Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Mr E’s family were ahead of their time. Long before anyone else his parents were growing their own, had a vegetarian diet, ate organic, made compost, used homeopathy and nature cure remedies. White sugar was the invention of the devil. So no-one was more surprised than me that whilst on holiday in California in 2012 Mr E elected to eat a bowl of fruity loops which were neon coloured and bore no resemblance to any fruit I had every seen. Totally artificial.


Caught on camera for posterity!

Please join us with your artificial photos and leave a link at Wild Daffodil or in the comments.

Feel free to join in the challenge at anytime. Next week’s prompt is Fence. Now that’s an easier one than this weeks.

Happy Snapping!

Comments on: "One a week photo challenge-Artificial" (17)

  1. Did the artificial colours have the same effect on Mr E as they would have done on my children?? 😝

  2. Looking at the colour of those I should think anyone would be high as a kite! So artificial

  3. I love the story behind this photo! I think it definitely beats my artificial, which is at least pretending to be natural, there’s nothing natural in that bowl!

  4. Fascinating story with the image Cathy. Maybe Mr E is not eating them, rather looking closely with disdain?

    • No Denis he ate the lot, and then proceeded to make himself a waffle, again something he had never done before. He told me he was living the American Dream! To this day we can’t explain this breakfast!

  5. I have to laugh, that’s what I had for breakfast this morning! Every now and then I crave the artificial fruity stuff!

  6. Ew! Cringing here just looking them.

  7. That was my son’s favorite cereal when he was a toddler. There is a story in there I may have to tell. We knew nothing of healthy eating in those days. Just lucky to have something. Great photo though. Makes me smile.

  8. Seeing how the other half lives obviously!

  9. Eew! Did he go all hyperactive afterwards?

  10. I can see the temptation – those colours!
    They would go well with my entry this week:https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2017/02/07/artificial/

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