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Scrap Happy- a wall tidy


The bat and star fabrics were bought for the project and along with the gingham ribbon. BUT, I needed to buy them because I wanted to use the scraps of fabric left over from previous projects for a wall tidy hanging for Master T.


First step was to make the pockets and attach to the fabric. I guess the addition of the ribbon might strengthen the bottom of the pockets.


I still need a length of dowel to hang it by, a roll of brown paper suffices for a quick picture. The tabs at the top have buttons in the pattern, but I didn’t have suitable buttons. But I did have these two motifs. I have actually had them for years and years and years and can’t recall where I got them from. They are French. They may even have been a free gift. The card in the packet says Cafeteria Casino,the front reads Collectionne Les ecussons Gum’s. Any ideas?


I think that may be a cucumber.


And this a tomato. Anyway, more fun than a button, but probably not as strong.

Pattern for this came from a book called Cute and Easy Quilting and Stitching by Charlotte Liddle. Just checked on Amazon and it is available there. I like the book a lot because templates are included for tracing and are the actual size. No fighting with a photocopier.

Joining with Kate for February Scrap Happy.  Do pop over there as there are links to lots of scrap Happy projects. And we all need happiness.

Comments on: "Scrap Happy- a wall tidy" (20)

  1. What a great post. I am going to pop over there and hopefully get some inspiration. I have more scraps than I can possibly use. Thanks.

  2. It came out great. Kids just love this sort of thing. Well done!

  3. Always love you ScrapHappy posts 🙂

  4. Someone is going to love this happy organizer.

  5. That’s brilliant, and would make a fab gift for the child who has everything at Christmastime! 🙂

  6. Cute wall hanging, and useful, too! All kinds of fun things can be hidden inside the pockets. Wonderful.

  7. Master T will be well-pleased!

  8. Brilliant! What a fab project for scraps.

  9. Scraphappy and useful too!

  10. What a great idea for a ScrapHappy project. You’ve reminded me I need to make a wall-hung organiser for the new ‘van – I’d planned to take back pockets off all the Husband’s old work jeans and stitch those onto a red and white striped fabric remnant. Now I really do have make it, after you’ve inspired me!

    • Thank you , and that is such a great idea for your van. I had no trouble making the pockets, but seem to have got the ribbon on wrong.I had the brilliant idea of trying out machine embroidery when I stitched them down, so wobbly they will be. I assume that the recipient will not notice or care!

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