Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!


Traffic on a Greek Island- Santorini


Traffic on the Greek Mainland- Parga.


Traffic on the North York Moors- Goathland! Not so diffferent to Greece after all. Just the weather!

Please leave a link to any Traffic photo you have at Wild Daffodil for inclusion in our monthly round up of pictures from February’s challenge, or below in the comments.

Next weeks’ prompt is SEED.

Happy Snapping!

Comments on: "One a week photo challenge- Traffic" (9)

  1. Now That’s What I Call traffic!

  2. Wonderful photos Cathy, now thats the kind of traffic I don’t mind.

  3. I hope you’re not going to goad us with sunny Greek skies every week.
    Yep, lots of animals on the roads here too. Sadly so many people drive too fast and injure/kill them. A couple of weeks ago two moorland ponies (a mum and her foal) were so horrifically injured, the farmer left their bodies on the roadside for several days in the hope of it educating drivers how to behave.

  4. I really wanted a picture of buffalo crossing the road in Custer State Park, but alas it is only in my mind’s eye!

  5. Yes, yes, and yes! All three show a pace of life that I love. ❤

  6. I bet the locals curse and swear lol

  7. This traffic is so much more exciting than what I see out my car window:)

  8. Those North Yorkshire beasties look as if they’re in much more of a rush than the Greek ones 😉

  9. What a fun collection and connection – nice to have another sunny photo today – grey and windy here. xx

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