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Yarn Along!

Hurrah for Bloggers.


Many thanks for all the help you gave me last week regarding the problem of keeping track of a 17 stitch repeat pattern on a row of 170 stitches. The answer was stitch markers. I marked the end of each 17 stitch repeat, did the next block of 17  and then checked that there were still 17 stitches and the right 17 stitches. And now look – that part of the mermaids tail is complete. The pattern is Sirdar number 4708 and it can be bought Here

Thank you also for the reassurance about the book I was reading which was full of weird people. I returned the book and my friend said Yes they are all weird. She then went onto recommend some short stories by the same author, “Although all the characters are weird in them too” moments pause ” Very Weird”.  I am pleased I was honest, and the story was well written.

And for the recommendation of Ibuprofen Gel, for my sore thumb/hand/wrist, which I am now using. I suspect that it is some sort of repetitive strain injury caused by an over enthusiasm for all things yarn.

Onto this week’s book from my bedside heap. Think Forest Gump meets chocolate. The main character drank an elixir of life and is alive for 500 years. He is then present at all things chocolate. Last night I reached page 199 and then dreamed of chocolate. I kid you not. Chocolates on the book are REAL, not artificial, and were a gift, and won’t be around for much longer!

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along


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  1. You just have to love the blogging community, don’t you?

  2. That would have been a nice dream, she has such a super smile and I can’t wait to hear more of your joint venture.

  3. Thanks for sharing the link. Feeling like a real badun though because I asked for the pattern number but offered no advice. Books sounds interesting, but would you actually recommend it?

    • No I wouldn’t recommend the book. Not very well written and the plot is contrived. But the chocolate situations were interesting and I did have a chocolate related dream, and I can’t recall a book influencing my dreams before.. It was ok.

      • Interesting. The cover somewhat reminded me of the cover of Chocolat – by Joanne Harris. That had me daydreaming about setting up my own chocolate shop and Joanne herself said a few people had told her they had opened chocolate shops because they had read the book! So I wonder if the author was trying to win people with the power of chocolate in lieu of having any writing skills.

        I can’t remember ever having a book influence my dreams, but i did recently dream of Ali (aka Thimbelina – you do follow her, don’t you?) coming to visit me in a time machine after she sent me an email late at night 🙂

  4. beautiful knitting! if you think your thumb is hurting from repetitive motions maybe you need to change your projects. I find sock knitting is brutal on my joints as well as knitting with plant fibers. wool and circular needles never disappoint. Hope you feel better in your hands!!

    • Thanks for the advice. The pain started in the Autumn and just got worse. I can’t think of any single thing that triggered it. I wondered about the damp weather, arthritis and simple over use. We were away over Christmas, so no crafting, but it got no better. Ibuprofen seems to be helping. We shall see.

  5. Idea re tail sounds good. Looks like it is coming on well.

  6. Funny, because before looking at this I was just saying that I am craving chocolate BIG TIME! That book is not for me…
    I also thought the chocolate were part of the book’s cover.

  7. Glad that all is coming together well! Chocolate and tail look divine. 🙂

  8. Not sure I should read this book as I have been on sugar free for a month already. Dreaming about chocolate might not be a good thing right now. 😦 I checked out the book on Amazon and they only gave it 31/2 stars. Does it warrant more? Those chocolates do look good though. Your knitting is coming along too. Don’t care for books when the characters are too weird. Thanks for the review.

  9. Now that sounds like my kind of book. The chocolate one, I mean. Not the weird characters. Quite happy to dream of chocolate.

  10. Loving that tail! And now I must go find some chocolate!!!

  11. “Yarners” are a great group of folks … filled with good ideas. I use arnica gel when my hands get cranky after too much yarn. A book featuring chocolate would send me into overdrive! Ha! Have a lovely week…..

    • Thanks for the arnica gel suggestion, I don’t want to be using ibuprofen for too long. It’s the first time I have actually dreamed about the subject of a novel. I was right in there making chocolates. It was a very nice dream.

  12. It’s wonderful when we can help each other:) That is what makes a community.
    The mermaid tail looks great! And those chocolates look so tasty:)

    • Locally made chocolates in Pickering. They are very good indeed. I was so grateful for the help, it made such a difference to how I feel about the project.

  13. I did think that was an extraordinarily well-executed 3D image 🙂

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