Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

A weekend in France.

Just back from a marvellous weekend in France with family, friends, food  and wine!

We took a lovely gite near Carcassonne.


It’s a converted wine storage cellar. Might not look much from the front, but inside and in the garden at the back the story is different.


View from the bathroom.


View from the bedroom and yes those are the Pryanees.


Middle son Mr J and fiancée Ms M were with us too. Mmm breakfast.


We had travelled on Thursday so Friday was our first full day there. And where to go but Camelot Carcassonne.


And a walk round the ramparts.


View over the town.


View over the interior of the old city.


The old cathedral is stunning, especially the Rose windows.


Saturday and time for some winter sun.


Not warm enough for the swimming pool though. Then it was time for the main event.


Here at the home of our friends, who just so happen to be Mr J’s godparents and were celebrating their


And a wonderful time was had by all. We sat outside and soaked up those rays.


Now I have one of these in my garden. How long before mine is in bloom like this. I can’t tell you how good this little bit of R&R has done us. Might just have to plan a little something else now. Any ideas?




Comments on: "A weekend in France." (29)

  1. Sounds like a delightful weekend. And a 50 year anniversary is something to celebrate. Spending time with adult children a real bonus.

  2. cherielanglois said:

    Like one of your other readers, I’m so envious that you’re able to visit France over a weekend! I wish it weren’t so far away….My husband and I loved Carcassonne–it really is like Camelot 🙂

  3. I so envy you the ability to just pop over to France for a weekend! That setting is glorious and it looks like the weekend was perfection–great weather, family, dear friends–couldn’t ask for more!

  4. Great images Cathy. A weekend in France heh!! the best we can do here is a weekend in Tasmania.

  5. What a lovely weekend! French castle turrets always look so romantic, don’t they? Like something you’d expect to see in a Disney film.

  6. A wonderful weekend to be sure! I’m glad you enjoyed it Cat💐

  7. Oh you lovely lucky lot! I’ve always wanted to visit Carcassonne, I love this history in the surrounding area 🙂 Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures!

  8. Some beautiful photos!!!

  9. Lovely part of the world, what a gorgeous trip. And so lovely to be able to share it with old friends.

  10. Lucky you, sounds perfect

  11. sounds like the perfect setting for a long week-end break.

  12. How very beautiful 🙂

  13. Looks like a wonderful break!

  14. Gorgeous photos!! I’m glad everyone had a lovely visit. I can’t get over the views:)

  15. Beautiful pictures. My favorite is thur the window. Glad it was a wonderful weekend.

  16. Stunning pics and so lovely to have a weekend away at this time of year. Congratulations to your friends. Go on, book something else. And don’t forget you need a week in Greece too 🙂

  17. Ah! You were only up the road from me then. We have been having glorious weather lately. We went for a friend’s birthday lunch on Thursday and were not only able to eat outside but had to take jackets off too as it was so hot. Carcassonne is lovely isn’t it and a good time of year to visit before it gets too crowded.

  18. What a wonderful thing to do with a weekend! It sounds heavenly. You should definitely keep doing short little trips like that while it is easy to move about Europe!

  19. Oh how wonderful Cathy. I would love to visit Carcasonne. It looks stunning. Have you read Kate Mosse’s books which are set there? It looks magical 😊

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