting finds-0

2 picnics-0

1 boat ride-0

0 craft purchases- 0. Although I did buy another ball of yarn to complete the crochet blanket, that doesn’t count because it isn’t a new project.

Not too shabby for someone who was hibernating!

How are your goals for 2017 going? Please leave a link below to your update posts if you like.





Comments on: "17 for 2017- February" (26)

  1. Your quilt is beautiful. Progressing steadily with your list. 🙂 Not too shabby indeed.

  2. Well done on your progress. Now what’s this talking about winter in the past tense? It’s definitely still winter here? Have a great weekend x

  3. You don’t hibernate the way I do! You’re doing great, only two months in–I do love the hexies and have been thinking about making some myself. I can’t believe you have crocuses already . . .

  4. If this was hibernating, I’m afraid of summer!!😉

  5. I’m always amazed by the use of fresh vegetables here. The markets are packed with people buying them but when you eat out they give you miniscule portions or, worse, tinned or bottled ones. Plus, I don’t want salad as a separate course – I want it on my plate with the main course. Wild boar is definitely worth having when you can find it

    • Thanks, we had hoped that France would have improved veggie wise. We had a lot of camping holidays with the boys when they were little and loved the markets, but what do they do with the veggies they buy? We once had a seven course meal in France and one course was just lettuce and another was potato chips , the crisp variety. Pudding was a golden delicious apple!

  6. You are making great progress and no, Kindle books don’t count. They take up no space except on the tablet. Mine keeps telling me I’ve run out of storage space. 😦 All that clutter gone is worth extra bonus points.

  7. You’ve been a very busy bee! 🐝
    Stunning work on the quilt!!

  8. cherielanglois said:

    Good for you! Enjoyed reading about your progress, and pics, especially of Carcassonne–we visited there some years ago and loved it 🙂

  9. […] 17 for 2017 (nanacathydotcom) […]

  10. Wow! You made a lot of progress this past month. I have to go along with everyone else and say that hexie quilt is awesome. And, I hear you on the pain in your thumb from knitting. I just started a loom knit and was getting it too tight, my thumb was killing me. Thank goodness for the internet and being able to see what I can do different so that it won’t be too tight. Well, I wish you continued progress in March.

  11. Love your hexie quilt. A lovely balance of scraps. Never had wild boar but it sounded delicious!

  12. The crocuses are lovely! They really make me think spring.
    One Bean! My children would love me to serve vegetables one piece per meal:)

  13. Your hexies are looking splendiferous 🙂

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