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17 for 2017- January

January in my little part of North Yorkshire has been disappointing weather wise. No snow! Just two days with blue skies. That leaves the others as having grey skies , fog, and chilly.  Which might explain how I spent my days this month. Hunkered down with my knitting, books, the wood burning stove, cups of tea, and the odd chocolate biscuit. Don’t the Danish have a word for this? I just call it common sense.

17 swims- there were no swims.

16 hour long walks. Just one to the Bridestone rocks in Dalby Forest with our friends.


Dave and Claire.


See grey skies. Lunch was afterwards in a pub called the Fox and Rabbit on the road between Pickering and Whitby. In case you are passing. Just saying the pie was very good….

15 books read from the heap by my bed. Yes two read. There has been a lot of reading this month.

14 lbs lost- don’t know, well would you have looked after pie and chocolate cookies? Next month…

13 cards made- no

12 village photo posts- couple on their way

11 days out- 1 to Scarborough where I visited the Rotunda and Maritime Heritage museums and loved the fossils and Ganseys.

10 new things tried- nope

9 Crochet / Knitting Projects. Well this is where I have spent my time.  5. Yes FIVE. Come back on Yarn Along day and you will see why I will now be slowing down.

8 craft projects-none

7 Sewing/ embroidery projects. I have fished out one I barely started a couple of years ago or maybe it was just last year.


The closest to snow I will get this year I think. Plan to complete this in February. Hold me too it please. Oh and I have started a new sewing project too.

6 non fiction books read- I am half way through the John Steinbeck. Aiming to read one every two months.

5 – research 5 questions on my family history, no

4 good sort outs. Now I read someones’ 17 for 2017 and they were aiming for 15 minute sort outs, which seemed like a good idea.  Please leave a link if this was you. Anyway I have sorted through nearly all my clothes in this way, just got a wardrobe to do. And one bag has gone to a charity shop, and a further one is nearly full and ready to go. So some progress.

3 Interesting finds- none.

2 picnics- no

1 boat ride- no

0 craft supplies. No, nothing, all buttons etc from my supplies. Amazing.

So how have you done this month? Have you set any goals? Made any progress? Please feel free to leave a link to your posts.

Good Luck and have a most enjoyable February. And if life is tough, remember its darkest before the dawn. Things will get better.

This taken in five minutes of sunshine last week.


Keep smiling. xx




Comments on: "17 for 2017- January" (42)

  1. […] one is a refashion of a maxi skirt. I found this forgotten baby after reading  Nana Cathy’s “17 for 2017” where one set of goals to be completed in 2017 was “4 good sort outs.” It reminded me […]

  2. I didn’t understand the numbers for a moment; what a creative way to set goals for the year! Good luck to you. 😊

  3. The mahonia is a blast of sunshine for you and us. January is a tough month for most and I admire your list. As I know the garden takes up my time and energy once the weather improves I tend to use January for catching up indoors: painting and decorating, filing, tax return, correspondence. I have even bought a piece of furniture from the auction which needs rubbing down and painting. Anything to avoid the ironing pile really!

  4. I’ll trade some of my lost lbs for some chocolate biscuits!!

  5. you crack me up 🙂

  6. Progress! I’m just about to write my post… like you some greater successes than others… one target almost completed!!

  7. You’re doing all the right things for gray winter days–reading, crafting, snacking!

  8. I haven’t officially said I would do any ‘sort outs’ but I’ve already done the linen cupboard and the walk in wardrobe but these things take much longer than you think they’re going to don’t they? Still, I do feel very virtuous when I’ve done it but then depressed when I think of all the other rooms/cupboards/drawers/etc. that need doing.

  9. The sort outs is such a good idea ! I shall attack my closet tonight ! 💪💪💪

  10. Don’t be too hard on your self Cathy, I’m happy to water the garden most days then wait to see what happens

  11. That seems like a very good start to me, especially for January! And do tell us more about that snow embroidery!

  12. Your snow embroidery is very intriguing. Would love to know from whence it came… but not if it’s going to take time away from your working on it. 😉 Well done on the first month of 2017!

  13. You really are doing well with your list considering the weather. We got your snow this year. Sorry. We never get snow so it truly crippled our city. You can have it back next year. Done with that. Our skies are always gray in winter I’ve spent the ENTIRE month sorting, selling and donating and I’m not done. Could take at least another month. I love your embroidery. Found some patterns that I bought so many years ago in a box of other patterns that were going to donation. Good thing I looked through. Guess what I’ll be doing soon? 😉

  14. Well done, you’ve mad a reasonable dent in the list. Love the snowy embroidery. You scared me though when you made me realise we’re already a month into the year!

  15. Wood So Wild said:

    A good start on your list! The Scandinavian concept for embracing the winter, snuggling up and getting comfortable is “Hygge”. I think there were a couple of us who suggested 15-minute cleaning sessions. Glad it’s working for you!

  16. claire93 said:

    not really picnic or boat ride weather, is it lol.
    Well done on the goals you did achieve, notably all that knitting!

  17. I can smell the mahonia from here – a magnificent photo. I do love your snowy embroidery and would love to see how that develops, so yes, if you want me to give you a nudge now and then…….
    I love that there are a few of us sorting things out, it feels good, if only we could pop round all together to each other’s houses and have a sorting party! Still I like the idea of 15 minute sort outs. I’ve broken it down to one shelf or box at a time in the hope I can get there painlessly.
    Maybe I’ll try the 15 minute rule.
    Well done you! You have definitely made a good start.
    Thanks as ever for the inspiration.

  18. That last photo is lovely!

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