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Whatever was I thinking?


Given that I had so much trouble with a cable pattern over 12 rows, why ever did I think it a good idea to knit something with 170 stitches on the needles with a 17 stitch repeat pattern? I have 64 rows of this to do. All I can say was that back in the Autumn knitting a mermaid’s tail for my granddaughter seemed a good idea. Can anyone think of any good reason I started this? It’s double knitting yarn too. I am trying to do two repeats every day, four rows to one repeat. Just thinking about it means I need a lie down. Exhausted.

The pattern doesn’t even make much sense to me. It’s all holes and waves.



The book is another one lent by a friend. Number three off my bedside heap. The blurb on the back says it’s a novel about coping with bereavement. But the characters are so weird. Shades of Cold Comfort Farm. What am I to say when I return this one? Sorry, I love you friend but the book is weird.

Thanks goodness for crochet.


I have added the middle section to the blanket,(shown as bottom row in the pcture) now to repeat the first three rows of blocks. I can do one block a night, but my hand is starting to hurt. My brother says his does too and his GP said it is arthritis. Please no.

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  1. That’s going to be one cute mermaid though!

  2. Ha ha! The was you telling me the cable cushion was too complicated. You’ll be able to knit the cable cushion in your sleep once you’ve knitted this 😉 And it’s going to be brilliant when you have. Where did you get the pattern from?

    • It’s a sirdar pattern and in the shops now. I will leave a link to it in the next Yarn Along. Your cable cushion is wonderful, but maybe too hard for me.

  3. You must be a glutton for punishment!! 🙂 It’s going to be so cute, though, and the color is perfect!

  4. The mermaids tail is obviously a labour of love! I have arthritis in my wrists now but I used to get muscle aches in my hands before if I did too much of crochet or knitting. I just used to swop. I don’t think the arthritis is the same.

  5. I may be strange, but I really don’t like the mermaid tail blankets… I think because I often sit cross-legged and so one would be useless for me! As for the stitch pattern – I only like patterns where I can follow the logic, so I don’t mind cables at all. Perhaps as your fans develop you’ll find them more intuitive… I assume that they represent fish scales.
    How marvellous that we all have different taste in books – what a dull world it would be if we all liked the same things.

    • Thank you for this very uplifting comment. I must admit I think a sleeping bag would work just as well. But I am not 3 anymore. The pattern after the first 64 rows changes three times as you get to the tail end , I don’t think I will have any bother with them, once I get there.

  6. If you saw the cheapo versions available in the shops and online you would know why you’re knitting one – I know ‘cos my Mum bought both my daughters one for Christmas and they are very tacky – not her fault but she was very disappointed when she saw them although the girls don’t seem to mind over much. I think knitting a mermaid’s tail for a very small baby would be the optimum 😉

  7. Because you like a challenge? It will be worth it when it is finished – just wondering if an appliqued seahorse will appear to keep that mermaid company?? 😉

    • Drat, how did you guess, I was going to surprise you at the end. The blue one is in my cloakroom mounted a sea coloured background.

  8. I think pattern markers will definitely preserve your sanity on this one!!

  9. You are making it because you are a wonderful person!!!! Now go lie down. I say no to Arthur too!!!

  10. claire93 said:

    oh gosh, if I were a few years (decades) younger, I could just see myself wanting to swim around in a mermaid’s tail – how cool is that?????
    as for the book, don’t worry, being friends doesn’t mean you have to enjoy the same books.

  11. Oh no! This makes me think twice about ever knitting a mermaid tail blanket, though I have been wanting to for a while now. A neighbor has even asked me to make one for her. I told her to get everything needed and I will knit it. Now I am having second thoughts. Maybe she has changed her mind and doesn’t want one anymore 🙂 Good luck with it. I know it will be beautiful when you get it done and your granddaughter will love it. Just tell her she has to live in it 😉

    • I think the secret is to find a pattern which uses chunky yarn and not DK. It’s for a 4-5 year old and 170 stitches is a lot to cram on a needle.

  12. I LOVE Jane Gardam, I find her very original and creative 🙂 If this is a new one of hers, I’ll have a squizz at the library when I return my books tomorrow. x

    • I think it is quite an old book. Original and creative, so much better than weird , thank you. I enjoyed the book, it was reminiscent of Cold Comfort Farm. It was the blurb on the back cover which was misleading, it had given me totally the wrong impression of what it was going to be about.

  13. I get pains in my hands too, if I stick with just the one activity. Have you tried half a block of crochet and then switch to knitting? What about some ibuprofen gel massaged into the painful bit? I have an arthritic toe joint and was concerned I would not be able to run or wear heels ever again. The specialist said that was not necessarily the case and he was right. I just looked after it, was sensible with my footwear choices and can now run and wear heels enough to feel I’m not missing out!

  14. I used a Wendy pattern which was REALLY easy (and quick) to knit up because it was super chunky yarn. Sorry, didn’t mean to rub it in! It’ll be worth it when you see her face:)

    • I saw your lovely mermaid tail in your post and cursed myself roundly. I very nearly decided to knit something else with the DK and find your chunky pattern instead.

  15. Have you tried placing stitch markers between every pattern? It saved me so many times when I was knitting the Pine Forest Blanket.
    Knowing how happy your granddaughter will be with the mermaid tail blanket will carry you through.

    • You are a genius. I used a piece of red thread after every 17 stitch repeat and counted back to make sure I had wrapped the yarn round the requisite number of times and still had 17 stitches. I could see the pssos and the k2tog were correct. This meant I didn’t have to try to count 170 at the end of every pattern row. Also it broke the task down and I didn’t loose concentration. So glad I mentioned my problem and so grateful for your comment. Thank you.

  16. I have so far carefully resisted the mermaid tail blanket fad – for just the reasons you talk about. People ask me to make them, and I smile sweetly and say “no, thank you.” As for the book, surely it is OK to disagree with a friend about a book? I am sure your friendship will survive it. Just as I am sure that arthritis is a myth and you will be fine – just keep on relaxing your hands after and during knitting and crocheting, treat yourself to a nice hand cream and rub it in well. (massage). 🙂

    • Thank you for all the positivty in your comment. I have known my friend for over 50 years, so hopefully I will find the right words. Hoping my hand recovers. Just wish I could pinpoint the cause.

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